Receptra Naturals Review

Receptra Naturals offers a variety of CBD oils designed to promote overall health and wellness. If you aren't too familiar with CBD oils, many people use them to help counter some of the symptoms of cancer, alleviate pain, and reduce anxiety or stress. The products offered by Receptra Naturals will allow you to take advantage of the natural healing power of CBD oils.

CBD is different from marijuana. Whereas the high levels of THC found in marijuana (12%) deliver the 'high' feeling associated with smoking weed, CBD is extracted from hemp that contains less than .3% THC. With CBD oils, you'll just be able to enjoy the healing powers without worrying about getting high or feeling 'stoned.'

Earlier this year, we wrote a review of the Top 5 CBD Oils. Receptra Naturals was our top pick, so we decided to write a more in-depth review of the incredible products they offer to help you learn more about how you can benefit from it.

Receptra Naturals Review

About Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals only uses the best hemp to create their products. They work with farmers in Colorado who use organic seeds. The plans are never treated with any chemicals or pesticides during the growing process; rather they are naturally irrigated with rain and protected from destructive pests by ladybugs.

Receptra Naturals Review

Whereas many CBD companies use machines to harvest and shuck the hemp plants, the farmers at Receptra Naturals complete this process by hand. Hand-harvesting results in oil that has a more pleasant flavor and a higher nutritional value.

The CBD oil produced by Receptra Naturals is also a full spectrum CBD. This means that all of the cannabinoid compounds are used to produce the oil. Some companies simply extract one compound from the hemp.

Receptra Naturals Review

Full spectrum CBD oils are more highly effective because the different compounds from the hemp plant will work together to deliver more effective results. Receptra Naturals does not use the seeds, stalks, or stems from the hemp plants in the production process of their oils.

Third-Party Testing

Receptra Naturals Review

A mark of a trust-worthy and legitimate CBD company is the use of third-party testing. Third-party testing involves sending samples from each batch of a product to be verified by an independent lab. The lab analyzes the samples to determine the potency of different elements and ensure that the products are safe to use.

Receptra Naturals engages in third-party testing to give you, the consumers, confidence that their products contain what they say they do. You will always be able to view the test results related to the specific batch your products came from.

Receptra Naturals Review

If you click on the "Third-Party Testing" option on the menu, you can enter the code found on your product. Then, you'll be able to find the Certificate of Analysis and view the breakdown and report for the CBD oils you purchased.


One of the main product types you'll be able to purchase from Receptra Naturals is hemp extracts. These are oils that you can consume to help relieve symptoms from various ailments or to help you live a healthier life overall. There are five different CBD oils that you can choose from.

The Receptra Elite CBD Oil is designed to help you improve both your physical and mental performance. If you exercise frequently or experience some discomfort, this product can help you complete your workouts and assist your body in recovering more easily from them.

Receptra Active CBD Oil is another product designed for active individuals. This is a great product for people who haven't used CBD oils before and are looking to increase their activity level and recover after exercising.

If you use CBD oil every day and are looking to improve on your focus or energy level, consider trying Receptra Plus CBD Oil. This product is also recommended for supporting moderate exercise or addressing health concerns.

Receptra Prime CBD Oil is another great option for those who are just starting to use CBD Oil. It can help address mild or occasional pain or discomfort and can aid in increasing focus or energy level.

If you are a serious athlete or are facing major health challenges, Receptra Pro CBD Oil may be the right product for you. It is designed to help you improve your energy level and focus, recover more quickly, and to have a positive metabolic impact to help address health issues.

Each of the products above come in three different sizes. You can choose from a .5-ounce bottle, a 1-ounce bottle, or a 2-ounce bottle. The serving size varies for the different oil types.


In addition to extracts, Receptra Naturals also offers a topical product you can try. The Receptra Targeted Topical is designed to help you address specific areas of pain or discomfort on your body. You can rub the topical ointment directly onto areas of concern.

The Target Topical by Receptra Naturals contains added arnica and jojoba that are designed to decrease any swelling or inflammation you may be experiencing. It also has jasmine and ylang-ylang that will help your joints and muscles recover after exercising.

Finally, this topical also has camphor which is designed to help open your pores to allow more of the oils to be able to penetrate your skin and provide relief.

0% THC Products

If you are looking for extracts or topicals that contain no THC, Receptra Naturals has two products for you to consider. You can choose their 0% THC blend of the Receptra Elite CBD Oil or the 0% THC blend of the Receptra Targeted Topical.

Products for Pets

If you have pets, you can also use CBD oils to help them experience relief and feel better. Receptra Naturals has developed Receptra Pet that is designed to help your pet maintain their energy level, improve their mood, and support their joints and muscles. Receptra Pet is designed to easily digestible and easy on your pet's stomach.

They offer their original formula as well as a large breed option. You can choose from a 5 mL bottle, a .5-ounce bottle, or a 1-ounce bottle of the original formula or a 1-ounce bottle of the large breed formula.

Rewards Program

After trying Receptra Naturals, you're sure to love their products and will naturally want to tell your friends and family about how beneficial they are. When you share your experiences, you'll also be able to earn rewards from Receptra Naturals.

Receptra Naturals Review

If you refer someone to their site, you and your friend will both earn 500 points just for your friend setting up an account. If the person you refer places an order, an additional 800 points will be credited to your account.

You can also earn reward points every time you place an order. You'll earn five points for each dollar you spend on Receptra Naturals products.

As your points accumulate, you'll be able to redeem them for discounts or free products. You can choose to save them up until you have enough to cover the full cost of a purchase, or you can use them little by little to help you save on multiple orders.

Wholesale Program

Receptra Naturals also offers a wholesale program. They have partnerships with various retailers, workout facilities, and practitioners who can sell Receptra Naturals products to their customers, clients, or patients.

If you fall into one of these categories and would like to be able to share Receptra Naturals in your storefront, gym, or office, contact Receptra Naturals. You'll be able to purchase the products they offer at wholesale prices and sell them to those you work with.


  • Your purchase of any Receptra Naturals products is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The points you earn in the Receptra Naturals rewards program will expire every 12 months.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a CBD company that can help provide relief for different ailments or just to promote overall health, give Receptra Naturals a try. You'll love the variety of products they offer, and you can feel confident about what you are using since they undergo third-party testing. We think you'll be very glad you tried them!


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