Lucky Orange Hosting Review

Lucky Orange is an advanced digital analytical software that can be used for many different purposes. Analytical data is extremely important across many different industries, but it is imperative that customers use the tools that they require when searching for digital tracking software.

You might be interested in trying Lucky Orange to record visitors on your website. This kind of information can be extremely valuable for trying to help websites grow and scale appropriately.

Lucky Orange

There are also interesting heat maps that can overlay your website and show the most popular buttons, tabs, widgets, and links that are currently listed on your website. All of these design features could come in handy for growth, but we are going to dive even further into the varying product features that come along with the Lucky Orange service.

Lucky Orange Review

Lucky Orange is an optimized web tracking tool that provides different types of statistical data and attributes. This type of information is incredibly useful for website owners and online stores.

Lucky Orange

If there is a key to learning more about growth and expansion, Lucky Orange has a major influence in ensuring a high level of success.

Features and Benefits

Dynamic heat maps, website visitor recordings, and conversion funnels are all among the most popular features that can benefit you as a website owner. These types of features can provide valuable information about your website and visitors.

Visitor polls are also a cool feature that owners can get feedback on. Users can simply post a poll on their website and receive dynamic percentage-based feedback.

Lucky Orange

We believe that the dynamic heat maps and visitor recordings are the most impressive features that provide assistance. Heat maps provide information on the most popular buttons and links, but visitor recordings show exactly how a user reacts to the design or layout of a website.


  • Visitor Recordings.
  • Dynamic Heat Maps.
  • Conversion Funnels.

Dynamic Heat Maps

The dynamic heat maps need to be mentioned again because of their extraordinary value to customers. These heat maps can provide information that other similar website trackers won't be able to provide. If you are looking for advanced features and impressive technology, you will definitely be interested in Lucky Orange.

Lucky Orange

Seven Day Free Trial

All new visitors will have the opportunity to try out Lucky Orange for free for seven days. This is part of a complimentary bonus that Lucky Orange wants to provide to new customers. By simply submitting your email address, you could take advantage of this great opportunity.

Lucky Orange

Installation Guides

All customers can visit their website and view the installation guides that walk you through the entire set up process. The FAQ section also has a ton of useful information about the features and installation process.

Lucky Orange

Users can view these FAQs at any time to review this information. There are also step-by-step guides that walk you through the setup process for every single feature. Lucky Orange makes it easier than ever to get the job done.

Registration and Support

The registration process for Lucky Orange is simple and new visitors can sign up for a brand new account in the top right-hand corner of the website. The registration process is quick and simple, but there is also support available if needed.

Lucky Orange

Customers can leave a chat message on the bottom right corner of the website to receive assistance for their support inquiry. Customer support occasionally will even have a live representative during some hours of the day.

The best way to receive support from them is to visit the website and view the help section. Support messages and inquiries are typically resolved within forty-eight hours. For basic questions and answers, users should refer to the installation guides, feature guides, or FAQ section.


  • Optimal Performance.
  • Outstanding Website Analytics.
  • In-Depth Guides and Support.


  • Not Ideal for All Website Owners.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend that you check out the Lucky Orange website to see if their website analytical data services are satisfactory for your needs. There are a bunch of important features that might be useful for you.

There are very few competitors within this particular industry and there are more reasons to consider Lucky Orange than to avoid it. By visiting their platform and signing up for an account, you can get started with your journey into advanced website technical data and analysis. It is now time for you to decide whether you want to use the Lucky Orange services for your particular needs.


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