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Ancestry kits are a great way to learn about your genes. DNA testing can provide you with a lot of additional knowledge and insight into your past. By completing a simple mouth swab, you can find out an incredible amount of information about your genes and ancestry. You could even find out how much you compare to other people around the world that have taken the same kind of ancestry test.

The purpose behind ancestry tests is to connect people and bring a new level of excitement towards discovery and science. Users that purchase an ancestry kit will receive an in-depth breakdown of their DNA and how it relates to eight different regions around the world.

Living DNA Review

There are also some important nutritional benefits that you can learn about when completing one of the compatible DNA kits. In as little as six weeks, you could receive your in-depth results and gain a better understanding of how you fit into this world with your specific genes.

Living DNA Review

Living DNA is a noble platform that allows customers to learn a little something about themselves. Sometimes science is the answer, and that is the case when it comes to conducting an ancestry test. These types of ancestry tests could be a great gift for a friend, or an ideal personal adventure for you to learn more about yourself.

Living DNA Review

By following the three simple steps that are laid out by Living DNA, you can begin an exciting journey and step into your past. Living DNA is one of the top genomics services that provide in-depth DNA results directly to their customers.

Features and Benefits

Living DNA has managed to create an online platform where customers can select from several different types of ancestry and wellbeing kits to test their DNA. There are several features and benefits that customers should keep in mind when making their purchase.

First off, the standard DNA starter kit comes with everything that you might want to get started. The complete ancestry and well-being kit include additional features like nutritional reporting and your body's fitness attributes.

Living DNA Review

For as little as 49 dollars, customers can take the test via a mouth swab and return the DNA to the lab for testing. Living DNA will then ship the results back to the customer in as little as six weeks. This journey into the past could be significant for some people as they learn a little bit about themselves and how their body operates.


  • Nutritional Benefits and DNA Comparison.
  • Results in as Little as Six Weeks.
  • Four Different Ancestry Packages with Custom Benefits.

AbouT Living DNA

Living DNA was established by David and Hannah Nicholson because they wanted to find new ways to bring insight and knowledge to customers. They were convinced that science could provide a unique way of connecting people with their pasts.

Living DNA Review

A better lifestyle can be reached by completing these ancestry tests because they sort of bring people together in an unconventional way. People are more alike than they think and that is one of the reasons that ancestry testing platforms are so successful.

Security and Privacy

You might think that there are some genuine privacy and security concerns when it comes to your genetic data. Living DNA takes privacy extremely seriously and has made it a primary focus to ensure that all customers have their personal information protected to the maximum capacity.

Living DNA Review

While optional research projects do exist, customers have the right to choose whether they want to opt-in to private research projects. Your information will never be shared without your consent first.


  • Accurate DNA and Nutritional Results.
  • Four In-Depth Ancestry Packages Available (Results in Six Weeks).
  • Extensive Security Measures to Protect Personal Genetic Results.


  • Expensive Shipping Costs.

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Final Verdict

If you are interested in conducting an ancestry test to learn more about your body, you might want to strongly consider signing up for the Living DNA platform. They are capable of sending you an ancestry kit and providing you results with a few weeks. There are very few competitors within this industry and can produce results in that short amount of time.

Ancestry tests are exciting and allow you to take advantage of the scientific benefits that are now available with new technology. You can also learn a little bit about where your origins are from and how much you connect with other people around you.

For a relatively affordable price range, you can enjoy the chance to take part in your very own ancestry test on behalf of the Living DNA genomics company.


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