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Do you love sitting down to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee? Whether coffee is an essential part of your morning routine, something you enjoy sipping while having a conversation with a friend, or your go-to afternoon pick-me-up, finding the right product and blend can make all the difference. If you haven't tried Peet's Coffee yet, you may want to consider giving it a try; it may become your new favorite!

In addition to selling coffee products in their coffee bars, Peet's Coffee also offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, brewers, and other accessories on their website. Read through our review of Peet's Coffee below to learn more about all that they have to offer.

Peet's Coffee


  • Peet's Coffee offers numerous coffee types and categories to satisfy the tastes and preferences of all customers.
  • When you look at the overview for each coffee type, you'll be able to learn more about the flavor of the coffee and select your preferred grind option.
  • You can purchase Mighty Leaf Tea through the website.
  • You can choose from tea bags or loose-leaf teas in a variety of types and flavors.
  • They offer Curated Subscriptions and Frequent Buyer Subscriptions.
  • Signing up for a subscription will give you free shipping.
  • Coffee brewers, tea brewers, and a variety of other accessories are also available for purchase through the website.
  • Joining the rewards program can help you earn free beverages and will provide you access to special members-only deals.

Coffee Selections

As you'd likely expect, Peet's Coffee offers a wide selection of coffee products designed to meet the needs and tastes of all consumers. You can select a coffee type to try by selecting whether you prefer a dark, medium, or light roast, or you can browse through the different categories of coffee offered by Peet's Coffee. These categories include Reserve Coffees, Single Origin Coffees, Signature Blends, Decaf + Half-Caf Coffees, and Organic Coffees.

Peet's Coffee

There are five different Reserve options for you to choose from. When you look at the Reserve Coffee overview page, you will be able to tell whether each blend is a dark, medium, or light roast. There are also icons to let you know whether each option has a nutty, chocolatey, sweet, spicy, complex or citrusy flavor.

Clicking on the "View Product" link below each option will tell you a little more about the blend and flavor. You can also select the grind you prefer (whole bean, drip, espresso, press/pot percolator, or commercial brewer) that you're interested and select the quantity you'd like to purchase. If you know you'll want to continue to receive the same selection each month, you can also choose to subscribe to receive free shipping on orders over $29.

Peet's Coffee's Single Origin blends are special offerings that are feature ingredients sourced from coffee farmers all over the world. Peet's Coffee has developed a relationship with farmers from The Americas, Africa and Arabia, and the Indo-Pacific to offer these unique options.

Peet's Coffee

Coffee from each region has its own signature taste. For example, options from The Americas are often sweeter or spicier due to the volcanic soil, more temperate climates, and higher altitudes.

There are 26 different Single Origin blends available. As with the Reserve Coffees, you can click on "View Product" to see a little more about each option, select your grind, enter the quantity you'd like to order, or set up a subscription.

The Signature Blends offered by Peet's Coffee will delight your taste buds. These options are made by pairing different coffee beans to create a flavorful blend that is sure to delight. There are 32 different Signature Blends available for you to choose from.

Peet's Coffee

You'll find a variety of options when looking for coffee on the Peet's Coffee website. You can choose from organic options, K-Cup Pods, decaf and half-caf options, amongst others. You're sure to find the blend that is just right to help you make your perfect cup of coffee.

If you are unsure which options will be the best fit for your taste, you can try the coffee finder assessment. This tool is designed to help you hone in on the right products for you.

The quiz consists of a variety of questions. First, you'll select the flavors you enjoy in a cup of coffee, such as hazelnut, grapefruit, orange blossom, or clove. Then you'll answer questions about how much you know about coffee, the method you use to make coffee at home, whether you're looking for a full-caffeine option or a half-caf/half-decaf option, and whether you're looking for an everyday coffee or just something new to try.

After you complete the quiz, the product that best matches your answer will be displayed. You'll also be shown a few other options that are good matches based on the answers you selected.

Tea Selections

Tea lovers will also find a wide assortment of products that they are sure to love when they shop at Peet's Coffee. In 2014, Peet's Coffee acquired Might Leaf Tea, so now you are able to purchase these high-quality and delicious teas through the website.

Peet's Coffee

You will be able to choose from green teas, black teas, oolong teas, herbal teas, white teas, pu'er teas, and match. There are different flavorings and blends under the different types, so you definitely won't be at a shortage of amazing teas to try.

Both tea bags and loose-leaf teas are offered, so you'll be able to select the option that best matches your preferred brewing style. There are also subscription options that will save you 10% on your purchase, making them the perfect option for just about anyone who love tea.

Equipment and Accessories for Sale

In addition to offering quality teas and coffees, Peet's Coffee's website also has an assortment of coffee brewers, tea brewers, and brew kits that are for sale. You'll also be able to purchase grinders, drinkware, and other accessories through the site. This can truly make Peet's Coffee your one-stop-shop for everything tea or coffee related.

Peet's Coffee


If you're a true coffee lover, a subscription through Peet's Coffee is a great option for you to consider. There are two different subscription options you can choose from: Curated Subscriptions or Frequent Buyer Subscriptions.

Peet's Coffee

Once you decide on the subscription type you want, you can customize the amount of coffee you'd like to receive and how frequently you'll want your orders to ship. You will also be able to choose the right grind to meet your needs and preferences.

Once your subscription is set up, you'll receive a package of fresh coffee at the frequency you set. Subscription orders are shipped to customers within 24 hours of being roasted, so you will always get the freshest beans delivered right to your doorstep, ready for you to enjoy. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Peet's Coffee Rewards

If you are lucky enough to live close to a Peet's Coffee coffee bar location, you'll want to download Peetnik Rewards, the app for their rewards program. Downloading the app and joining their rewards program can make it easier and more rewarding when you make in-store purchases.

With the app, you'll be able to place your order from your phone so it will be ready for pickup when you get to the store. You can also enter your credit card information through the app, which will allow you to use the app to pay for your orders quickly and easily.

Peet's Coffee

Every time you check in to a Peet's Coffee coffee bar, location, you'll earn a point. Purchasing a pound of coffee beans in-store will also earn you triple points. Once you have earned 15 points, you'll be rewarded with a free drink.

Peetnik Rewards members also get to be the first to try new drink, can purchase limited-release roast options, are invited to members-only events, and can order from the special secret menu. Some of the other perks of membership include a free drink on your birthday and a free beverage of your choice after your first check-in as a new member.

The Peetnik Rewards App is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Peet's Coffee Promo Codes

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  • There are many different categories of coffee, roast options, and grind options to choose from.
  • You can also purchase loose-leaf or bagged Mighty Leaf teas through the website.
  • You won't need to pay shipping when you sign up for a subscription.


  • Retail stores are currently only located in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and Washington D.C.

Final Verdict

If you enjoy coffee or tea, you're sure to find a product you'll love from Peet's Coffee. They offer a wide variety of options to match all tastes. Visit their website today to discover which product is right for you!


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