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I’m on the run a lot. That’s the life of a busy executive. I’m always in between meetings and I usually don’t have enough time to get to a computer during the day. In fact, I go from one place to the next and I sometimes forget my laptop in the office. Most of the time, I’m able to find an alternative. I can either plug some notes into my smartphone.

Let’s face it -- I’m not always going to have my computer on me during important meetings with clients. So I decided to look for a solution that would help me write documents and make some kind of notes. One place I decided to look for was speech recognition software. I saw a commercial recently about those things and needless to say I was impressed.

Nuance Software

The first speech recognition that popped up was Nuance Software. I decided to check it out for myself. Let’s just say I was really impressed with what I could get done in a small amount of time. Just speak into your compatible device and you’ll have your work done much faster.

Nuance Software Review

  • Includes individual software that will allow you to write documents that are personal and private to you. This includes homework, emails, reports, blog posts, and many writings.
  • Law Enforcement version allows police officers and agents to make incident reports with ease using speech recognition.
  • Legal version helps attorneys and paralegals transcribe case files and other legal documents.
  • Continuous dictation without the limitations. Say as much as you want for as long as possible.
  • Picks up on every word with 99% accuracy.
  • Can apply formatting, bolding, and underlining at your request.

Clear, Accurate Transcription Anytime and Anywhere

I’m going to let you in on a little secret -- I’ve tried some of the voice recognition features on my computer. It’s not as accurate as I thought. I was quite disappointed when I had to search through the document for any misspelled or misrecognized words. Editing them manually was equally frustrating.

Nuance Software

With Nuance Software’s Dragon Speech Recognition Program, it was accurate and clear. Plus, it picked up every correct word I said. When I would go through the document to double-check what I said, I was able to see that every word was accurate and correct. So I spend less time editing it and it makes a lot more sense.

File Incident Reports on the Spot

My brother is a police officer. There was a time when he had to file an incident report whenever he had the chance to go back to the station. However, when I mentioned to him that Nuance Software had speech recognition software for filing police reports, he told the Chief about it. The department had a hard time keeping incident reports organized. 

Nuance Software

So they gave it a try and it made everything smooth and seamless. My brother joked saying that the mayor should give me the “key to the city”. He said that since he’s been using the software, he was able to file his reports quickly and easily. If he needed a hard copy for the courts, he’ll quickly access it using the cloud.

Legal Documents Made Easy

OK -- time for another family store. My wife is a paralegal for an attorney. One of her responsibilities is handling the case files for her bosses. Whenever she is in contact with a client, she is able to update their case files quickly using voice recognition software.

Nuance Software

She can rattle off the case number, make additional notes, and file it under certain categories. The Nuance Software does a good job of organizing files so you won’t have to find them in the wrong folder. That’s less time hunting it down when something is “drowning” in a sea of files.

Allows for Easy Accessibility for Those Who Are Elderly and Disabled

One of the best things about Nuance Software is that it can help those who are either unable to use their hands or want to get around the computer and can only use their voice. You can surf the web, type documents, emails, or whatever else you need. My neighbor is in his 70s and had asked me questions about computers.

Nuance Software

I told him that Nuance Software might have something that can help him access the computer using his voice. Once my son (a computer whiz in his own right) was able to install it, he was able to demonstrate how the software worked for him. Now my neighbor thinks he’s a computer whiz himself. Thankfully, advanced software like this can make hands-free use a lot easier for people these days.


  • Perfect for anyone who won’t have access to a computer to type it up by hand.
  • A great solution for anyone who has mobility issues or older people in need of an easier way to access the computer.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Very accurate and can pick up every word you say and understand it.
  • Does the heavy lifting when it comes to organizing your documents.
  • Easily fixes mistakes.


  • May be a bit pricey for a monthly subscription.

Final Verdict

If you are on the go and need something transcribed fairly quickly, I would recommend Nuance Software and nothing else. That’s because it’s quick to write stuff for you with accuracy and ease.

Plus, once you have everything typed up you can be able to look it over and everything looks good. No misspellings, grammar errors, or any mistakes. You can take this on the go or use it at home or the office. You can be sure that Nuance Software will have your back when you don’t have the time to type or if your hands are not in the best shape mobility wise.


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