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Wresting can be an extremely competitive activity and there is always the potential chance for an injury. It is well-documented that appropriate head-gear can prevent injuries like concussions from impacting your health when participating in a wrestling match. Today, we are going to evaluate and review five of our favorite headgear options that are currently available on Amazon.

There are several serious factors that we take a look at before creating a collection of products to review. These factors often range between price, quality, customer feedback, and durability. For this industry, customer feedback can be important because it can provide information regarding real-life experiences with this piece of equipment.

We are also going to answer some important questions in the upcoming FAQ section that can be found towards the bottom of this post. We will provide a lot of useful information in that section, along with a summary of our product recommendations. With that being said, let's kick off this review by revealing our top selection in this countdown of the five options.

Top 5: Wrestling Headgear Review

Cliff Keen E58 Headgear Color: Black

Our top recommendation for this review is the Cliff Keen E58 Headgear for competitive wrestling. This product has already earned a #1 Best Seller Rating and has dozens of different color options to pick from. This wrestling headgear is affordable, effective, and manages to get the job done sufficiently.

This selection is ideal for customers that are looking for a well-rounded product that provides great value and quality. This headgearbe from Cliff Keen is built with a durable four-strap system that manages to protect your head from potential injuries like concussions.


  • Four-Strap Design.
  • Dozens of Color Options.
  • #1 Best Seller Rating.


  • Uncomfortable for Some Users.
Matman Ultrasoft Wrestling Headgear Quick Adjusting, One Size Fits All, Ear and Head Guard Adult

This ultra-soft wrestling headgear from Matman has managed to earn the second-highest recommendation within this review. There are seven color selections available for you to choose from. You can also select from two different sizes, including youth and adult options.

This particular product focuses on protecting several portions of your head, including your ears, chin, and forehead. There are special ear guards that can protect the side of your head from receiving heavy impacts in hazardous areas.

This headgear is crafted with special types of fabric to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, some customers still had some minor negative comments about the comfortability of this product.


  • Seven Color Options Available.
  • Two Size Options (Youth and Adult).
  • Reasonably Affordable Price Range.


  • Very Uncomfortable.
  • Poor Durability.
Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear for Wrestling, BJJ, MMA Ear Protection: Extra Strong Stitching, Comfortable Chin Strap, Antimicrobial, New Easy to Adjust Design One Size Fits Most (Cobalt Blue)

It is time to take a look at the Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear for wrestling. This product is available for sale in three different colors, including black and dark blue. Customers have praised the fact that this product is easy to adjust and that one size fits all.

You might be impressed with the fact that several unique design elements focus on enhancing the protection around your head.

This headgear might be best suited for customers that are restricted by their limited budget. You can take advantage of this affordable price range and begin using a high-quality headgear from the Adapt Athletics brand.


  • Easy to Adjust.
  • Enhanced Protection.
  • Three Color Options Available.


  • Somewhat Expensive Price Range.
ARD Leather Art MMA Boxing Protector Head Guard UFC Wrestling Helmet Head Gear (Red, Large)

Our fourth recommendation goes to the ARD Leather Art Wrestling Helmet Protector which features full-face protection and five unique color options that users can choose from. You can also select from four separate size options. ARD has crafted this helmet from leather and there are several additional layers of IMT Gel integrated thick foam for additional protection.

As a customer, you are probably wondering if this product provides good value for the price. After evaluating the features of this helmet, it is quite apparent that it manages to do a decent job of providing a solid level of consistency between the value and quality.


  • Full Face Protection.
  • Five Unique Color Options.
  • Four Size Options.


  • Average Price Range.
DEFY Head Guard Premium Synthetic Leather MMA Boxing Head Gear UFC Wrestling Helmet Fighting Sparring (Black, X-Large)

It is finally time to take a look at our fifth and final listing within this review. This position belongs to the DEFY Head Guard Premium Wrestling Helmet. This product was crafted with a premium synthetic leather and features a shock-absorbent gel that can reduce the chance of an injury. Users can select from four stylish color choices and up to four different sizes.

There is not a whole lot of customer feedback in the product review section, but the limited amount of reviews appear to be positive.

Some of the comments discuss the price range and affordability of this particular helmet, especially when compared to similar alternative wrestling helmet products. If you are on a tighter budget, this might be one of your most valuable options to consider.

This product manages to provide wrestlers with sufficient full-face protection and impact resistance. This might not be the best overall product, but it certainly deserves its very own place in the top-five.


  • Premium Synthetic Leather.
  • Shock Absorbent Gel Design.
  • Four Color Options.
  • Four Size Options.


  • Average Price Range.
  • Limited Customer Feedback.
  • Poor Durability.

Buying Guide

Now that we have had an opportunity to evaluate each of these five high-quality wrestling headgear options, it is time for you to pick your favorite and ultimately make the purchase decision. There are a lot of important factors to consider, including safety, value, and quality. The safest headgear might be a little bit more expensive, but for some customers, this higher price is well worth it for the additional injury protection.

You might want to check out each of these five product pages to learn a little bit more about the product manufacturer. You can also visit the customer review section to see some individual stories regarding each product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Expensive Is Premium Wrestling Headgear?

The best wrestling headgear can range from as low as 20 dollars, all the way up to a few hundred dollars, depending on the quality. Most of the products in this review are relatively affordable and still manages to provide great quality features that can enhance your safety during wrestling matches.

One of our most affordable selections happens to be the DEFY Head Guard Premium Wrestling Helmet, which might be optimal for customers that are looking to spend as little as possible.

What Is a Shock-Absorbent Gel Used for in Wrestling Headgear?

If you see a feature that mentions shock-absorbent gel in a wrestling headgear, you might be interested in learning a little bit more about what it is intended for and how it can help to reduce injuries like concussions.

This feature is seen in several wrestling headgear products, including the DEFY Head Guard Premium Wrestling Helmet from this review. This gel can help to reduce and absorb the intensity of a head-impact and prevent your head from suffering a serious injury. It is highly recommended to find a headgear with this type of impact resistance so that you are not placing yourself at risk.

Which Wrestling Headgear Is Most Popular with Customers?

The Cliff Keen E58 Headgear is the most popular with customers in the industry right now. This particular product has managed to earn an impressive #1 Seller Rating and retains hundreds of positive reviews from its customers.

Final Verdict

It is finally time to conclude this review by reminding you to check out the FAQ section for additional information about these types of products. This decision can be important for many different reasons, but it is likely that you now have all of the information that you need to make an educated purchase decision.


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