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Finding reliable CBD products is now a real issue. Since the products are legal, everybody wants to manufacture and sell them. But Cannabidiol products are not made the same. You never know what’s inside such a product without proper testing.

I’m the type of person who trains and the gym and takes supplements. I don’t take any supplements without some type of lab certification. The same applies to my Cannabidiol products. All users could benefit from better brand transparency.

One company that takes Cannabidiol testing seriously is Just CBD. Launched just a few years ago, they now ship to all 50 states. Gummies and edibles are among the company’s best products. But my favorite is the CBD protein bar which is rare to match for its nutritional value.

Just CBD

Another product I like to enjoy with my partner is the Cannabidiol bath bombs. I’ve yet to see them anywhere else and they might be my favorite option to offer as a gift to some of my friends who also love long baths.

Just Cbd Characteristics

  • All Cannabidiol products are made in the USA.
  • Free shipping across the country for orders over $20.
  • Product categories include oils, edibles and pet’s goodies.
  • Lab reports from Kaycha Labs, ACS Laboratory, Greens Scientific Labs, etc.
  • Holiday seasons limited edition products.

Weekly Special

If you’re a fan of discounts as I am, you need to visit the weekly specials category on the company’s website. You can find all types of discounts on your favorites and for me, these are the edibles.

Just CBD

It takes some time to find your product if you’re only interested in certain categories. As the name suggests, these offers change every week.

But just last week I found holidays’ special gummies at a discounted rate. Instead of paying $19.99 for a pack, I paid $12.99. However, products with a longer shelf life such as tinctures might not be on sale as often.


Cannabidiol gummies are increasing in popularity. You can find them on the website in various shapes, tastes, and sizes.

Just CBD

Among the gummies, you can find on the website, apple rings and peach rings are my favorite. With 99% purity, they are delicious and they offer that relaxing effect. Sour gummies are sold separately for those who don’t like sweet treats.

  • Price range $23.99 - $120
  • Concentration 250mg – 3000mg


Theses fast relief products are known for their absorption rate. You can use them if you want to see fast results but they can also be consumed with foods or drinks.

Just CBD

Some people even add tinctures to coffee or tea. Since their relaxing effect may by conflicting with the energetic effect of coffee, I might only see them as extra for teas.

  • Price range $14.99 - $99.99
  • Concentration 50mg – 1.500mg

Protein Bars

Protein bars are my favorite Cannabidiol snack. Packed with healthy ingredients, I consume them every day. Since staying active requires plenty of protein, I’m not always able to get the recommended daily intake from food alone.

One protein bar comes with 15 grams of protein and 25mg of Cannabidiol extract. If you consume one bar before or after a workout, you need to know you’re adding 180 calories to your daily caloric intake. If you consume one bar before or after a workout, you need to know you’re adding 180 calories to your daily caloric intake.

Just CBD

Regardless of your favorite flavors, you should be able to find a protein bar that suits your tastes. My favorite is the birthday cake flavored protein bar. Other flavors include caramel, peanut butter, and cinnamon pecan.

You can choose to purchase these protein bars individually with every order. But order packs of 12 as I need a supply to last for 30 days. On days I’m active such as when I’m hiking, I might eat 2 protein bars so having a few extras in the cupboard is always helpful.

  • Price range $4 - $8
  • Concentration 25mg

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is another type of healthy snack I love. There are many dried fruits I’ve made myself. Dried apples are among my favorites. But you can find all types of dried fruits on the website. Kiwi slices, papaya slices, and apricot slices can be ordered for you to enjoy among the products with a long shelf life.

Just CBD

These types of products have an average of 500mg of Cannabidiol. A typical service has 102 calories, making it a little bit better for those trying to lose weight compared to the delicious protein bar alternatives.

  • Price range $12 - $120
  • Concentration 250mg – 3.000mg


If you’re a fan of e-cigarettes, Cannabidiol vapes can replace your regular alternatives. They come in various flavors. If you like sweet flavors, Blueberry vapes might be a good option.

Just CBD

The best part is that the Cannabidiol concentration in these vapes is different, according to how strong you prefer them to be.

  • Price $15.99 - $49.99
  • Concentration 100mg – 1000mg

Bath Bombs

If you’re seeking total relaxation, nothing compares to a warm bath after a busy day. The Cannabidiol bath bombs from the manufacturer come with spices and various popular aromas such as patchouli.

Just CBD

These are simply added in a bathtub to create the fizz. One of the benefits of these flavor-packed bombs is their fragrance stays on my skin until the next day. The scent maintains that relaxed state long after I’m out of the bathtub.

  • Price $9.99
  • Concentration 25mg

Honey Sticks

Cannabidiol honey sticks are one of the practical products of the company. If you’re tired of gummies, these crunchy sticks can prove an interesting alternative. Combine with the soothing effects of honey, they help you relax.

Just CBD

If you take them to work, you need to know there’s about 10mg of Cannabidiol concentration per honey stick.

  • Price $15 - $150
  • Concentration 10mg


  • Wide range of edible products.
  • A beauty range of Cannabidiol bath bombs and soaps.
  • Frequent discounts on edibles.


  • Pain cream could be more affordable.

Final Verdict

The company offers an interesting range of products. Other categories they trade in are pets’ products. You can find similar tasty edibles to your dog or cat for enhanced relaxation.

But the beauty product line seems to be growing the fastest. Apart from various bath bombs, the company also makes Cannabidiol soap. At a lower price, soaps offer a similar lasting fragrance and effect on the skin as bath bombs.

For me, the most interesting products are those made for healthier living. I’d include protein bars here together with the dried fruits. These products make my day. I consume them both at work and home.

One of their biggest advantages is they are easy to carry. I don’t want to carry a fragile Cannabidiol oil bottle in my backpack.

But if you’re new to these products, you can find your own edibles or tinctures according to your tastes. With hundreds of flavors to choose from, there’s no point in looking elsewhere. I’d start in the discounts section for my first order.

If you’re looking to pay lower fees, you’ll need a minimum order of $20. This qualifies your purchases for free shipping across the US. For $20, you can get 2 Cannabidiol shipped for free.


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