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Are you looking to improve the experience and support your customers receive when they visit your website? Keeping your customers satisfied and making them feel like their needs and questions are being addressed in a timely matter is essential to succeeding as a company. LiveAgent was developed to help business provide this top-notch customer service to their clients to increase retention and conversion rates.

Are you wondering if LiveAgent may be the solution you've been looking for? If so, read through our review below. We've highlighted the different products and features you'll receive if you sign up to help you decide if LiveAgent is right for your business.



  • LiveAgent offers a variety of solutions to help you better meet the needs of your customers without overwhelming your customer service team.
  • Creating a shared email inbox with the help desk software can make someone on the team is able to answer customers emails quickly.
  • With the live chat software, your team can reach out to customers and engage them before they have the chance to leave your website.
  • You can keep track of the different pages of your site that customers are viewing to help you better address their needs.
  • The call center software will allow you to set up a waiting queue, create call recordings, and set up callback options.
  • With the social media integrations, your customer service team will be able to respond to social media messages directly from the main dashboard.
  • You can create a knowledge base to empower customers to find the answers to their own questions while reducing the workload of your agents.

About LiveAgent

LiveAgent was created by a software development company looking to manage and improve their communications with their clients. Over the past few years since LiveAgent was created, it has been selected to receive numerous certificates and awards. Some of these include the Leader in Top 20 Customer Chat from Crozdesk, The Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products of 2020 from G2, The Best Ease of Use and Best Value for Customer Awards from Capterra, and the Top Help Desk Software Award from GoodFirms.


Once you sign up for LiveAgent, you'll find it easy to get the answers to any questions or concerns you may have about using the service. The website has a support portal where you can find guides and tutorials about getting LiveAgent set up for your business and using the different features that are included with your subscription. The support portal also includes a technical support category where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and learn how to set up your account to make things work properly.

In addition to the support portal, there is also a forum page where you can ask questions you have about using LiveAgent. One of the team members will address your question or help you walk through the issue you are experiencing.

LiveAgent also has a customer service number you can call if you want to speak to a person and get the answers to your questions.

Help Desk Software

LiveAgent's Help Desk Software can help you stay on top of your customer connections and make sure that no one falls through the cracks and gets overlooked. The software will allow you to create a shared inbox that can be monitored by the various members of your team to make sure all customers needs and requests are responded to in a timely manner that will keep them satisfied with your company.


As the manager, you'll also be able to review the replies that are being sent to your customers by the different members of your team. This can help you monitor and analyze the communications your customers are receiving and identify any areas of professional growth or training your team members may need to improve their communications.

The help desk software from LiveAgent will help you keep everything organized. You, and the members of your team, will be able to monitor calls, chats, social media contacts, and more from the intuitive control panel.

If a customer submits a help desk ticket, you can set rules to control where that ticket will be routed to, making sure it gets addressed quickly. You'll also have the ability to merge multiple messages into one thread to more effectively address the needs of your customers.

Live Chat Software

LiveAgent's live chat software will be a game-changer for your business. Reaching out to your customers before they have the opportunity to leave your website can help you address their questions or concerns, quickly locate the product they need, and more. This can obviously have a huge impact on your sales and conversions.


LiveAgent's chat features can be customized to match your specific needs and preferences. You can set up rules that will initiate chat sessions with customers on your website. You'll also be able to monitor your website and see which pages visitors are viewing to improve your communications with them.

LiveAgent also lets you and your team members view what visitors to your site are typing in the chat box before they actually hit send. This can be very helpfully in making sure you are able to provide them with a timely response that provides them with the information they are looking for.

Chats can be routed to different team members to make sure everyone is handling a manageable number of conversations. If one of your team members logs in or off, LiveAgent will adjust the way chats are distributed.

Call Center Software

Having a call center that will allow customers to connect with a member of your team over the phone is important. LiveAgent's call center includes a variety of features designed to ensure you are providing optimal levels of service to your clients.


The call center can help manage your missed calls. If no one is able to answer the phone when you receive a call, you can set up call recordings, waiting queue, or callback options.

You can also set rules and workflows to route calls and transfer them to the appropriate team member. LiveAgent leaves you in complete control of this aspect, so you'll be able to set it up in the way that will best fit the needs of your company and your customers.

You can also set up and use video chat to provide your customers with increased service. The video chat option offered by LiveAgent is browser based and easy to use.

If you have locations around the world, LiveAgent can be integrated with VoIP providers to allow you to segment phone numbers or office location or language.

Social Media Support Software

Your social media pages offer yet another way for your customers to connect with you and ask questions. However, they also add yet another platform you need to monitor.


With LiveAgent, your team members can view and reply to social media messages from the main control panel, eliminating 'one more thing' that needs to be monitored.

LiveAgent offers integrations with Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber (coming soon).

Knowledge Base Software

Providing customers with a knowledge base on your website can help them find the answers to their own questions before reaching out to one of the members of your team. You can use LiveAgent to create a customer base to address some of the most common questions you receive from your customers.


You can also make product tutorials or guides to help your customers learn more about your products and get them set up properly on their own.

A knowledge base can both help reduce some of the demand on your customer service team, while also allowing your customers to find immediate answers to their questions.

If you have a large team, you can also create a knowledge base for your employees where you can keep important documents and information organized.


  • LiveAgent will help your customer service team manage and address customer needs and questions in a very timely manner.
  • The dashboard keeps everything organized and includes communications from your customers from your website, email, and social media accounts.
  • When customers are replying to a chat, your agents will be able to see what they are typing before it is sent to help them prepare their response.


  • Each plan is priced per agent, so if you have a lot of customer support team members, your monthly cost may be high.

Final Verdict

LiveAgent can help you move your business to the next level of customer satisfaction, conversions, and revenue. Your team members will easily be able to stay on top of addressing the needs and concerns of your customers, and customers will feel like they are getting the support and attention they deserve. You really have nothing to lose, so sign up to give LiveAgent a try today!


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