Cell Phone Car Mounts

In today's world, everyone carries some sort of cell phone with them, which has caused the government to enforce harsher laws about calling and texting while driving.

In an effort to make phones safer, while driving, cell phone car mounts have become very popular. It allows you to hook it to your car so that you do not have to hold it and be distracted.

There are many different types of car mounts for cell phones, and we have researched five of the best car mounts to help you find the right one for your individual situation.

There are many factors that you have to consider when purchasing a car mount, and with our reviews, you can narrow down that number to a more manageable one with little effort on your part.

Top 5: Cell Phone Car Mounts Review

Beam Electronics Car Air Vent Mount

This Beam Electronics Car Air Vent is a universal smartphone car mount, which means that it can hold most smartphones on the market, regardless of brand, model or manufacturer.

Phones that are 1.9 inches to 3.7 inches wide can be held by this mount. There's also a button on the side that allows you to adjust the mount to fit the size of your phone.Once the phone is in place, you simply press the button again and close the sides in on your phone to hold it in place.

Beam Electronics Car Air Vent Mount

Unlike other car mounts, this one is designed to click onto your air vent, and you are not required to remove your phone from its case for it to fit properly. This helps to keep your dashboard and windshield clear. The inside of the mount is coated with a soft padded material, which helps to protect your phone from damage, regardless of the type of road conditions you are driving on.

This mount is meant to be used on horizontal or vertical air vents. For those that have circular air vents, this is not a recommended phone mount, because it is not able to stabilize on the air vent. Therefore, the probability of it breaking the vent or sliding off at the wrong time is exponentially increased.


  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Broad compatibility.
  • Single-handed operation.


  • Phone gets too hot if on mount with heat on.
  • Isn’t meant to work on circular vents.
Vansky 3-in-1 Car Phone Mount

This 3-in-1 Car Phone Mount is manufactured by Vansky, and it provides three different options to mount your phone to your car. It can be used as a dashboard mount, a windshield mount, or clipped onto your car’s air vent. This provides you with multiple options to fit the mount to your specifications and wants. It is classified as being a universal mount, and it is compatible with some of the most popular smart phone brands, on the market, like iPhone, Galaxy, and LG.

It can be used to hold phones from 3.5-inches to 7-inches, and it has an extendable grip that allows it to hold phones with a larger width from 6.7-9.7cm width. The mount has a soft padding that is positioned to be between the hard material of the mount and the back of your phone. This is meant to help secure your phone snugly into place and to ensure that the phone does not take any damage while grasped by the mount.

Vansky 3-in-1 Car Phone Mount

The mount provides a 360-degree rotation, which allows you to get the perfect angle to be able to glance quickly when needed. It doesn’t require any tools to install, and it has a quick release button, to make grabbing your phone fast and easy. The windshield and dashboard mount use a strong suction cup method to hold your phone securely in place, which allows you to focus strictly on the road and not your phone.


  • 3 mounting solutions.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Compatibility with phones.


  • Issues with windshield mount in extreme heat.
Quntis Phone Holder Car Mount

This Universal Phone Holder is manufactured by Quntis and is compatible with a variety of phone models and manufacturers. It is capable of holding any phone that is 2.6-inches to 4.3-inches, and it is designed to fit snugly onto your car’s air vent. However, this product is not able to clip onto circular air vents properly.

It has a quick release button that makes getting your phone off and on the holder easy. It is designed with a 360-degree rotation, which allows you to adjust your phone to the perfect angle. This helps in making it safe to quick glance at your phone at stops or to simply swipe a button to answer a call, without having to fumble with your phone.

Unlike holders that connect to the dashboard or windshield, this holder will never block your line of sight, making it a safer option for you and others on the road. The inside of the holder has a soft material that is designed to help keep your phone in place and to keep it safe from getting damaged.


  • Wide range of compatibility.
  • Quick easy release button.
  • Useful hanger for cord.


  • Can’t be secured to circular vents.
Ainope Gravity Car Phone Mount

This Gravity Car Phone Mount was designed and manufactured by Ainope, and it clicks flawlessly to a car’s air vent to make dealing with your phone in the car easier. It comes with a worry-free warranty that covers the holder for 12 months to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the product.

It has an elegant style design with three clamping arms made from aviation aluminum alloy. This ensure that’s your phone is held in place, while driving, and it is properly secured and protected from damage. It has soft silicone pads that are available on the back and the insides of the arms to keep your phone from being scratched. The maximum thickness of a phone that this holder can withstand is .43-inches.

Therefore, it may not be able to hold a phone with a thick protective case, but it is able to hold any phone from any manufacturer that is between four and six, like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Mate, and LG smartphone brands. For convenience, this holder uses gravity linkage technology, which allows you to simply push or pull the phone to remove or place it into the holder.


  • 12-month warranty.
  • Auto lock feature.
  • Extensive compatibility.


  • Needs better customer service.
Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car

This Bosynoy Phone Holder is designed to stick directly to your dashboard, and it can also hold some GPS units. It has a wide range of compatibility with some of the most popular phone manufacturers on the market, like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel.

It has an easy one touch unlock feature that makes it easy place and get the phone out of the holder. The holder has a large silica gel base, and the adhesive silicone film can be reused and washed. It has an anti-slip feature that keeps it firmly on the dashboard to keep it from sliding around on the dash.

Bosynoy Cell Phone Holder for Car

You can install the holder and put your phone in at different angles to keep it from pressing volume buttons or the power button. It has a slope that is designed to help prevent your phone from being overheated by the sunlight, and it helps to keep the phone screen from glaring and becoming a danger, while driving.


  • Broad compatibility.
  • Washable & reusable.
  • Super sticky gel pad.


  • Issues affixing to some textured surfaces.

Top Pick

Overall, it is important to have some sort of holder for your phone while you are driving. It helps to protect you and other people on the road from you having to fumble around for your phone, while driving. Out of the five mounts that we have reviewed, the best cell phone car mount is the 3-in-1 Universal Cell Phone Holder manufactured by Vansky.

Vansky 3-in-1 Car Phone Mount

It provides you with three different options for mounting your phone, and it still gives you all of the other main features like 360-degree rotation, easy install, and quick release button. It doesn't require any tools to install it and it is made out of sturdy material. The soft cushion on the inside of the holder will protect your phone from being scratched or damaged.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Cell Phone Holder Mount?

Even with our recommendations, it is important to research different holders before making your final selection. There are different things that you should consider since everyone has their own uses and preferences. For instance, some people like to place their phone on the vents to keep their line of sight perfect, while others prefer to have it hooked to the dashboard or windshield to make using navigation apps easier.

The first thing that you want to consider about a mount is the interior material that is used on the holder. Your phone is very important, and sometimes they are very expensive. It is important to ensure that it will not be scratched and it will be held securely by the holder.

This brings us to the next major factor that you need to consider: your phone. Everyone has their preference of smartphone and they come in all sizes. Different mounts have size specifications for what size it can hold effectively. Before making your final selection, you should ensure that the mount you are purchasing is able to fit your phone.

You should also inquire if that it can support your phone with its case. Some holders might state that they are compatible with your brand, but that does not mean that it will fit your phone while it is in the case.

This might not be a huge issue for you. But if you use a case, it is imperative that you find a holder that is big enough to hold your phone while it is in a case.

Final Verdict

Finally, it is important to make sure that the holder you purchase will suit your usage. For instance, some people use their phones as a navigation device while driving, which is better in landscape position but others never worry about that.

You should consider if the mount you are looking at supports a full 360-degree rotation to ensure that it will let you get the perfect angle to suit your preference.


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