LiveChat Review

LiveChat was designed to provide your customers with an opportunity to connect with a live person on your website. This can assist them in getting answers to questions and can also help you encourage them to place an order through your site. With LiveChat, you'll be able to convert visitors to your site into purchasing customers.

There are a lot of reasons to consider LiveChat. To help you learn more about how it works so you can decide if it is right for your business, read through our review below.

Livechat Review

What is LiveChat

LiveChat is a feature you can add to your website. It will allow you to communicate with visitors to your site in real-time.


When you use LiveChat, you'll be able to message your customers to help prevent them from leaving your page without placing an order. You'll be able to provide them guidance through each step in placing an order.

Additionally, if your customers have any questions as they are looking through your site, they'll be able to send you a message and receive a prompt reply. Oftentimes, customers are reluctant to send an email message or will lose interest in the products they were looking at in the time it takes to receive a reply. With LiveChat, you'll be able to answer their questions right away and provide them support as they place their orders.

Chat Tools

LiveChat has developed a variety of tools that will help your team members provide support to your site's visitors. Your agents will be able to view a sneak-peak of what your customers are typing before it is sent. This will allow them to start preparing a prompt response, and it can also help them address other issues that the customer may not actually send through the chat.

Canned Responses

You can create canned responses to common questions, such as shipping rates or questions about a particular product. Your agents will be able to send these canned responses by just typing a few codes. This will help ensure that your customers receive a prompt reply and will keep your agents free to help other customers.

You can create custom pre-chat surveys to gather the contact information for the visitors to your site. This can help you locate their order information or add them to your leads list.

Chat Tag

Your agents will also be able to tag chats to help you look up information. For example, they can tag a chat with labels such as 'sales,' 'new customer,' or 'existing customer.'

With LiveChat, you'll be able to send rich messages to your customers. This means that you'll be able to add images to your conversations to help direct your customers to exactly what they're looking for. It also means that your customers can include images when they message you and are looking for support.

In addition to sharing images, you and your customers will also be able to share files through the chat. After a chat session has concluded, it can be sent to customers or saved in your files for future access.

Creating Engaged Customers

LiveChat has also created several features that are designed to help you engage your customers and encourage them to participate in the chat. You can set up automatic greetings and create customized eye-catcher graphics to draw your visitors' attention to the chat icon.

Automatic and Manual Greetings

If you and all of your agents are offline and not available for a live conversation, customers can complete a ticket to request a reply at a later time. The next time you're back online, you'll be able to see the tickets that have been completed and send replies to your customers.

With LiveChat, you'll also be able to add a chat feature on your company's Facebook page. When visitor's send you a message through Facebook, you and your agents will be able to reply to it the same way you do with the chats through your website.

When you set up your account, you will have the option to choose either automatic or manual routing. If you choose automatic routing, a conversation will automatically be sent to the next available agent.

Automatic or Manual Routing

Choosing manual routing can help ensure agents pick up questions that they will be able to answer. It will also give you control over which customers get the promptest replies.

If you operate more than one website, you can connect them all to your LiveChat account. When you are setting up your account, you can determine if you will have certain agents in charge of handling chats from each of your websites.


LiveChat can help you measure how effective your chat sessions were at generating new orders through your site. The Sales Tracker feature will add the order information and total cost to the chat. You'll be able to track which chats led to orders being placed by your customer.

Sales Tracker

You can also use the sales tracker feature to help calculate commissions for your agents, since you'll be able to see which agent assisted each customer who placed an order. Your sales agents will also be able to recommend products to your customers directly through the live chat window. They will be able to search through your product list and send a product card with the corresponding product that matches what your customers are looking for.

If a customer found your page by clicking on one of your advertising campaigns, you can use LiveChat to send them a custom message related to the ad they clicked on. This can help you tailor the messages you send to the visitors on your site based on their needs and interests.

LiveChat offers various ecommerce integrations to help you maximize the tools you're already using. Some of the integrations available include Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, 3dcart, and OpenCart.

Team Management

If you have a variety of sales agents who will be chatting with your customers, you can create LiveChat accounts for each of these agents. LiveChat does not place any limits on the number of accounts you'll be able to create.

When you create an account for your agents, you will assign them to one of three roles. The three roles are owner, administrator and agent.

Agent Account Management

Owners will have access to all the features and reporting options and will be able to modify the payment method for your account. There is only one owner account per each license.

Administrators will have nearly as much control as owners; however, they won't be able to modify the billing methods. Agents have very minimal access to settings and reports, they will primarily be able to chat with customers on your site.

Agent Roles

You will also be able to assign agents, or groups of agents, to different groups. This can allow you to make sure chats that reference sales questions will be sent to your sales team.

LiveChat can also help you train new agents by 'whispering' advice to them when they are helping a customer. You will be able to see the chat conversation taking place between the customer and the agent, and you can type advice to help your agent craft their response.

Chat Supervision

If you want to check-in on your agents, you can also observe their chats without them knowing. This can help you ensure that all of your agents are providing support to customers and acting professionally.

There is also a work schedules feature included in LiveChat. This feature will let you set shifts for each of your agents. You will also be able to set a limit on the number of active chats an agent is responsible for to make sure they can adequately address each of the customers they are chatting with.


Analysis Dashboard

With LiveChat, you'll be able to view statistics relating to the various chat conversations that took place. You can view information about how many total chats took place, how long an average chat lasts for, and whether your customers were satisfied with the service they received over the chat.

You will also be able to view information related to the average amount of time it takes for a customer to receive a response. Additionally, LiveChat's reports can also help you predict the number of chat agents you'll need to have available at different times, based on averages from previous days.


  • You can create separate accounts for each of your agents.
  • You will be able to customize the look of your chat window to match your website.
  • LiveChat offers integrations with various ecommerce tools.


  • Some other chat tools cost less than LiveChat does.

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Final Verdict

With LiveChat your customers will be able to instantly connect with a live representative from your company. This can help you address their questions or concerns in real time and increase the chances that they will place an order. We think LiveChat will be a great asset to your business; visit their website today to get started.


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