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Goldstar Tickets is an online discount ticket broker that offers cheap tickets for a variety of venues and events. It is helpful to use this website if you are traveling to major American cities.

Through the years, Goldstar Tickets was able to expand their partnership with different businesses, and with a growing number of tourists arriving in the United States, the use of Goldstar Tickets surged.

Goldstar Tickets

If you wanted a more convenient way of seeing events or attending concerts, you should head to their URL and start booking for your tickets. You can also save a lot of money with the help of Goldstar Tickets.

What Are the Features of the Goldstar Tickets Website?

  • New For You.
  • Find Events.
  • Holiday.
  • Account.
  • Categories.
  • Dates.
  • Price.
  • Venues.
  • Top-Selling Events.

New For You

This section will provide you with information about the new events happening on your city. You should put information like your favorite band or the category of your choice to help the system find upcoming events in your area.

Find Events

Choosing this option will enable the system to provide you with a list of all events happening in your city. The events can be further categorized based on your preferences. You can select the event that you wanted to attend, and learn more about it with the help of the descriptions.

Goldstar Tickets

The amount of the ticket will also be shown on the Find Events section, as well as the number of people who gave it a heart reaction. Most of the tickets in the Find Events section are already discounted, and you can save a lot of money by buying from this section.


The holiday section compiles all events related to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other major holidays in the United States. This month, most of the events under the holiday section are Christmas-themed. There are also huge discounts offered so you should start visiting Goldstar Tickets and give it a try.


This section will enable you to manage your account. When you click on Account, the website will provide you with a series of options. The first thing that you will see is Goldstar Ticket’s rewards section. By earning points, you will be able to access their rewards, like an additional discount or a cashback reward.

You can also view the tickets that you purchased through the accounts section, allowing you to manage them. Another thing that you can do is to change the settings on your account. You can change your email or location on this section.

Goldstar Tickets

Under the Likes section, you can view the events that you liked. This will help you sort the events that you wanted to attend or attractions that you want to visit.

Gift certificates are also redeemable through the Account section. Goldstar Tickets encourage their users to use the certificates so they can save more money. If you are an event organizer or producer, you can also work with Goldstar Tickets to add the event on their website. You also have the option to share and sell the tickets for your event. This will result to more viewership and more profit.

If you have additional questions about the website, you should click the Need Help option. Clicking on Logout will log you off from the website.


This feature will help you sort the events by categorizing them. There are 12 categories on the website, which are music, family, theater, museums and attractions, comedy, circus and magic, sports, movies and television, dance, tours and cruises, foodie, and nightlife.


This will help you find events in your city based on your available date. There are three options that you can choose initially – today, this weekend, or the next seven days. However, if these schedules are not suited for you, you should choose the select date option and enter your preferred date.

Goldstar Tickets


The price range can also be customized based on your budget. There are three available options – complementary tickets to $25 range, the $25 to $50 range, and the $50 and above range. This is the easiest way on how you can snag free tickets.


This feature will list down the events based on the venue of your choice. This is a convenient way to search for events on a particular venue that you wanted to visit.

Top-Selling Events

This option will give you a list of all popular events that are happening in the city where you are in. It displays the events that gained the most number of likes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Goldstar Tickets?

If you are a budget traveler who loves to experience new things, you should sign up with Goldstar Tickets. The website has a lot of benefits, and the number one reason to use it is because of the huge discounts that you can snag.

Goldstar Tickets

Goldstar Tickets is not limited to concerts and plays – you can also use the website to buy tickets for popular attractions in the city that you are visiting. Buying tickets ahead of your trip will also give you an assurance that you can enter the place without the need to fall in line and buy tickets on the site.

Sometimes, the tickets sold on the site are very expensive. With Goldstar Tickets, you can buy cheap tickets, and enjoy the show or the attractions on the city that you will be visiting. It is also convenient – the website allows for credit card payments for a fast transaction. Gift cards are also accepted.


  • You can create an account for free.
  • There are tons of events on the website, and you can save a lot of money by buying the tickets directly from Goldstar Tickets.
  • The subcategories make it easier to find events on your area.


  • The service charge can be expensive sometimes, especially if the event is a popular one.


Using the Website

To use Goldstar Tickets, you need to visit their official website. If this is your first time using the service, the website will ask you to sign up. All you need to do is to provide your email address and enter a password of your choice. Then, select the area where you are currently at (the website provides events in American cities).

After you enter the primary information needed by the website, you will be redirected to their homepage. In this page, you have to confirm your location, and choose the day when you wanted to go out to see events or concerts. Choosing “Any Day” on the options will provide you with all the events happening around the city.

The website will also ask you about your preferences when it comes to events. From theatre musicals to museums and sports stadiums, Goldstar Tickets got it all for you. The website will also ask you for your favorite venues in the city that you entered.

For example, choosing Los Angeles, California will give you options like the Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Pantages, the STAPLES Center, Greek Theater, and the Dodger Stadium. These venues will depend on the city that you have chosen when signing up. You can also change the location later.

Finally, the website will ask permission if you want to receive notifications. Checking the box will enable you to receive updates from Goldstar Tickets about the latest events in your local city, or if there are active promotions where you can join.

After you answered the questions initiated by your first visit to Goldstar Tickets’ homepage, the website will give you a list of events in the area that offers a discounted ticket price. The price range of the tickets is displayed, and you can also see their original price slashed below. The number of people who loved the promotion is also displayed.

If you are interested in an event, simply click it and you will be redirected to a new window. This time, the description about the event shows up, and Goldstar Tickets also imposes a rewards feature to help you spend more.

The address where the event will be held and the reviews from those who have seen the attraction are also posted on this new window. If you wanted to buy the ticket, simply click on the amount that you wished to pay, and a new page will open.

Once you clicked on the “Check Out” button, Goldstar Tickets will display a breakdown of your purchase. When paying for the ticket, you can use either a gift certificate, or your credit card. After the payment has been made, your e-ticket will be sent to your mail.

Goldstar Tickets is a useful tool if you are a tourist who is on a budget. You can save a lot of money by picking the tickets uploaded on their website.

Final Verdict

GoldStar Tickets redefines what affordable entertainment means. If you are the kind of person who always wanted to go out, this website can be very useful. You can enjoy discounts from many attractions and events, but you need to be careful when reading the terms and conditions.


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