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Do you get overwhelmed by the number of home entertainment system options? There are a ton of brands and different kinds of equipment. How are you supposed to know what's good or what features to look for?

World Wide Stereo is a company that sells most major brands of home entertainment system. You can get speakers, receivers, turntables, headphones, television and video equipment, accessories, and portable machines.

Not only that, but the company employs experts who can help you design a customized home infotainment system to suit your unique needs.

I've taken a look at the main offerings so you know what to expect.

World Wide Stereo


  • The company has been in business since 1979 and stocks the majority of major brands.
  • You can pair up with an expert to get an advanced and customized infotainment system for your home.
  • Everything from televisions to speakers to headphones is available.
  • The Car Audio Fit Finder tool helps you find infotainment devices that work with your specific vehicle model.
  • The Gearhead Gallery on the website has pictures of different system setups to give you inspiration for how to put together your home devices.
  • The company's experts do in-depth and detailed reviews of different products, including comparisons of features and performance.

Company Background

World Wide Stereo is a company that's been operating for more than 40 years, having been first established in 1979. At the time of opening, it was just a small store selling boom boxes and cassette players. Now, the company sells the most advanced electronics technology on the market.

World Wide Stereo

Some of the main perks that the company boasts are:

  • Free shipping on every online order regardless of total cost.
  • 60 days to return or exchange your purchases.
  • A price match guarantee on qualified items sold by qualified dealers.

The store is also an authorized brand dealer for most large electronics brands.

Television and Video

In addition to televisions themselves, the store also stocks all the video components you could need to get a variety of video formats playing at the highest possible quality.

World Wide Stereo

Every type of television is available. There are ones mounted on the wall, flat screens that perch on stands, LED and LCD models, curved and flat models. There are even models designed to be used outdoors for outdoor movie screenings.

The sub-categories here include:

  • Television models.
  • Furniture for home theaters.
  • DVD and Blu-Ray players.
  • Projector screens and projectors.
  • TV sound systems.
  • DVRs and media servers.
  • Accessories.


If you're looking for a good audio and microphone setup for gaming or streaming, there's an entire section of the store dedicated to headphones and headsets. Also part of this section are other wireless electronic devices.

World Wide Stereo

You can browse multi-room wireless solutions, portable Bluetooth speakers, portable music players, and digital-to-analog converters. Then there's the headphones themselves.

Basically any type of headphone device can be found here. Just a few of the products include:

  • Wireless earbuds.
  • Active noise canceling models.
  • Passive noise canceling models.
  • Wireless and wired models.
  • Different earbud shapes.
  • Headsets with microphones.

You can also get headphone stands compatible with your headphones of choice to keep your device safe when you're not using it.


Turntables are built for any amateur or professional DJ who wants to throw down some sweet beats. All the models available for purchase have been through an extensive vetting process. If you need advice on how to set up or adjust a turntable, you can pop by one of the in-person showrooms to talk to the experts.

World Wide Stereo

There are a ton of styles and features available to suit a range of budgets. Some are finished in stainless steel, polish, aluminum, wood, or glass. Some have modern styling, while others are made for a more vintage appeal.

The company also sells all the accessories you need to build a full DJ system, including cleaning and maintenance tools for upkeep. You can pick record players with pre-amps built in to make the system setup even easier.

For people just entering the scene, the company has a ton of turntable reviews and top lists of the best models available for the current year.

Custom Setups

You can talk to an expert to get a design and setup of a totally customized infotainment system for your home, car, or outdoor space.

World Wide Stereo

Some of the company's areas of expertise include:

  • House-wide audio system setup.
  • Smart device connectivity.
  • Shade and lighting control.
  • Outdoor entertainment setups.
  • Home theater designs (including IMAX options).
  • Furniture setups for your home theater.
  • Stereo design and installation for your car.

You can even view a portfolio of past projects to see the solutions they've come up with.


  • Infotainment systems, portable devices, and vehicle systems from the majority of major brands are available.
  • You can have a customized system designed for your home by talking to an expert about your space and needs.
  • There are multiple easily-accessed customer service avenues, plus each purchase comes with a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.


  • There are somewhat complex terms and conditions for the price matching guarantee to be upheld.

Final Verdict

No matter what kind of electronics system you're shopping for, this company is hard to beat. The experts can give you qualified recommendations to suit your specific needs and can even customize a setup for your home.

Even if you're just buying a pair of headphones, the customer service is enviable. You can call or contact them through the website, and any issues will be resolved as quickly as possible. It takes a lot of the potential headache out of shopping.


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