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DNA testing has become a recent trend in the United States, and many YouTubers are trying to create a video about their reaction after finding out what their real ethnicity is. MyHeritage DNA is the leading provider of ethnicity information to those who wanted to have their DNA tested, and for only $49, you can buy a kit, follow the instructions, and learn what your racial background is.

If you are curious enough to know who you really are, you should sign up for the program and purchase one of their DNA testing kit. MyHeritage DNA promises those who would like to try out their DNA testing program that the result will be posted after a couple of weeks.

MyHeritage DNA

If you are still skeptical about the services that the company provides, you should continue reading and discover what features they offer.

MyHeritage DNA: A Company with a Goal

The idea to collect DNA samples from people around the world began when the founders of MyHeritage DNA stated that there should be a way for them to catalog all ethnicities on the planet. With proper advertisement and creation of YouTube content, the interest of the public with DNA testing started to grow. Today, thousands of people are buying the kit that MyHeritage DNA offers.

MyHeritage DNA

The current status of the company – popular and constantly being featured by influencers – is an advantage for MyHeritage DNA. According to the company, when people continue to feature their products and services, many people develop an interest to try it out. As a result, many DNA samples reach their laboratory.

The founders of MyHeritage DNA are satisfied knowing that there are many people around the world who wanted to know their real ancestry. They will continue to reach for their goals, no matter what the requirements will be.

Who Benefits From MyHeritage DNA?

People who are curious about their ethnicity are the primary focus of MyHeritage DNA. The company wanted more people to start asking about their racial background so that their products will be sold. With the rapid growth of interest especially among teens and young adults about what their racial ethnicity might be, MyHeritage DNA needs to create more DNA kits that they will sell.

MyHeritage DNA

Aside from the curious individuals who wanted to learn more about themselves, MyHeritage DNA also said that they cater their services to people who would like to use the information as evidence for whatever purpose it may serve.

What Are the Features of MyHeritage DNA?

  • Overview.
  • Ethnicity Estimate.
  • DNA Matches.
  • How It Works.
  • Founder Populations.
  • Upload DNA Data.
  • DNA Kits.


This feature will provide you with the basic information about MyHeritage DNA. In this section, the whole process is explained, and what its advantages and disadvantages are. The overview also highlights why MyHeritage DNA is considered as the highest technological standard when it comes to DNA testing.

MyHeritage DNA

The prices of the company’s services are also posted on the Overview feature, and the price tags are surprisingly affordable. It turns out that MyHeritage DNA is one of the most affordable DNA testing platforms online.

Ethnicity Estimate

This feature will provide you with the list of ethnicities where you belong, based on your DNA test results. The company currently associates the DNA test results with 42 regions around the world, and they are stating that the results are close to being accurate.

MyHeritage DNA

The ethnicity estimate is a great thing to use if you wanted to find out what your race really is. This is helpful especially in a multicultural country, like the United States. Through the years, the term American drastically changed – anyone in the United States is now called an American, regardless of what their racial ethnicity is.

This sparked the curiosity of the public to try out the DNA testing services and identify which race they would most probably belong.

DNA Matches

DNA matches will help you find a missing relative using their database that collects the information from former customers. With MyHeritage DNA, you will have the option to upload your DNA test results.

MyHeritage DNA

People who have taken this test in the past might have uploaded their results, and you can find these people on the giant database. If your result and their result matched, there is a huge chance that you are related with each other.

Many people who are interested with their ethnic backgrounds are fascinated at how MyHeritage DNA work. MyHeritage DNA is an advanced tool that you can use to determine your racial identity, and it can also provide you with a list of people who might be your missing relatives.

How it Works

This feature will provide the users with a step by step guide on how the DNA testing will uncover. If you are clueless about DNA test results, you should read further and learn what its importance is.

MyHeritage DNA

The first step in identifying your DNA is for you to perform a simple cheek swap. Your blood or spit should not mix with this sample, and once you are done, you should send the information to the headquarters.

This whole process only takes two minutes, and once the specimen has been collected, the first thing that you need to is to send it through mail. MyHeritage DNA has a lot of employees who can work on how to improve this feature.

The company also stated that they are confident with the results showing up on their system, and they cannot hide the fact that many people trust them because their money is worth it. The result of your DNA testing should be sent to your address or posted online after four weeks.

Founder Populations

This project by MyHeritage DNA aims to collect samples from people who are considered as the founders of their ethnicities. This is one of the largest sample-gathering events taking place in the modern world, and more than 5,000 people will be sampled.

MyHeritage DNA

The people who are living in the same area with almost 100% ethnicity will be tagged as one of the founder populations.

This feature will help establish more criteria in the future when it comes to identifying one’s racial background. This project gained a lot of praises from different experts, lauding the effort of MyHeritage DNA to actually secure a sample gene pool from the original founders of global ethnicities.

Upload DNA Data

This feature will enable you to upload your DNA data. When a person who is already in the system detected that your data matched his or hers, you two might be related.

MyHeritage DNA

Uploading the DNA data is a powerful feature that you should take advantage of. This feature will someday contain a huge database of names and ethnicities of people who have tried using it.

DNA Kits

DNA Kits are the final feature offered to the customers and visitors who wanted to try out MyHeritage DNA testing. The kit originally costs $79, but it has been slashed off to only $49. When you received the kit, the first thing that you would like to do is to provide your samples, and then send it directly to the company. Delaying the submission of the data can also lead to different information given.

What Are the Benefits of MyHeritage Dna?

MyHeritage DNA provides you with a lot of benefits. The first benefit that can be provided by the company is the list of accurate information about your racial background. If you have this information, you can be confident about whom you really are, and it can also change the way you perceive life.

MyHeritage DNA

Another advantage of using MyHeritage DNA is the generation of a giant database where lost relatives can connect again with each other. This giant database can be accessed by anyone who have opened an account with MyHeritage DNA.

You should also take advantage of the discounted DNA kits sold by the company. From $79, they slashed off the price to only $49. This is useful, especially if you wanted to see the results of your test right away. However, there are still room for improvement and the company should focus on that too.


  • You can identify your racial background, an d it can help you boost your confidence.
  • This provides you with a peace of mind, and you can sleep better at night knowing that the secrets has been revealed.
  • The DNA kits are cheap and affordable.


  • The website stated that the results will be coming after several weeks.

Final Verdict

MyHeritage DNA is a great tool for profiling the people around the world. The company can use the information that they sourced from the public to help missing relatives find each other. The program can also be used as a way to find the truth that might be hidden for a long time.

MyHeritage DNA is highly recommended because they deliver what the people wanted. However, the company should also provide innovation and development that can change the world for the better. If you will ask me, I will also use MyHeritage DNA to identify what my racial background really is, and to find out who my relatives are.


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