Best Options For HD Mirror Cameras

A high definition mirror camera will improve your safety while out on the road and provide peace of mind while driving. There are many factors to consider when looking to purchase a high definition mirror camera for your vehicle. You'll want the video quality to be clear as opposed to pixelated. The highest quality mirror cameras can be somewhat costly, which is why it is important to consider affordability and overall value as well.

The five products listed in the review section below will vary in cost and value. We have listed them out so that you can see each product choice from a unique perspective. Hopefully the information provided below will help to make your purchase decision as easy as possible.

Top 5: HD Mirror Cams Review

Jeemak Mirror Dash Cam Cars 1080P Full HD 7" Touch Screen Backup Camera Front Rear View Dual Lens Waterproof Reverse Camera

The Jeemak Mirror Dash Cam is a great choice for someone looking for a high quality and reliable mirror camera for their vehicle. The camera features high definition of 1080p so that you can observe your surroundings clearly.

The reversing camera will automatically display when the vehicle moves backwards. This is a neat safety feature that makes driving in reverse much safer. The one-touch display panel is also very convenient for drivers that want a more enjoyable driving experience. Simply press the display mode that you want, and the automated display with follow the command seamlessly.

Amazon has endorsed this product as one of the best choices on the market. This will reassure potential buyers that other customers have had a positive experience with this product.


  • Amazon endorsed this product.
  • 1080p camera resolution.
  • Automatic reverse detection.


  • High-end price range.
  • Occasional display lag.
  • Bulky mirror design.
TOGUARD 8" Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Lens Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera 1080P Front and 720P Backup Camera with G-Sensor Parking Monitor

The TOGUARD 8" Mirror Dash Cam is another high end mirror camera that provides high quality mirror display to drivers. This 720p backup camera is designed to present clear visuals to drivers when reversing and is ideal for tight parking spaces, parallel parking, jammed parking lots and shopping centers.

The front camera features a high definition display, capable of reaching 1080p quality. The on-board touchscreen display is perfect for drivers who want a simple interface to switch between display modes.

The mirror dash camera and reverse cameras are designed to toggle on and off with the engine of the car. A one month warranty is also guaranteed for all purchases.


  • 1080p resolution front camera (720p reverse cam).
  • Easy to setup.
  • One month warranty.


  • High-end price range.
  • Long-term durability.
Mirror Dash Cam 10 inch 1080P Full Touch Screen Stream Media Front Rear Dual Lens Dashboard Recorder Waterproof Reversing Camera

This JUNSUN Mirror Dash Cam particular mirror cam is designed to provide drivers with crystal clear image quality. The on-board touch screen interface is state of the art with simple buttons to help make things as easy as possible.

The camera quality is highly rated and offers 1080p resolution on the dash camera. Unfortunately, the reverse camera only features 720p resolution, however it still provides sufficient quality when reversing.

This particular product might be a great fit for someone that enjoys using advanced technology for their every day tasks. This mirror dash cam takes advantage of the technical aspects that are equipped into the design of the product. The touchscreen, G-sensors, and high quality cameras make this product worth the price. To make things even better, Amazon has endorsed this dash cam mirror as one of the highest rated on the market.


  • Amazon endorsed this product.
  • High camera quality (1080p in front, 720p for reersing).
  • Advanced touchscreen interface.
  • 30 day hassle free warranty.


  • High-end price range.
  • Long-term durability.
CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen ; 1080P 170° Full HD Front Camera;1080P 140°Wide Angle Full HD Rear View Camera;Time-Lapse Photography

The CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam is a great option for customers looking for a high definition on-board dash camera with front and rear cameras that offer high quality visuals to the driver.

The rear camera is optimized with low exposure lighting capabilities to make night vision one of its premier design features. The front camera is also suitable for multiple purposes, including high definition dash cam recordings in 1080p.

If you are interested in simply purchasing a high end front and rear dash camera for driving without having to do all of the research, then this is the camera for you. While you might be paying a little bit more, you can be assured that thousands of customers have had a positive experience with this brand.


  • Great customer reviews.
  • High definition front and rear cameras (1080p).
  • Night vision capabilities.


  • Long-term durability.
Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88" Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media Dual Lens 170° 1080P Front and 150°1080P Rear View Camera with G-Sensor PORMIDO,24 Hour Parking,GPS

While this PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam camera retains a somewhat expensive price range, customers agree that its state of the art design quality has earned an impressive track record for this product's reputation.

The cameras are capable of recording 1080p resolution. Night vision support is included when it is dark outside. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate through various display modes and options. From a general value perspective, this product has it all.


  • Extremely positive customer reviews.
  • High quality camera resolution (1080p front and rear).
  • Interactive touchscreen interface.


  • High-end price range.

best hd mirror cam

Each of these products is a great option for customers that are looking at various high definition mirror cameras. There are valuable budget choices as well as high end products that offer every feature for a slightly higher price.

The best balanced product between budget and features is probably the CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam. This product features an exceptional design quality while retaining a reasonable price range.

CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen ; 1080P 170° Full HD Front Camera;1080P 140°Wide Angle Full HD Rear View Camera;Time-Lapse Photography

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is an HD Mirror Cam?

The HD Mirror Cam is a digital dash cam that attaches right over your car's rearview mirror. It is designed to help you record activity around your car to prove what happens in the event you get into an accident.

Unlike other dash cams that attach below your rearview mirror, the HD Mirror Cam gets attached over your rearview mirror. In addition to the camera to record activity around your car, it has a mirror-like design, allowing it to function as your car's rearview mirror.

What is included when you purchase the HD Mirror Cam?

When you purchase the HD Mirror Cam, you'll receive a few accessories to help you get the product set up correctly and securely. Your purchase will include a car adapter, soft bands for keeping the Mirror Cam securely over your car's mirror, adhesive clips, a card reader, and an instruction manual.

How do you set up HD Mirror Cam?

The HD Mirror Cam is designed to be quick and easy to set up. Once you open the package, first insert your SD card into the designated slot on the mirror.

Next, you will need to attach the mirror cam to your car's rearview mirror. Place it over the mirror in your car and use the provided soft bands to secure the mirror in place. Your car's original mirror will be protected from getting scratched by the nonstick pads on the back of the HD Mirror Cam.

Next, peel the backs off the adhesive clips and attach them to the edges of your front windshield. Then, plug the car adapter cable into the slot on the HD Mirror Cam and run it along the outside of your windshield, clicking it into the adhesive clips you just placed up. Finally, plug the car adapter into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet/cigarette lighter.

Will the HD Mirror Cam distract you when driving?

The HD Mirror Cam is designed to not be a hazardous distraction. Since it attaches to your car's existing mirror, you won't need to worry about it obstructing part of your view, like some other dash cams that attach to the car's windshield.

You can also remove the option to view the image being recorded on your camera. If this is distracting you when driving, just use the menu options to select "screen off mode," and your HD Mirror Cam will look no different than a regular car rearview mirror.

What do all of the buttons on the HD Mirror Cam do?

When you look at the HD Mirror Cam, you'll notice it has a variety of buttons. Starting from the left side of the mirror, here are the different buttons and what they do:

  • Power button: This button powers the camera on and allow you to change between day and nighttime modes.
  • Menu/settings button: Pulls up the menu
  • Mode button: Allows you to choose between using the camera to record video, record audio, take pictures, or playback your videos.
  • Up/down buttons: These are used for scrolling through the menu options. The up button allows you to instantly take a picture of the image shown in the mirror.
  • OK/select button: Lets you click on the preferred setting or menu option displayed.

Will the HD Mirror Cam continue recording when your car is parked?

Once your car is parked and the engine is turned off, the HD Mirror Cam shuts off. However, it has motion sensors that automatically turn the camera on to record again is any motion is detected around your car.

This is a good feature to have in a parking lot. If another vehicle or a shopping cart gets too close to your car, your camera will start recording to allow you to see what happened while you were away.

The HD Mirror Cam has a built-in rechargeable battery. When the camera is not charging (plugged into your car's 12-volt outlet), the battery will last for about an hour to help you catch any incidents that happen when your car is parked.

Do you have to remember to turn the HD Mirror Cam on every time you get in the car to drive?

No, you don't need to remember to turn the HD Mirror Cam on each time you start to drive. It features auto start-up to automatically start recording once your vehicle is turned on.

Will the HD Mirror Cam record clear video when driving at night?

Yes, the HD Mirror Cam is designed to record clear videos during both daytime and nighttime. You can use the camera's power button to select either day or nighttime mode.

To help you see better through the rearview mirror at night, it also has an anti-glare dimming setting.

When you are driving during the day, but the lighting conditions are changing frequently due to shadows or tunnels, you'll appreciate that the camera's swivel lens is designed to automatically adjusts based on the available lighting.

How many hours of video are stored with the HD Mirror Cam?

The HD Mirror Cam can store up to 14 hours of video. It features endless loop recording, so you won't need to worry about deleting videos off of it to make space for new recordings.

How can you view the videos recorded with your HD Mirror Cam?

If you want to view the videos that were recorded, you have two options. You can either view them directly through the HD Mirror Cam. To do this, click on the mode button and scroll until you find the option to play back a video.

You can also take the SC card out of the camera and place it in the card reader. Then, plug the card reader into your computer to download the videos and images from the camera to your computer.

What are the features of the HD Mirror Cam?

There are many features included with the HD Mirror Cam designed to provide you with peace of mind and flexibility, while also ensuring the camera is easy to use. These features include:

  • 350-degree rotating camera
  • Auto ignition start
  • Easy install
  • 14-hour storage for video recordings
  • Endless loop recording
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • HD video
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision recording
  • Ability to record video and audio or capture images
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen

Other Options

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3 cool things hd mirror cams can do

When driving down the road, we oftentimes wish that dashcams were standard for every vehicle. Or that our mirrors could record what happens on the road as well. Catch accidents that happen behind you or even record a road trip without the camera being in your line of sight. The HD mirror cam can do just that.

What Are HD Mirror Cams?

The HD mirror cam is a rearview mirror digital dashcam. It has a camera that rotates 360° and captures a viewpoint of 120°. As the name suggests, it records clear video at 1080P HD and records video and audio up to 14 hours. As long as the micro SD card is inserted, the mirror cam starts recording as soon as the vehicle is started.

If you are worried about what is going on around your vehicle when it isn’t running, the camera has motion detection sensors that trigger the camera to start recording when it detects a vibration near the vehicle. The mirror also lets you quickly take a photo of the license plate of the car in front of you. This means if a vehicle starts driving erratically, you can both take a video and take a picture of the license plate and have the information on hand for when you report it.

3 Cool Things HD Mirrors Can Do

Aside from taking a license plate photo of the car in front of you and recording when it detects motion near the car, here are three additional cool things that HD mirrors can do.

• It has a built-in rechargeable battery. You never have to worry about wanting or needing to record something only to discover the battery is dead.
• You can record at night too. It has night vision LED lights that provide crystal clear video when it records at night.
• The mirror has an LCD instant playback screen. This can be shut off by the driver if they feel it is too distracting.

HD Mirror Cam Features

The features of the HD Mirror Cam includes:
• Easy to install. You don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to put it together and attach it to the windshield.
• The adjustable camera can rotate in almost any direction. If you are recording behind you and want to switch to record the road ahead, you can easily do so.
• Automatically records when the vehicle turns on. You don’t have to spend extra time turning on the camera and making sure it is recording. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the camera on.
• The ambient light sensor makes recording at night easy. It automatically adjusts the display according to the intensity of light.
• The camera supports micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB. There is no need to wipe the memory card once it is full as the camera will just record over.

How To Install

The HD Mirror Cam fits over any rearview mirror, making it the perfect addition to any vehicle. To install:
• Attach the bands over your existing mirror to hold it in place.
• The adhesive wire clips are then mounted around the edge of your windshield
• Plug the cord into the car adapter.

In today’s driving world, people are in a hurry to get to their destinations, drivers aren’t always paying attention to the road, and there are those who are driving while intoxicated. One of the best ways to protect yourself from tickets or insurance claims is to have a dashcam that records what happens around you in HD quality and excellent sound.

Final Verdict

There are different products designed for different purposes. For example, some of these products are better for night time driving, while others may be specifically better for parking in tight areas with the reverse camera. Some of these brands focus on camera quality and focus their efforts on the specification particularly.

Now is a great chance to make a purchase for customers who are looking to own their very first high definition mirror camera. Why not browse through each and every one of these products to determine which choice is best for you?


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