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New Year is just around the corner, and millions of people around the world are thinking of becoming healthier as part of their resolution. There are many ways on how you can become healthy in the year 2020. Eating a balanced diet and performing different exercises are some of the classic examples.

However, if you prefer something new, you should try out IdealShape – a company that offers alternative meals for those who wanted to stay healthy. IdealShape became popular with health-conscious individuals after they introduced their first products.

Their products focus on providing the users with supplements, providing them with a healthy body. The company also offers weight-loss programs for those who are serious when it comes to their body transformation. The company aids you to lose weight, and you should give them a try.


The formulas contained in IdealShape products vary, but all of them are protected under the trademark laws. If you started trying out their protein shakes and other alternative meals, you will start to notice that you daily calorie requirement is being supplemented without gaining an extra pound.

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IdealShape as a Company

The Hut Group Limited owns IdealShape, along with 100 other health-related websites and brands. The Better Business Bureau awarded an A grade to the company, because of the healthy products and services that they offer. IdealShape is also popular with the public, with thousands across the United States regularly using their products to maintain their shape.


Through the years, The Hut Group Limited invested a lot in developing new products that will be introduced under the IdealShape brand. They also worked with the experts when it comes to nutrition. The company’s main goal is to provide the public with products that will give them the nutrition that they need.

The Target Market

IdealShape primarily targets individuals who wanted to become healthy and slim. The company capitalized on products that will have a positive impact on someone’s health, and they keep on advertising their products and services to attract more people to become their clients.


IdealShape stated that their plan is to expand their target market, and they can do this by introducing new products and services that can get the attention of the majority. The company also revealed that they are trying new formulas to get the interest of the public.

Features and Products Offered

  • IdealShake.
  • IdealShape Meal Plan.
  • IdealLean.
  • IdealShape Weight Loss Bundles.
  • IdealShape for Life.
  • IdealTrim.
  • IdealBlock.
  • IdealShape E-Books.


IdealShake is one of the flagship products from IdealShape. This product contains different ingredients, and it is ideal for those who wanted to consume a healthy drink that is filled with vitamins and minerals. IdealShape worked with the experts to find out which ingredients should be added to the product to give the maximum benefits.

IdealShake uses ingredients like the digestive enzyme blend, green tea, raspberry ketones, resveratrol, Slendesta potato extract, sunflower oil, thiamine, whey protein, yerba mate, and various vitamins. Together, these ingredients create a delicious shake that will make you stronger and healthier.


Another plus for IdealShake is the variety of flavors that they offer. Sometimes, people would look for an alternative flavor to reignite their interest with the product. IdealShape managed to get over this problem by introducing nine different flavors.

The current flavors that IdealShake offers are mocha, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate cream pie, salter caramel, and orange cream, which contains 100 calories, and chocolate peanut butter and cookies n’ cream, which contain 110 calories.

To help IdealShape improve the taste of their products, they gather information about the public’s opinion when it comes to the flavors that they offer. According to a recent study, the public’s least liked flavor is mocha, and the most popular ones are vanilla and salted caramel.


The consistency of their shakes is another issue that IdealShape tries to improve. According to customers, the shakes do not have a thick consistency. Many of their customers wanted a thicker shake, and the company is trying to experiment on how they can make it thicker without changing its distinct taste.

Despite these minmal issues with their product, IdealShape continues to draw in more customers because of the health benefits of their shake. The company stated that each serving of their iconic shape contains 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, 3.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of fiber, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 grams of protein.

IdealShape Meal Plan (a.k.a. IdealPlan)

The IdealShape Meal Plan, also known as IdealPlan, is another popular service from IdealShape. The company introduced their own version of diet plans to help those who wanted to lose weight. The diet plan includes their signature products, and the company claims that people who will try out this plan will see the results immediately.


The foods included in IdealShape’s diet plan are replacement shakes, energy drinks, and nutritional bars. These products should be taken daily, and it should be partnered with other healthy food. If you are curious about the diet plan, here is an example:

  • For breakfast: drink an IdealShape meal replacement shake (any flavor).
  • For mid-morning snack: grab an IdealShape nutritional bar.
  • For lunch: drink an IdealShape meal replacement shake (any flavor), partnered with your choice of healthy food.
  • For afternoon snack: grab an IdealShape nutritional bar.
  • For dinner: a well-balanced meal that is filled with vitamins and minerals.

The company also encouraged the people to mix their products with other healthy ingredients. There are tons of recipes posted online that combine IdealShape products with fruits, vegetables, breads, pasta, grains, and meat. Those who have tried out these products are satisfied with the taste, and recommended it to others.

If you wanted to challenge yourself, you can also visit the IdealShape Challenge on their official website. This feature will provide you with workout and diet plans. The challenge lasts for a month, and its main goal is to help you lose weight in the shortest time possible. You should give this challenge a try and see if there will be any improvements.


IdealLean is a product that is aimed towards women. The company realized that men and women have different needs, and they need to create a diet plan that has an effective result to females. IdealLean was introduced through their social media pages, and it has gained a lot of supporters through the years.

IdealLean includes fat burning supplements, oatmeal bars, probiotic, and shakes in their meal plan. This provides the essential vitamins and minerals needed by an average female. This plan received a lot of positive reviews from those who have tried it in the past, stating its effectiveness.

IdealShape Weight Loss Bundles

The weight loss bundles offered by IdealShape will help you lose weight. After signing up to this program, the company will provide you with meal replacement bars, accessories, and e-Books that will help you with your weight loss journey. By purchasing the bundle, you can save as much as $200.


IdealShape for Life

Another variation of their weight loss program is referred to as IdealShape for Life. The plan lasts for 15 days, and it will challenge you to become healthy and fit after a two-week period. IdealShape for Life provides you with a meal plan, a challenge book, and a workout guide.


IdealTrim is a supplement developed by IdealShape that aims to curb your appetite. It has a lot of ingredients that will effectively limit your appetite, which is good if you wanted to lose weight fast. Taking this product will help you feel full for three hours, and it only costs $18.


IdealBlock is another product from IdealShape that aims to utilize the carbohydrates inside the body. It costs $24.


IdealShape e-Books

These e-Books contain information that will help you prepare smoothies and other healthy recipes. If you wanted to buy them individually, it will cost you $30 per book.

Benefits of IdealShape

IdealShape has a lot of benefits. It creates a healthy food plan for your convenience, while at the same time focuses on your goal to lose weight. It also suppresses your appetite, which leads to better weight control. The website also offers a lot of deals for those who wanted to try their products and services.


  • The product offered by IdealShape can be stored for a long time.
  • It is individually packaged for convenience.
  • It is loaded with vitamins and minerals.


  • The product can taste grainy after mixing it with water.

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Final Verdict

Many people trust IdealShape when it comes to products and services that help them to become healthier. If you start using their products, you can see the results in a few weeks. IdealShape is highly recommended, and you should try it out if you wanted to become healthy.

Living a healthier life is important, and with companies like IdealShape, our goal becomes easier and more attainable.


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