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How can you tell whether a landing page builder is good enough to be worth the investment? For business owners who don't have a coding or web development background, landing page software is essential. It gives you an edge by using information compiled by market researchers and web developers.

The goal of a landing page program is to let you create customized web pages quickly and easily. Two of the most popular choices are Instapage and LeadPages. Though the two share many core features, each has certain distinctions that sets it apart.

I've laid out the different aspects of each system, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

Overview of Instapage and Leadpages

Shared Features

  • Automated email tool.
  • Drag-and-drop page editor.
  • Real-time visual previews.
  • Pre-made and customizable page templates.
  • Social sharing buttons.
  • Unique customer content personalization.
  • Importing of custom CSS and HTML coding.
  • Lead capturing tools.
  • Marketing campaign management.
  • Ongoing analytics and reporting.
  • A/B split testing for multiple marketing variables.

Unique Instapage Features

  • Ability to publish to Drupal in addition to other common hosting platforms.
  • Heatmaps and conversion analytics.
  • Dynamic landing page design that adapts 1:1 to the clicked ads.
  • Streamlined collaboration tools.
  • Real-time editing and commenting.

Unique Leadpages Features

  • Interface designed for individuals with no prior website building experience.
  • More than 500 mobile-responsive templates.
  • Ability to sort templates by highest-converting designs.
  • Customizable pop-up and sticky bar templates.
  • Ability to create entire functioning websites from scratch.
  • Automated Instagram and Facebook ad creation.
  • Integrated Stripe-based checkout to sell digital products from pages.



More than forty commonly-used applications and programs are fully integrated with this service. Some of the supported categories include:

  • Email marketing management.
  • Marketing automation software.
  • Live chat applications.
  • Third party webinars.
  • E-commerce platforms.
  • Customer relationship management systems.
  • Call and SMS tracking systems.
  • Third party analytics.
  • Advertising campaign management software.
Instapage vs Leadpages

If your preferred program or programs aren't on the integrations list, you may still be able to use them. Instapage is compatible with Webhooks and Zapier, two applications that create integrations for incompatible software.


Around thirty standard integrations are built into this service's platform. Though there aren't SMS tracking integrations, all of the competition's categories are also included. Additional categories include:

  • Scheuling.
  • Payments.
  • Social media management.
  • Video programs.
Instapage vs Leadpages

In addition, the non-basic plans include an Advanced Integrations feature. This adds integration capabilities with Marketo, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Winner: Leadpages

Leadpages has more comprehensive categories for integrated systems. By using program integrations, you can customize your pages further with social sharing tools and unique videos. The advanced integrations let larger businesses use more intense marketing software.



Instapage comes with more than 200 free page templates to customize. You can also use the integrated Envato marketplace to purchase other options for money.

Instapage vs Leadpages

To save you from frustrated scrolling and confusion, the filtering system lets you choose templates based on different purposes. Each category represents a different marketing method that brought the consumer to the page:

  • Apps.
  • Events.
  • E-books.
  • Webinars.
  • Thank you messages.
  • Two-step opt-in forms.
  • Click-through advertisements.
  • Lead generation campaigns.

Each of the templates has a modern, professional design that's easy to parse.

For people who want the formatting without the extra design details, there are wireframe options that let you populate blank fields with your own content and color schemes.


Right now, this service has more than 500 responsive templates available. There are also templates for building entire websites, including homepages and other important content. You can make pop-ups and on-screen advertisements using more unique templates.

Instapage vs Leadpages

Because Leadpages is a full website builder, the page types are sorted into more categories than basic marketing tools. You can browse templates in these categories:

  • Virtual events and webinars.
  • Coming Soon announcements.
  • Upsell e-commerce pages.
  • Sales.
  • Thank you messages.
  • Subscriber opt-in or newsletter signup.
  • Promotional offers or coupons.
  • Free download or resource.
  • Giveaways or contests.
  • Personal consultation.
  • Shopping checkouts.
  • About the Author pages.

You can also sort the template options to view the highest-converting designs first.

Winner: Leadpages

The range of template options is simply unbeatable. In addition to landing pages for marketing tools, you also get access to templates for additional website content, pop-ups, sticky bars, checkout processes, virtual event hosting, email subscriber opt-ins, and announcements regarding upcoming content.

Landing Page Creator


The flexibility of the Instapage drag-and-drop builder is one of the biggest selling points. Since the designs are gridless, you aren't constrained by pre-built columns and rows. That allows for a much greater degree of customization and element shifting.

Instapage vs Leadpages

Multiple widgets can be added to pages to increase conversion rates. These include countdown timers for sales, opt-in forms, and social sharing buttons.

All desktop designs are automatically formatted to display correctly on mobile screens. However, if you want to tweak the mobile appearance, you can enter "mobile mode" to create a slightly different display for mobile users.

The highest pricing tier allows for dedicated AMP designs.


Leadpages also boasts a highly customizable drag-and-drop editor. However, the builder uses grids rather than a freeform design. That means that adjusting page elements can be a little tricky. In addition, there's a slight learning curve since the editor tends to be complex and feature-saturated.

Instapage vs Leadpages

Each of the Leadpage templates is responsive on mobile devices. After you've finished your desktop design, you can toggle a mobile preview to see how the page will display on smartphones.

However, there aren't additional mobile customization options. AMP editing is also unavailable. Because this service is much cheaper than the competitor, though, the loss of these tools is negligible for those on a budget.

Winner: Instapage

Instapage's builder lacks the drawbacks that Leadpages suffers, and it adds a few cool new features of its own. You can create separate desktop and mobile page versions, allowing a greater degree of control over the mobile experience. The non-grid system also lets you place page elements wherever you want without restriction.

Monthly Pricing


  • $129 for the Core plan.
  • Customized pricing for a customized Enterprise package.


  • $37 for basic features.
  • $79 for the Professional plan.
  • $321 for the Advanced plan.

Winner: Leadpages

Leadpages is by far the more affordable of the two services.

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Pros and Cons of Instapage


  • Hundreds of templates are segmented by specific industries, purposes, and content.
  • The integrated collaboration tools allow marketing and development teams to work on the same pages with real-time updates and commentary.
  • With the dynamic page options, you can adjust each landing page's text to reflect the ad that brought the customer there.


  • This is by far the more expensive option, so if you don't plan to make use of the dynamic page personalization or collaboration tools, the competition will give you better return-on-investment.

Pros and Cons of Leadpages


  • It's the most affordable option on the market, with a basic set of features available at less than $40 per month.
  • The templates allow you to build landing pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, and sharing buttons.
  • A full website can be created, structured, linked, and launched through the interface without ever touching a line of code.


  • The drag-and-drop builder is a little less user-friendly, and there's not the same level of easy collaboration between employees.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

The biggest question regarding which program works best for you is whether you'll make use of the extra capabilities included with Instapage.

If you have multiple team members who need to collaborate on your landing pages in real time, then Instapage has the most streamlined tools. This is also the right pick for those who want to create dynamic pages that personalize themselves to each individual consumer.

If you don't think either of these aspects is a huge priority, though, then Leadpages will give you pretty much the same tools at a fraction of the cost. It'll also let you build a whole website from scratch, even without a background in web structuring.


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