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My family and I travel a few times out of the year. And we make it a point to create some everlasting memories. Together, we’ve traveled to places by air and by car. We feel like we’ve seen the entire world. I was looking for luggage for my family for our next trip. More specifically, I was looking for a bag for one of my younger kids.

I tried looking for something that will fit all of his stuff. Then I came across the Jetkids Bedbox. I was quite impressed with the features. It’s a bag that you can use as a carry on for your kid. But here’s where it gets really interesting: it can turn into a little kids’ chair or even a kid-sized bed. Now that is fascinating.

Jetkids Bedbox

Jetkids Bedbox Review

  • Includes adjustable straps so you can carry it on your shoulder.
  • Built-in mattress with a seat extension so your child is relaxed and comfortable.
  • Swivel wheels built-in so you can easily maneuver around corners.
  • Accessories including blankets and an extra mattress that your child can sleep on whenever your family is on the go.


One of the best things I’ve ever invested in was this Bedbox. What is it exactly? It’s a suitcase that you can turn into a seat, footrest, and even a bed for your child. Let’s just say that I was quite impressed. Where in the world could I find a travel bag like that? In fact, I wish there was one for adults. In fact, I could pull my child for a ride using it.

Jetkids Bedbox

Sure, those “Radio Flyer” wagons are great. But I’m obviously not going to take that with me when I travel. So I consider this a major convenience. Plus, when I go to a hotel I know that my child already has a bed set up. It’s spacious and comfortable for him so I won’t have to make any special requests.

Also, when we are dealing with weather delays at the airport my child can sleep in comfort. Once again, one more reason why I’d wish for something like this for adults. This is a complete lifesaver in a box. Not to mention, it’s TSA approved and highly recommended by many airlines both domestic and international.

One of the best features of this is the wheels. They are shock absorbent and can move around freely so I can navigate corners with ease without having to stop and adjust.

Crew BackPack

One of the other items that were available by Jetkids was the crew backpack they had. This is a backpack that I use for my child for his school days. This backpack does some things that others I’ve seen fail to do. It can handle all kinds of bad weather conditions.

Jetkids Crew Backpack

That’s because the exterior is made from water-repellent fabric that is durable and very difficult to tear. In fact, this is a pretty stylish backpack. It’s as if I’m sending him to school in style. This backpack also comes with a seat pad that you can pull out so your child can be comfortable.

Merino Wool Blanket

Any good bed would be comfortable with the use of a blanked. When I got the Bedbox, I made sure that my child got a merino wool blanket to cover up with. It’s pretty comfortable and keeps him warm.​

Jetkids  Merino Wool Blanket

It’s about what you expect from a wool blanket. This blanket can also fit inside the Bedbox lid itself. Just like that, I have a ready to make bed for my child that I can take anywhere we go.

TSA and Airline Approved

The Bedbox is way ahead of its time compared to other bags. It’s so impressive that it’s TSA approved and also approved by several domestic and international airlines. I can travel with confidence knowing that my child will be comfortable. While not every airline has approved of the Bedbox just yet, I highly advise you to check to see which airlines have done so. That way, you can make planning your trip a lot easier and you can be able to take this with you when you are planning on taking to the skies.

Jetkids Bedbox

Fast Shipping

After ordering all of the stuff I need, I was able to get it shipped to my house within 2 days. That is crazy quick. Plus, if you are ordering it and need it shipped to you anywhere in the world you can pay the duties and taxes when you purchase it. That way, you won’t have to worry about it getting caught up in Customs or security. Since I do live in the United States, I didn’t have a problem with any of that. But you can still get it shipped to you pretty quickly no matter where you live.


  • TSA approved.
  • Easy to convert into a bed, chair, or footrest.
  • Fits children from ages 2 to 7.
  • Very comfortable to sit or sleep on.


  • May be a bit pricey.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend that you check out the Bedbox from Jetkids if you are planning on doing some traveling with your family. Especially if you have young children. This is definitely the suitcase that will transform the entire industry. Your child can ride in style, sleep in comfort, and be able to relax just as easily. No other luggage for children could ever duplicate that.


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