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Do you love music? Does seeing one of your favorite musicians in person excite you? An online concert ticket service can help you easily get tickets to see your favorite performers in concert. We are going to help you determine which concert ticket sites are the best options for all of you music fans.

To help you find the best concert ticket service, we have reviewed five of the best options below. Read through our reviews, then you'll be able to decide which service you want to use to purchase concert tickets for the next event on your calendar.

Top 5: Concert Ticket Sites & Services Review

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StubHub makes it easy to purchase concert tickets for various events. You can find concert tickets, sports tickets, comedy show tickets, or theater tickets on this website - and they offer a buyer guarantee! They are our #1 ticket site suggestion for anyone looking to buy concert tickets, with stellar customer service.

If you are looking to buy concert tickets for a specific event, just search on the top of the page using the name of the performer or team you are looking to see. After searching, a list of all the available events for that performer, team, or show will be displayed. You'll be able to view the dates, locations, and costs for the tickets.

The system will display the events that are closest to your location first. It will also show you other events that may not be as close to you. If you see an event you want to attend, simply click on it, select the seating locations you'd like, and you'll be able to make your purchase.


If you don't have a specific event or performer in mind, you can also use StubHub to look for events that you may be interested in. From their main page, you are able to search by date and location to find things that may be of interest to you. You can also click on the different categories (such as sports or concerts) to look for specific events under each category.

In addition to using StubHub to purchase tickets, you can also use it to sell event tickets you will no longer be able to attend. Click on 'sell' on the top right of the page to list your event tickets for sale.

If you create an account with StubHub, you'll be able to view and manage the tickets you have purchased as well as those you are trying to sell.

When you are looking for the perfect gift for someone on your list, considering buying them a gift card from StubHub. You can choose to send an eGift care or request a physical card.

All of your orders through StubHub are 100% buyer guaranteed, so you can be confident that you are purchasing legitimate tickets that will allow you access to your intended event. We highly recommend that you checkout Stubhub if you are looking to buy concert tickets. If there is ever any problem, just reach out to their customer service department.


  • You can easily buy and sell your tickets online.
  • Every ticket your purchase is 100% guaranteed, so you know you'll be able to get into the event.
  • There are multiple ways to search for event tickets.


  • You may have to enter all of your credit card information in order to see the full cost of your order.

With TicketMaster, you'll be able to buy tickets for all the events you are interested in. From the site's home page, you can search for a specific entertainer or group you are interested in seeing live.

If you are just looking to see what events are available in your area, you can search by events close to your location. Or, you can click on the various categories/types of events to browse through what is coming soon.

If you scroll down a little on the homepage, you'll also see a list of discounted events. These events are generally happening within the next few days, so you can buy tickets that are being offered for less money.


TicketMaster also offers Entertainment guides for topics such as NFL, NHL, and Broadway. These guides can help you identify the different events in each category that you may be interested in attending.

There are a variety of benefits to selling your tickets on TicketMaster. They will help attract potential buyers since they are such a well-known website. Once someone decides to purchase your tickets, TicketMaster takes care of managing the sale, so you'll just need to sit back and wait for your money to arrive.

If you want to sell your tickets, all you'll need to do is enter the details about your tickets and event. Then, just set the price that you'd like to list your tickets for. That's it, it is very simple.


  • There are tickets available at a discounted price.
  • The Entertainment guides offered by TicketMaster can help you identify events or performers you'd like to see.
  • Selling your tickets is simple using TicketMaster.


  • Tickets for popular events have been known to sell out rather quickly.
Coast to Coast Tickets

As soon as you visit Coast to Coast Ticket's website, it should be clear that they have a lot to offer. Along the top of the page, you'll see the menu. It shows the different categories in which you can look for events you'd like to purchase tickets for. These categories include sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, and more), concerts, and theater.

If you hover your mouse over one of the categories that you might be interested in, you see a list of suggested events within that category. If you don't see what you're looking for, on the right side of the box, you'll see the option to view more events so you can continue looking.

Coast to Coast Tickets

Coast to Coast Tickets offers its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also offer secure transactions as well as a full refund in the event that your event gets cancelled. Coast to Coast guarantees that your tickets will be delivered in time for the event, or they will give you a refund.


  • They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • If your tickets are not delivered on time, you will receive a refund.
  • There are lots of categories to search for, making it quick and easy to find what you want to see.


  • You cannot sell your tickets on this site.

If you are looking to buy or sell tickets for a concert or another event, consider using Vivid Seats. The main page on Vivid Seats features a menu that will allow you to pick the category for the event you are looking to see. Alternatively, you can search Vivid Seats for the performer you'd like to see using their name.

When you find a performer or team you would like to see, just click on their name. Then, you'll be able to see a list of the different concerts or games they have scheduled. You can select the time that you are most interested in and click on the red 'tickets' button to place your order on Vivid Seats.


If you are just looking for something to do that is close by, you can also search using a venue name. This will allow you to see what events you may be able to attend that are close to you.

VividSeats offers a 100% buyer guarantee. This means that your tickets will arrive on time for your event. They also offer secure transactions as well as a full refund for events that get cancelled.

Vivid Seats also offers a rewards program for its customers. You can earn credit back on the purchases you make in the app. You can use your credits towards the cost of new tickets through the site.


  • Your purchase is protected using secure transactions on Vivid Seats.
  • You can search by venue name to find out what is nearby.
  • With the rewards program, you'll be able to earn credits back towards the purchase of new tickets.


  • There is no live chat support on Vivid Seats, so if you experience any difficulties with the website, it may be more challenging to deal with.

With a price match guarantee, you can be confident you'll get the best deal for your tickets when you use SeatGeek. If you find a better price for the same tickets you purchased, they will give you the difference in what you paid.

SeatGeek also promises that the tickets will be delivered to you in time for your event. They also promise that you'll receive authentic tickets. If you are not able to get into your event because you received inauthentic tickets or they were delivered too late, SeatGeek will refund your purchase price.


SeatGeek can help you purchase concert tickets and find the perfect seat for concerts, sporting events, comedy events, theater, and more. Their page is organized to allow you to easily browse through the different categories of events to find something that interests you. You can also search using the name of a specific team, performer, event, or venue to find what you are looking for.

In addition to buying tickets on SeatGeek, you'll also be able to sell tickets that you'll no longer be able to use. SeatGeek will prefill the event information for you. They'll also offer different pricing recommendations to help you get as much money for your tickets as possible. If you change your mind about selling your tickets, you'll be able to take down your listing, as long as they haven't sold already.


  • SeatGeek offers a get-in guarantee to protect you from tickets that arrive late or are not real.
  • You will also receive a price match guarantee.
  • There are lots of different ways to search for events and find what you want to see.


  • SeatGeek charges a higher commission for ticket sales than some other sites.

Buying Guide

An online ticket service can make it easy to buy and sell your concert tickets (or other events). When buying tickets, you'll be able to easily pick out the location of your seats and determine how much money it will cost to attend a given concert or event. Before you choose a site to use for purchasing your tickets, there are a few things you will want to consider or look for.

First, be sure to choose a site that will give you access to tickets for all the performers and events you are interested in. Some sites do not offer as many tickets as others do, so it is important to find one with a large selection to choose from.

You will also want to choose an option that makes it easy to search for tickets. Whether you are looking for a specific performer, or just want to see what events are in your area for a particular day, choose a site that is user-friendly. You will also want to find a site that will show you an interactive display of the venue and allow you to choose the seats you want.

You may also want to look for an option that has mobile app. This can make buying and selling your tickets easy on the go. It may also give you easy access to electronic tickets, making it easier to get into the event when you arrive.

Next, be sure to look for a service that offers a guarantee. You want to rest easy knowing that the tickets you purchased are legitimate and will allow you to gain access to the event they are for.

Finally, pay attention to any fees that the website uses. Are there processing fees or fees associated with selling your tickets? Look for a site that does not charge crazy fees that will end up wasting your money.

best Site For Concert Tickets

Our top pick for concert ticket services websites is StubHub. StubHub will make purchasing tickets for your next concert quick and easy. You will also be able to easily sell tickets for different concerts and events you are no longer to attend using StubHub.

StubHub offers a variety of ways to search for tickets. You can either search using the name of a specific performer, by browsing through the different categories, or by using a specific date and location. This will help you find the best show options that will match what you are looking for.


StubHub offers a 100% buyer guarantee. The tickets you purchase on this site are the real deal and will get you into your event. Visit their website today to look for tickets for your next concert.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concert Tickets

How do you get concert tickets to a concert that is going to sell out quickly?

Tickets for popular concerts can go fast! If you're interested in snagging some concert tickets you know is going to be very popular and sell out quickly, there are a few things you'll want to do to increase your chances of being successful.

First, be sure to know exactly when the tickets will be going on sale. Set alarms a while before they will go on sale to make sure you're ready.

Use a private Wi-Fi connection instead of a public one, since it will allow pages to load more quickly.

Before the tickets are set to go on sale, you will want to be logged into your account on a concert ticket website. Also, confirm that all of your personal information, such as your phone number and address, is up to date. If the site allows you to save your credit card information to make purchase more quickly, take advantage of this feature.

Another thing you can consider is applying for a credit card that will provide you with the chance to purchase concert tickets during a presale event. If you're not sure which credit cards offer this promotion, you can check with different concert ticket sites or the credit card companies.

Some musical artists also offer presale tickets to the members of their fan clubs. You can consider joining the fan clubs for some of your favorite artists to see if you can get access to presale tickets.

Sometimes, you can even find presale codes by doing an internet search. If you find a presale code, you should be able to login to the presale, even if you weren't specifically given the code for your use.

Do concert tickets get cheaper closer to the event?

In some cases, yes, concert tickets will get cheaper as the event date is getting closer. This is true for concerts that don't have as high of a demand where the ticket inventory levels remain high. For concerts that are in higher demand, or ones where there are only a few tickets left, the cost of the tickets could increase as the date of the concert approaches.

If you'll be attending with a friend or family member, having one person use the computer and another use a smartphone or app may increase your chances of success. You can also try buying just a ticket for yourself if you don't care whether you sit with friends, since it may be easier to secure just one ticket.

How can I get free concert tickets?

If you love a good deal and would like to pick up some concert tickets for free, there are a few different things you can try:

  • Enter contests: There are so many online and radio contests offered where you can win free concert tickets. You may not have the best odds of winning, but the more contests you enter, the greater the chances are that you'll win one. Looking for smaller, local concerts can also increase the odds that you will be selected as the winner. This is such a great option for all the big music fans.
  • Look at the free sections on concert ticket websites: Many concert ticket websites have a 'free' section. You may be able to find some great options here that are of interest to you.
  • Become a seat filler: If you sign up to be a seat filler with, you can earn free entry into a variety of concerts and other events in your area. When there are a lot of empty seats at a venue, you may be selected to attend for free to boost attendance.
  • Volunteer at the concert: Many concerts and events will provide their volunteers with free entry. You may not even have to volunteer for the entire time in order to get in for free.
  • Look for free tickets offered by your employer: If you work for a larger company, it is possible that your employer offers free, or at least discounted tickets. If you're not sure, check to find out!
  • Look on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist: You can often find tickets for deeply discounted prices, or even for free, through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Conduct regular searches so you don't miss out on a steal.
  • Become an event blogger: Event bloggers can get paid sponsorships and free press passes to events. If you're interested in this, you'll need to take some time developing a following and be prepared to pay to attend some concerts at the beginning as you a growing your blog.
  • Look for free local concerts: Many cities will offer free concerts and events, particularly in the summertime. Check out the local calendar for your area, and see if there is anything happening that is of interest to you.

When is the best time to buy concert tickets?

If you aren't worried about tickets selling out, waiting until about four or five weeks before the concert is scheduled can often give you the best price for tickets. This is because as the date of the event approaches, sellers will lower their ticket prices to make sure they are able to make some money.

Sometimes, you can find very cheap tickets the day before an event because sellers really want to unload any tickets they still have, so they don't completely lose out on them. Waiting until the day before an event is a gamble, though, as the concert could sell out and you'd miss being able to attend.

How do you get concert tickets for a sold-out show?

If a concert is showing as sold-out, it doesn't mean you don't have a chance of being able to attend. There are lots of ways you may be able to score a few tickets for the event, you'll just need to put in a little time and research.

One thing you can try is to look at local sales pages. People's schedules change, and someone may not be able to use the tickets they purchased anymore. You may be able to find a great deal on tickets for a sold-out concert if someone is trying to unload what they bought and avoid completely wasting their money on tickets they won't be able to use anymore.

Check out the Facebook event page to see if anyone is posting their tickets for sale. You will want to check back frequently, since you likely won't be the only one trying to get tickets. You also may be able to make a post saying that you're looking for tickets for the concert and see if anyone comments with some to offer for you.

If you live close to the venue and still haven't secure tickets by the day of the show, you may get lucky by walking up to the venue before the show is scheduled to start. You may find people who have extra tickets they want to give away or sell.

What should I bring to a concert?

If you're going to a concert, making sure you bring everything you'll need will help you enjoy the show and have a positive experience. Some things you'll want to bring with you include:

  • Cash/credit cards: You'll want to be able to purchase food or other items. Be sure to confirm that the venue you are visiting accepts credit cards, or you may want to take out a little extra cash.
  • Smartphone/camera: You're definitely going to want to take some pictures to remember the event and share with others. You'll also want to be able to locate your friends if you get separated, so a concert is not the right time to choose to leave your phone at home. If you're planning on using a ride share service to get back home, a smartphone will also be essential for this.
  • Comfortable shoes: You'll be up on your feet walking and dancing a lot at a concert, so a comfortable pair of shoes are a must. You may think that pair of dress shoes goes better with your outfit, but you'll be so much more comfortable in a pair of sneakers.
  • Clothing: Dressing in layers or bring extra clothing to put on can help make sure you're comfortable no matter the temperature in the venue.
  • Binoculars: If your seats are going to be right up in the action, bring a pair of binoculars to help you see the show more clearly.
  • Something to have signed: If you want to try to score an autograph, you'll want to have something available for the band members to sign. You could think about bringing a poster or t-shirt from the band.
  • Sharpie or pen: You'll want to have something available to pass to the artist if they're willing to sign something for you.
  • Backpack: You'll likely want a backpack to hold everything you're bringing. Plus, having a backpack with you will give you space to buy some new merchandise from the performers to bring home with you.
  • Concert tickets: Don't forget your tickets for the show, otherwise all your other planning and preparation will be for nothing!

Can you bring food into a concert?

Many venues will not allow you to bring in any outside food. You will want to check with the venue where you'll be attending the concert to confirm whether you can bring anything in with you.

Where is the best spot to sit at a concert?

If you have the funds to sit wherever you'd like at a concert, look for seats that are located in the center of the venue. This will provide you with a good view of the show and will help you truly enjoy the concert. If possible, you can also try to sit near the soundboard, since sitting next to the sound engineer may help ensure you hear more balanced sounds during the event.

Can you enter a concert if you arrive late?

Yes, in most cases you'll be allowed to enter a concert if you arrive late. Oftentimes, people may not be interested in seeing the supporting performers who open up the show and may intentionally arrive late to see only the main performer.

Are Concert Tickets Cheaper the Day of a Concert?

Yes, you can sometimes find cheaper tickets the same day a concert or event is scheduled. This is because the person selling the tickets wants to make sure they receive some money for them, so they will often lower their asking price.

Is It Safe to Buy Resale Concert Tickets from an Online Service?

This will depend on the site you use. Look for a site that verifies the tickets sold on their site are legitimate.

Can I Sell My Concert Tickets Online?

You can sometimes sell your tickets online. You will need to check with the specific website you are planning to use under the event you have tickets for. Some tickets may not be able to be sold online.

Is It Legal to Resell Tickets?

Some states may have laws related to reselling tickets, but there are no federal laws. In many states, you are only restricted from trying to sell your tickets when you are at the event venue (this is sometimes known as ticket scalping). To verify that it is legal in your state, check the specific local laws.


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