Clickmeeting Review

ClickMeeting provides video conferencing software that can help take your business to the next level. When you sign up with ClickMeeting, you'll be able to run webinars that can help you with many aspects of your business, ranging from selling your products, offering trainings, scheduling events, and more.

In 2011, the email marketing platform GetResponse founded ClickMeeting. They wanted to offer webinar solutions that could help businesses of all sizes meet their goals and increase their profits.

Clickmeeting Review

In the paragraphs below, we'll conduct a review of ClickMeeting and the various services they provide. Read through our reviews to decide whether ClickMeeting may be a good fit for your business.

Clickmeeting Review

Why Choose ClickMeeting

There are many different aspects that make ClickMeeting stand out as a great option to consider when your business is looking to run webinars. ClickMeeting strives to make their platforms user-friendly to allow all users to experience success.

With ClickMeeting, you can also customize your webinars to meet your specific business-related need. You will be able to connect any CRM or CMS services you use to ClickMeeting. ClickMeeting also offers optional add-ons that will allow you to pick all the features that your business needs to experience the highest levels of success.

Clickmeeting Review

You won't need to worry about unreliable platforms of data breaches. ClickMeeting's platform is backed up on various secure servers throughout the world. They also conform to world standards and use encryption algorithms and take various other security measures to protect your data and that of your customers.

Should you encounter any issues with the site or have a question, the Customer Success Team from ClickMeeting will be there for you. They have also created various video tutorials, FAQs, and helpful guides that you can find under the Knowledge Base section of the website.

How Can Running Webinars Help My Business?

No matter your business type, you'll find a variety of ways that webinars can help you connect with your customers, increase your following, and increase your profits.

If you're looking to sell more products, webinars can help you teach your customers and potential customers about your products and how it can help them in their daily life. You'll be able to connect with them and highlight the features and benefits of specific products you offer as well as show your products in action. This can help encourage them to place an order, so they can experience all the benefits you shared during the webinar.

Clickmeeting Review

Webinars can also become a key component of your marketing strategy. Through webinars, you can help make your potential customers aware of the products you have to offer and how your products can bring value to their lives. Webinars can help spread the word about your products and can bring new potential customers to your site.

When you run a webinar with ClickMeeting, you'll also be able to collect information about your attendees. You can use this information to send targeted emails or invite them to attend other webinars that match their needs and interests.

Clickmeeting Review

Webinars are also a great tool to use for hosting e-learning classes. Through a webinar you will be able to share your lectures with your students from any location. You'll also be able to interact with students using the whiteboard feature, assigns tests, and analyze participation or attendance.

If you run a large company and have employees who come on board at different times, you can save yourself a lot of time by creating webinars to provide the training they'll need to get off to a good start. You can also create periodic training videos to share with your current employees on any number of subjects. This can provide your employees flexibility with completing the training, but can also help you ensure that everyone receives the training they need.

Preparing Webinars and Inviting Participants

You'll find that ClickMeetings provides numerous features that are designed to make it easy for you to create your own webinars and invite participant to attend them. ClickMeetings offers numerous webinar page layout that you'll be able to customize to match your business and your brand. You can add your own logo, change fonts, add images, and even create call-to-action buttons.

Clickmeeting Review

If you have multiple employees and would like to grant them access to allow them to run their own webinars, ClickMeetings allows you to create multiuser accounts. This will also allow you to remain in control of billing options, since you won't have to share your password.

If you plan to charge participants for attending one of your webinars, ClickMeetings offers PayPal integrations. You'll easily be able to add a spot in the registration section for your users to pay using PayPal.

With ClickMeetings, you'll also be able to upload the different components of your webinar (such as videos, surveys, or special offers), and then create an automated timeline. You can drag and drop the different sections of your webinar into the desired order to ensure it will run smoothly and include everything you want.

Clickmeeting Review

ClickMeetings can also help you create customized invitations that will encourage people to register for and attend the webinars you offer. You can also create registration forms that will allow you to collect any information about your users that you wish to use for future marketing campaigns.

If you feel like you need any additional features that what comes in your plan, ClickMeetings also offers add-ons. You can purchase additional recording space, extra 'seats' for the attendees of your webinars, video streams, and more.

Leading Webinars and Interacting with Participants

Once your webinar is all set and ready to go, you'll love the features ClickMeetings offer to help you lead it. You can choose to stream a webinar live to your Facebook page or YouTube account. This will help you reach more of your followers and can also encourage your audience to share your webinar with their friends on social media.

Clickmeeting Review

To help you reach your attendees in different ways and interact with them throughout your webinar, ClickMeetings allows you to share videos, images, and more during your webinars. You can also use the whiteboard feature to draw visuals or help explain a concept or idea during the webinar.

Some of the other features you'll enjoy include the ability to create different surveys or polls, allowing your attendees to participate in private chat sessions or moderated Q&A sessions, and adding call-to-action buttons to your webinars to increase orders or visits to your website. You and your participants will also be able to share your screens during the webinar, which can help you illustrate a point or walk a member through an issue they are experiencing.

Analyzing and Sharing Results

To help you measure the effectiveness of your webinars and monitor how many attendees you had, ClickMeetings offers tools to help analyze your results. You can view how many attendees you had, view course ratings, see the answers to the poll questions you included, and more. You'll be able to use these results to improve your future webinars and help you reach a larger audience.

Clickmeeting Review

You can also record your webinars for future use with ClickMeetings. This can allow you to reuse powerful content or allow people who were not able to attend your first webinar to watch it when they are free.

ClickMeetings will also provide attendees with the opportunity to rate your webinar. You can use the feedback gathered from your attendees to make improvements or enhancements to what you offer. You can also use some of your more positive reviews as customer testimonials to encourage more people to sign up for your webinars.


  • You can create paid webinars and accepts payments through PayPal.
  • ClickMeetings allows you to create customized invitations to encourage people to register for your webinar.
  • The webinar timeline will help you stay on top of your upcoming webinar schedule and view events that have already been completed.
  • You can interact with your attendees using polls, by sharing screens, and by using the whiteboard feature.
  • Webinars can be set for live streaming on Facebook or YouTube.
  • You'll be able to view statistics related to your webinars.
  • You can record webinars for later viewing or sharing.
  • There are four different plan options: Free Trial, Live, Automated, Enterprise.


  • If you need additional features that aren't included with your current plan, Click Meeting allows you to purchase add-on features.
  • You can customize the look of each of your webinar pages to match your brand.
  • Hosting webinars can help your business with selling, marketing, training, and more.


  • If more people register for your webinar than you expected, you'll have to purchase additional 'seats' to allow them all to attend.

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Final Verdict

ClickMeetings can help your business grow and succeed through creating and running webinars. You'll be able to connect with customers and followers in new ways and help teach them how your products offer solutions for their products. Sign up with ClickMeetings today; success is just around the corner!


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