Police Radar Detectors for Cars Recommendations

It's our right to be protected from all threats while traveling on the road. Utilizing a police radar detector is an excellent way to reduce the threat of expensive tickets and contact with law enforcement.

Police radar detectors work by sensing the radio equipment that police use to operate in their tasks. These handy devices can block or jam police laser guns as well as detect police presence. They're discrete and legal, as well as easily attached to your vehicle.

Because police radar detectors use advanced technology, there are many variants of appearance and function. If you spend a good amount of time on the road, it's essential that educate yourself by taking a look at some of these cutting-edge models.

Top 5: Police Radar Detectors for Cars Review

Uniden R3DSP R3 Dsp Extremely Long-Range Radar Detector/Laser Detector with GPS

The Uniden R3 is a multi-function police radar and laser detector that aims to be the top model in user interface and reliability. This is a great option for those that want to pay more for a high quality unit. Let's go over some of the functions you can expect from a detector of this caliber.

One of the best aspects of the Uniden R3 is the GPS connection that maintains an updated database to alert you to such things as danger areas and red light cameras. The update feature is free and Integration of the GPS system also allows you to input your own hotspots.

Take advantage of the low speed auto-mute capabilities to customize when you want your radar to activate. The full color OLED display makes all of this interaction a smooth, user friendly experience.

Uniden R3DSP R3 Dsp Extremely Long-Range Radar Detector/Laser Detector with GPS
Uniden R3DSP R3 Dsp Extremely Long-Range Radar Detector/Laser Detector with GPS

Keeping a low profile is part of the purpose of this machine, so drive without worry knowing that it's Spectre Elite immune, meaning it can't be detected by some of the best radar detector-detectors.

This diminutive and virtually all-black detector can also be stealthily attached with suction cups to optimal places such as the center space right above the dashboard or behind the rear-view mirror, so as not to draw attention while remaining unobstructed.

Donning a hefty price, this is for serious users that want a more customizable and updated police radar detection system. Only get this device if you're familiar with this type of machine, or if you're willing to make an investment and learn.


  • Updated GPS database.
  • Full color LED user interface.
  • Low speed auto-mute.


  • Highly priced item.
Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector: Long Range, False Alert Filter, Voice Alert & OLED Display

Next up is the Cobra RAD 450, a device that expands the limit of what you expect from a police radar detector. With a focus on accuracy over great distances, this is a solid model for any type of environment.

With black and tan housing, this compact detector attaches easily to the inside of your car. The OLED display and ergonomically positioned buttons create a smooth operating experience. Despite its inconspicuousness, this is a beautiful piece of machinery.

Many detectors suffer from false alarms caused by radio controlled devices such as garage door openers. Heightened technology in the Cobra RAD 450 has combated this problem with the IVT Filter TM system.

Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector: Long Range, False Alert Filter, Voice Alert & OLED Display
Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector: Long Range, False Alert Filter, Voice Alert & OLED Display

In the defense against automated cameras that detect your speed, this is a fantastic option. The wide range of signal frequencies and types that are detected Cobra RAD 450 means that you'll have more protection against all forms of traps that could land you a traffic ticket.

A voice alert system is also included that relays details of detected bands so that you can keep your hands and eyes focused on driving. Get this device if you want a reliable and safe police radar detector at a mid-range price.


  • 2 mile range.
  • Fewer false alerts.
  • Wide range of detected signals.


  • Terrain may make detection difficult.
Image Not Available_OTR

The most expensive and complex device on our list is the EXCORT MAX360. Pushing the capabilities of design and function, features such as inter-device connectivity mark this model as the highest grade police radar detector on the market.

All the best aspects of other detectors are packaged into this device. Voice alert technology gives accurate readouts, integrated GPS information with free updates keeps you connected and can be customized. There's nothing that this detector is missing.

Smartphones such as Android and iPhone can be connected to the ESCORT MAX360 to share data with other users on surrounding threats. Data can be backed up and updated through your computer, eliminating the struggle of memory failure or loss.

The added benefits of this product expand what it can do, however less experienced users will find that they can be more of a hassle than a benefit. If you want a police radar detector that can go beyond the lengths of its peers, give this product some serious consideration.


  • Learns from other users.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • High range of function.
  • Longer distance detection.


  • High price.
  • App requires subscription.
Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display

A uniquely designed detector is next up, the Escort Passport 8500X50. Flatter and with a smaller screen, this is another well designed and stealthy product. The LED display is simple, while the buttons are easy to operate.

A wide range of bands and lasers that can be detected by this nifty tool provide some of the best protection you'll find on the market. Front or back, not much escapes the Escort Passport 8500X50.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display
Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display

Some users have reported that this device does tend to give more false alerts than others of its kind. If you live in a dense or urban area then this may not be the best tool. However the quality is still very high and it comes with many of the features you expect from a high-end detector.

Voice alert technology keeps you safe and legal while driving, while customized hot spots can be added to the system. Other handy features like auto-mute and display dimming add to the wide usability of this machine.


  • High range of detection.
  • Auto-mute and volume control.
  • Extremely discrete


  • Frequent false alerts.
Cobra️ ESD7570 - 360 Degree Detection,9 Band, Radar/Laser Detector, Fewer False Alerts, Ultrabright Display, VG-2 Immunity, Safety Alert, City/Highway Modes

Finally, the Cobra ESD7570 is the affordable option that still fulfills what you want from a police radar detector. Lacking the bonus functions of many other detectors, this device looks as good as the rest of them and still manages to keep you protected with advanced signal detection technology.

Like other Cobra models, this device is immune to most types of counter-detection and can be covertly attached with suction cups to your windshield. Volume control also allows you to make this as loud or quiet as comfortable.

The simple interface still detects many types of bands, utilizing 360-degree technology to keep you safe from all directions. The Cobra ESD7570 also has safety alerts to warn you about threats other than police detection.

Cobra️ ESD7570 - 360 Degree Detection,9 Band, Radar/Laser Detector, Fewer False Alerts, Ultrabright Display, VG-2 Immunity, Safety Alert, City/Highway Modes
Cobra️ ESD7570 - 360 Degree Detection,9 Band, Radar/Laser Detector, Fewer False Alerts, Ultrabright Display, VG-2 Immunity, Safety Alert, City/Highway Modes

Cobra is a company you can trust, any police radar detector will last for years when you buy from their brand. Since this detector costs less than the average speeding ticket, it'll quickly pay for itself by saving on fines you would have payed.

Overall, this is an affordably priced detector that is great for starters or as a back-up device. Be warned however that the display and strength of sound coming from the device is not as high-tech as the more expensive models. Those looking for an advanced level of protection should seek a higher quality police radar detector.


  • 360-degree protection.
  • Low price.
  • Wide range of bands detected.


  • Simple interface.
  • Some unnecessary function like X-band detection.

best police radar detector - Buying Guide

Now that we're educated on some of the best choices in police radar detection, it's up to you to consider what type of product is the right fit for your needs. Some are advanced models that will save you on tolls from law enforcement, but take a heavy toll on your bank account, while some are less advanced but more efficient in function and price.

Never hit the road without a police radar detector. It's not a matter of how you drive, a high percentage of drivers accrue traffic violations regardless of skill. With more automated systems being set up to detect your car, you'll need some extra help in avoiding tickets.

It may be tempting to go with the cheapest option on this list, the Cobra ESD 7570. However, you want to be sure that the device you use will make driving easier and safer, not challenging. It would be wise to get a higher quality device that will ensure satisfaction.

The Cobra RAD 450 is a well priced item that is reported as being reliable and multi-functioned. It has all the strengths of the ESCORT MAX360, for example, while cutting out bloated technology that might be a hassle.

If you are going to spend a few hundred dollars on a detector, there's no doubt you'll receive a fine product. For people that drive the same route frequently or around their neighborhood, the higher price will be worth it.

All of these devices are able to detect the commonly used signals of police or detection systems, but the devices such as the ESCORT MAX360 and Uniden R3 can be useful for more than simple detection. When traveling through areas frequented by the police, you will be notified, bringing the assistance a step beyond what the device can immediately sense.

You don't want to be fiddling with a small machine while trying to drive, so a voice alert system, which isn't found on the Cobra ESD 7570, is recommended to stay safe. Each alert sound is different as well, so be sure to get a device that you can clearly hear over your car's radio or ambient noise.

Usually the detectors are powered by a cable that attaches to the cigarette lighter in your car. If your car doesn't have a cigarette lighter, make sure that the model you buy is able to connect through USB or whichever kind of port your car has installed.

Final Verdict

Police radar detectors are legal everywhere in the United States except for Virginia and Washington D.C. Keep in mind though that there are restrictions on their use depending on your job and class of vehicle. There are also states where radar detection is legal, but jamming is not.

You will definitely want a device that can change its function and be easily stored. If you don't like how the device looks or feels, it won't be right for you. Remember that these last for quite a long time, get one that you will want to still use a few years down the road.

The quality of the police radar detector that you use will vary in quality based on price, but by educating yourself on all the options of this ever-changing technology, you're sure to find a model that's right for you. Though law enforcement is constantly finding new ways to counteract police radar detectors, any of these devices will continue to assist you for years to come.


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