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Are you planning to go on an out of the country trip before the year ends? If yes, you should be looking at different websites right now and asking yourself if the plane ticket you are trying to book is already cheap. If you are not sure whether you will be able to save more money by planning your trip DIY-style, you should try working with online travel agencies.

BookingBuddy is an online travel agency that is affiliated with TripAdvisor, the largest travel review company in the world. You should give this online travel agency a try because they scan the internet for the cheapest airline tickets and hotel reservations.

BookingBuddy Review

All you have to do is to visit and then enter the details about your vacation. The website requires you to enter the dates when you wanted to travel, your preferred destination, and the number of companions that will come with you. Once you click enter, the system will create the best affordable vacation deals.

Still not convinced that BookingBuddy can help you plan a memorable and budget-friendly vacation? Read further and discover what their additional features are!

The Company Behind BookingBuddy

TripAdvisor, the largest travel review website on the planet, owns BookingBuddy. With the influence that TripAdvisor has, it will be easy for them to partner with different businesses to offer BookingBuddy users with a lot of discounted tickets and hotel accommodation.

BookingBuddy Review

BookingBuddy relies on the popularity of its parent company to get the interest of the public. In addition to their advertising effort, BookingBuddy is also looking for cheap and affordable deals that will entice anyone to book a travel package with them.

Expanding BookingBuddy’s Market

BookingBuddy has a lot of competition in the online travel agency industry. Many household names are too difficult to beat, but BookingBuddy is doing their best to become more relevant. Currently, they focus on their target market – individuals who wanted to go on a trip but are limited with a specific amount of budget.

BookingBuddy Review

BookingBuddy realized that if they will focus on a single target market, they can introduce more services and partner with more businesses that can provide discounts to their users. However, it does not end there – BookingBuddy stated that they are working on offering new packages and promotions that will appeal to all types of travelers.

In the end, what the company wanted to happen is to get the attention of the public and gain more customers who might want to purchase a vacation package.


  • Flight.
  • Hotel.
  • Cars.
  • Cruises.
  • Vacation Packages.


Choosing an affordable flight is the first feature that you may encounter when visiting BookingBuddy. Putting your travel details and the destination of your choice will enable the system to find the cheapest airline tickets for you. This will save you time, and in a single click, the most affordable plane tickets for your next vacation will be shown on your computer screen.

BookingBuddy Review

If the system did not find the plane tickets that you wanted, you can select the option for BookingBuddy to notify you through email if there will be a significant price drop. BookingBuddy claims that they have one of the best airline ticket prices on the internet, and many people who have booked through them were satisfied with their trip.


Another staple when going on an out of the country trip is a hotel reservation. To make your trip hassle-free, many experts recommend booking your hotels before the date of your vacation comes. That way, you can save more money by taking advantage of the offers.

BookingBuddy Review

With BookingBuddy, you can enter your destination and then the system will scan where the cheapest hotels might be. You should also add your travel dates, and the number of people who will be joining you on the trip.

The notification option is also available with the hotel feature – the website will send you an email notification when the hotel prices start to drop.

You should also expect that booking from BookingBuddy will prevent you from paying any booking fees or other hidden charges from the hotels. If you are lucky, you can also grab the deals that the website provides.

Car Rentals

Car rentals have become an important feature for people who wanted to go on an out of the country trip. For many travelers, paying for a car rental is more convenient because you will have an available transport wherever you wanted to go. BookingBuddy provides the public with the most affordable car rental in your preferred destination.

BookingBuddy Review

You can also look for promotions online that will help you cut down the cost of the rental cars. When you want to book for a rental car, all you need to do is to provide the website with your destination, and the pick-up and drop-off times.

BookingBuddy partners only with courteous drivers who are ready to assist their passengers. Do not be afraid to speak up if you found something wrong with the services offered. You paid for the car rental, and the services that you should receive should be worth it.


The number of families who wanted to go on a cruise continues to climb, and it resulted to online travel agencies offering this package to those who wanted to experience it. With BookingBuddy, you can book for a cruise anywhere around the world. You can also select the cruise line of your choice, the date of departure, and the length of the cruise.

BookingBuddy Review

The freedom to customize the cruise trip attracts a lot of people from around the world to use this option. If you are planning to go on a cruise, make sure to visit BookingBuddy and avail of the cruise ship tickets that are on sale. You can get a lot of discounts if you will search for the cheapest cruise ship packages on the internet.

Vacation Packages

If you are unsure how to plan your trip, you can choose the vacation packages option. With this feature, BookingBuddy will search for the cheapest tickets and hotels on your destination. Purchasing a combination of airline tickets and hotel reservations will guarantee you huge discounts.

BookingBuddy Review

Many people who are traveling on a budget rely on the vacation packages option offered by BookingBuddy. Those who have used it before are saying that they were able to save a lot of money and the trip was organized.


Using BookingBuddy will help you find the cheapest online travel deals – from airline tickets, to hotel reservations. This makes it advantageous against their competitors because BookingBuddy is transparent when it comes to the announcement of how much a ticket would cost.

BookingBuddy Review

Another advantage of using BookingBuddy is the ease of process. To book for any reservation (airline, hotel, car rental, or cruise ship), the system only needs to find out the date when you wanted to travel and the destination where you wanted to go. Once the information has been gathered, the system will automatically look for the cheap tickets. This saves you time, and gives you the best deals.


  • BookingBuddy offers one of the cheapest airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and cruise ship holidays on the internet.
  • You can get a lot of discount from the website.
  • You can customize the date when you wanted to travel.


  • There are times when the system will not be able to find the cheapest deals, and when it happens, make sure to refresh the page.


Using the Website

This review is for individuals who will be visiting the website for the first time. After going to their website, the first thing that you would notice is there homepage. The website looks basic, and all you need to do is already displayed on the homepage.

The next thing that you should do is to choose the type of package that you wanted to avail. You can select cheap airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruise vacations, or a package combination. It is up to you which option you pick.

After choosing the option that you wanted, the next step will be putting the details on your reservation. The website would require your travel dates, and information like the city you will be visiting and the number of your companions.

Once you are done putting the information on the website, the system will start scouting the internet for the cheapest deals possible. Don’t worry about the website’s ability to search for the cheapest deals – they are affiliated with TripAdvisor, and they have a lot of business partners for sure.

Final Verdict

BookingBuddy is a great website to use if you wanted to save a lot of money for your next trip. They have different options to choose from, and you can customize your trip depending on your convenience. If you wanted to go on a budget out of the country trip next time, be sure to visit BookingBuddy’s website first and look at the promotions that they have on the site. This website is highly recommended.


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