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Vaping has quickly become an alternative choice to smoking traditional, herbal narcotics. Both tobacco and marijuana have vaping alternatives that supply the same, active chemicals that these two plants are known for.

Some people completely replace their smoking habit with vaping products, using it as a means to quit the original herbal smoke. However, vaping supplies an alternative to regular smokers that is more incognito and discreet. Vaping liquids rarely leave the foul odors that tobacco and weed leave, allowing you to carry your smoke without stinking.

While vaping might not seem very complicated, there is a vast variety of choices and builds that serve different tastes. However, this variety can be very confusing the a beginner or someone who just wants a reliable set of vape pens and vape products.

Vaporfi Review

Luckily, we'll be talking about Vaporfi, a supplier of vape pens and vaping products. This company sets out to provide a wide selection of the highest-quality vape products around. However, despite their vast library of products, Vaporfi has a number of kits that are designed to help new and old vapers have a stellar vaping experience.


Before we get into Vaporfi, I want to go over a little bit about myself. My name is Tommy, a 34-year-old living in Schaumburg, IL. I've been a consistent, online freelancer since 2015, and I'm glad to say that I work for myself!

With all that said, I unexpectedly got into vaping through a rather bizarre series of events. While visiting my mother in Chicago, I was walking around the neighborhood late at night like I used to do as a teenager and young adult. As I was walking, a cab pulls up behind me, slowing down as if it was trying to get my attention.

Well, the cabby was trying to get my attention. Why, you might ask? Well, he was interested in knowing if I knew where the "girls" were at. If you didn't guess it, he was looking to find someone to pay for sex.

Oddly enough, there were motels about a mile north of where we were. These motels were notorious for sex-worker activity, so I told him to look in that direction. As a thank you, the cabby left me a vape pen that a passenger left behind.

To be honest with you,, this rather random occurrence is probably the only reason I ever tried vaping. Before this, I didn't really want to get into another "pop" fad that, in my mind, couldn't be that much better than the original.

However, a part of me was always interested in them. One of the biggest selling points was the amount of smoke you got off a vape hit; it reminded me of hookah. While I smoked rolled-tobacco products, hookah was always my first choice. Having something that acted like a portable hookah seemed very cool to me.

How Vaping Helped Me

Having a vape pen around did help me in a number of ways. Smoking tobacco can be invariably expensive, although there are cheaper methods. You could choose to buy your own loose tobacco, papers and even a roller. Smoking tobacco this way is easily the most cost-effective way to do it, and possibly the least dangerous.

However, most us smokers just aren't that patient. As such, finding cheap cigarettes or cigarillos can be somewhat difficult. This is very true in urban areas, where a pack of cigarettes may run $14 or more.

Vaporfi Review

Suburbs were a lot cheaper, but even then it was somewhat of journey to hit the gas station and try picking up the item of choice. I smoked Black N' Milds, and I smoked so often that I often made 3 or 4 trips a day for smoking purposes.

Now before I make this sound like a sob story, I want to take full responsibility for being so addicted to tobacco smoking. However, this addiction possesses a large amount of people. Even though I spent nearly 2 hours a day traveling to get my tobacco, my efforts were often minuscule in comparison to coworkers and associates who also smoke.

When I got my vape pen, I found that I was not nearly as inspired to make those long trips as I used to be. Having the option to smoke the pen rather than make a 45-minute trip to corner store really saved me a lot of time in the day.

This also helped me financially. Not only did I save money from spending less on rolled-tobacco, but I also had more time to devote to work. An extra 45-90 minutes of work really adds up by the end of the week!

Vaporfi Review

Now some people try to modify their vaping experience to be as close to smoking tobacco as possible. However, I did not even attempt to do that with vaping; it seemed very complicated and counterproductive to me.

I really wanted to quit smoking tobacco, and I wasn't going to use vaping to try to re-create an experience I wanted to leave behind. Vaping did not feel like smoking tobacco, but came close enough to tobacco experiences to help me greatly reduce tobacco smoking.

Why Online Vape Suppliers Are Best

To be fair, vaping had it's share of downsides. Needing to replace parts because the glass broke really annoyed me, and even more annoying was how specific replacement parts were.

Many physical locations would not carry simple parts like replacement coils because they did not have that model. Even though my machine was free, it apparently was pretty high-end. I don't even remember the name (lost it 2 years ago), but even getting a coil was a problem at a physical store.

Even worse, certain replacement were impossible to find. I always wanted to avoid breaking the glass for my Sub-Ohm Tank. But when it did happen, I could not find a single physical location who had the proper replacement.

However, after 5 minutes of searching online, I found the replacement glass. I was stunned to see something so important and simple completely absent from vape shops. Not smoke shops, VAPE shops.

Vaporfi: Online Vaping That Everyone Can Use

As you can see from my example, shopping for vape materials online was far easier and far more complete than doing it in-store.

Moreover, as someone who was not interested in being a vape aficionado, I found it difficult to communicate what I wanted to in-store customer service. They often loved using technical terms that I really didn't know. And I didn't need to know them to get the right vape products for me.

Vaporfi Review

All I needed was a pen that worked well and that I could rely on. Could I find reliable, replacement parts if I needed them? If I wanted to try a different type of pen, could I find it easily?

Can I find a place with reliable flavors that I like, but other varieties in case I want to try something new? Can I find all of these things in the same place so that I don't have to make several trips across Chicago?

There was really only one place that could provide that, and that was online vape shopping. I came across Vaporfi, and since the first replacement glass that I bought there, it was the source of 95% of all my vaping purchases.

Vaporfi is an online vape supplier that does have physical locations in Miami. However, we're going to focus on Vaporfi as an online provider because this is an option that is available regardless of location.

We aren't going to go over every product that Vaporfi supplies. However, the list of vaping items that Vaporfi includes are:

  • E-Liquids
  • Vape Kits And Mods
  • CBD products
  • New Arrivals
  • Vape Accessories

A key strength is that Vaporfi manages to offer a great deal of variety that is still easy to navigate for a beginner. You may not know what kind of pen to start with or what the difference is between types of pens. However, Vaporfi offers options that can be greatly helpful for beginners.

Vaporfi Review

There are tons of how-to videos that show you how to get the best out of their products. Moreover, there are entire starter kits that are specifically designed to give you everything you need to easily operate and use your pen and vaping accessories.

Vaporfi not only supplies its own line of premium vaping products, but it also supplies various supplies and vaping materials from the most trusted brands in the world like OneVape, Tesla, and Coil Master. If you get lost in the variety, just utilize the search feature to narrow down what you are looking for.


  • Far easier to use than physical stores.
  • Dedication to high-quality brands.
  • Very easy to navigate store.


  • Large variety can be confusing for beginners.

Final Verdict & Vaporfi Coupon Codes

I quit vaping and smoking nicotine products in the summer of 2018. While it might sound weird, the fact that vaping was different than tobacco smoking actually helped me find options that didn't involve smoking at all.

Instead, I practice breathing exercises while I walk, or record rough drafts of material I am going to write. But vaping helped me quit tobacco, along with saving me money and helping me keep my clothes from smelling like a back-alley poker game.

If you do choose to start vaping, you should consider having a reliable online store available. Even if you live by vape shops, you want to be prepared with a supplier that you know will cover your needs. Vaporfi definitely fits that bill, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants reliable vaping materials.

We will update with with the best Vaporfi coupons and promo codes shortly.


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