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Many businesses in the 21st century rely on cloud-based helpdesk technology when it comes to assisting their customers and clients. The availability of tools that support other users contributes to the growth of a business. This is where Freshdesk decided to focus, and today, they are considered as one of the leading cloud-based helpdesk technology companies in the world.

Freshdesk is a platform developed by Freshworks, and they provide a flexible support solution for different communication channels. The tools that they developed helped a lot of people around the world who are having different issues.


As of 2019, Freshdesk is being used by more than 150,000 people. The platform is used in different industries, helping internal and external customers alike. If you are a business owner who wanted to invest in helpdesk solutions, you should consider them.

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using Freshdesk. Is it the best platform that you can use for your helpdesk tools? Is the price worth it? Read further to find out!

What Are the Features?

Core Features

Freshdesk has a lot of features that you can enjoy. If you visit their website, you will be given an offer to install their free trial that will last for 21 days. Many business owners who wanted to check the features offered by Freshdesk sign up for the free trial, and many provide positive feedback about the platform.

After the trial has been activated, you will be given a direct access to Freshdesk. This web-based tool no longer requires the installation of a desktop program, and any operating system that can support the required browser can run this platform.


The availability of the platform in multiple operating systems made it a primary choice for those who wanted to use a cloud-based helpdesk tool. The parent company also took advantage of their present business model to expand their market.

The assistance provided by Helpdesk is classified into two types – the first one is through interactive means, and the other one is through sending an email to the company’s headquarters. The ticket-based solution offered by Freshdesk gained a lot of positive feedback from the users.

When it comes to the interactive way of helping the users, the web-based tool will provide a series of instructions that one could follow to resolve their issue. On the other hand, if a user wanted to communicate with the headquarters, a dedicated help team will help them out. They will read through the emails and respond with the solution to the problem stated.


Another feature that is offered exclusively by Freshdesk is a complete tracking system that is compatible with all communication means, smart bots, and status management tools. When these three features work together, users can easily find the answers that they are looking for, even without personal help.

Freshdesk also enables business owners to establish a dedicated FAQ section that will help the users with their inquiries. The facilities required to establish this section is also provided by the platform. This section can also be used as a knowledge base for agents and customers who are looking for support.

Customer service representatives often rely on tools like Freshdesk to provide accurate information to their customers. They reference the FAQ section and most of their customers are happy with the assistance that they received. Having a reliable FAQ section will also reduce the workload inside an office.


Admins of a Freshdesk facility will also receive a comprehensive reporting tool generated by the platform. It will give them an insight about the performance of a business, and how an active cloud-based helpdesk system is helping the business gain more customers.

Another thing that can be done using Freshdesk is the exportation of all support activity data. Admins can select a period where they wanted to see the information, and the platform will analyze it in an instant. The output is a series of recommendations telling the admins what they can do to improve their customer satisfaction rating.

Availability of the Features

The features that you can use depend on the plan that you purchased. However, mainstays like the ticketing system, knowledge base, and team collaboration are always available no matter what your plan is.


Users who paid for the service can use features like automation, skill-based assignments, multilingual support system, and so much more. Using this platform will help businesses grow and many entrepreneurs can directly benefit from its features.

Understanding the Interface

Freshdesk will generate a reliable solution for all inquiries that are sent by the customers. Handling these inquiries requires a lot of power, and this platform is designed to gather answers from all possible sources.


One of the best things about Freshdesk is its interface that is easy to understand. When you install it within your company’s computer system, the interface will look the same to the agents and the admins, enabling easier communication.

The dashboard is also helpful in a way because it displays all of the information needed at once – for example, the merging of all tickets that has been generated using different channels. There is also a contact management hub that you can use whenever you wanted to speak with the businesses that are linked into the generated tickets.

This style of displaying information will improve your communication with other businesses, and it will also give you a chance to expand. You can also organize the tickets and find out where it came from to determine the best solution that you can provide.


The dashboard will also provide information about the number of outstanding tickets that are received by the system. A gamification feature can also be activated within the dashboard to display a scoreboard that can be maintained by different agents. The activation of the gamification feature will also reward badges to agents who display the best performance.

While the gamification mode is not mandatory, it can encourage the agents to work harder and reach the best scores when working. Freshdesk stated that they are also working to develop new interface models that will enhance the performance of the agents and will deliver results for the company.

Security and Safety

Freshdesk offers a basic security and safety feature for their users, but it is adequate and it is known to protect their clients from different problems. The default mode uses SSL for web communications. If you have agents working for your business, you can use SSO.


You can also use switches that will generate passwords for an added level of security. Passwords can also expire, and you can also add additional requirements for password generation to make it harder to breach.

Two factor authentications are also recommended, because it will make your system harder to hack into.

Pricing Options

There are different pricing options offered by Freshdesk, and it is divided into five different tiers. The first tier is called Sprout, and it is free to use.


Blossom, on the other hand, will require you to pay $15 every month, and it includes functionalities like team collaboration and surveys. Garden, on the other hand, costs $29 per month (per agent). It includes features like multilingual options and live chat.

When it comes to the more expensive tiers, Freshdesk offers Estate and Forest. For $109 per month, Forest is considered as the most expensive plan, but it contains all of the features that will give you the best experience when it comes to using a cloud-based helpdesk system.


  • The platform is brandable.
  • There are multiple ticket options.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Enterprise features are costly.

Final Verdict

This product is a powerful solution for those who wanted to use a cloud-based helpdesk tool. Any business can run it on their computer system, providing that they use the browsers required by Freshdesk. It also runs fast and smooth, providing the answers to different inquiries in an instant.

One of the main reasons why a cloud-based helpdesk tool succeeds is because of the way it was designed. If the program’s aim is to provide an easier way to help the business owners, it will end up becoming a successful tool.

Freshdesk is committed in providing their users with the best services, and because of their competitive pricing, the platform experienced rapid growth. They also gained access to a lot of resources that will help them generate better services to their clients.

If you are a business owner who wanted to establish a reliable helpdesk system, we recommend Freshdesk as a program that you can use. It is a solid platform that can build a reliable helpdesk facility to provide timely solution.

There are many similar programs that you can also download from the internet, but these tools are very complex. Freshdesk, on the other hand, is very easy to use and understand. If you are on a budget and you wanted to use a cloud-based helpdesk tool, this is the right program for you.

Visit the website today and grab their 21-day free trial and see if this program will work for you.


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