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When I got into fitness, I never expected a long journey. I thought I can start running for a few months, get fit and then return to my old unhealthy habits. However, I love fitness, playing sports and being active as a lifestyle. This is when I turned to smartwatches to offer me a better perspective on my efforts.

I was pushing harder but there was no objective method of evaluating just how much more. A fitness tracker can quantify the effort and tell you when you need to push more or to stand back according to your potential. FitTrack is a company with a few interesting products. I own their smart scale and their smartwatch which help me stay on track with my fitness goals.


I use the Dara smart scale to track my visceral fat. This has been a constant issue for me. No matter how hard I train and what I eat, I can’t seem to make it go away. But small progress is possible with the smart scale.

FitTrack Features

  • Top fitness tracking devices.
  • The company sells the Dara smart scale.
  • The Atria smartwatch tracks daily activity.
  • A sleep monitor function is added the smartwatch.
  • Atria takes calls and sends text reminders.
  • The official FitTrack app ties both products with synchronized tracking.

Dara Scale

The smart scale might seem like another tech gadget about to collect dust at home. However, since I first got it, I use it every other day to track my fitness progress. As any fitness coach might tell you, it’s what people do after losing weight that’s the most important.

Most people fail to maintain a low weight after a fitness program. This scale helps you understand your body composition and you may take action before you start gaining the weight back.

FitTrack - Dara Scale

The scale looks elegant and it’s not obtrusive in your bathroom. Most importantly, it has the right features for your fitness or simply for better overall health.

Visceral Fat

There’s a feature for measuring visceral fat. For men, visceral fat is associated with many health problems. Among them, the negative impact on cardiovascular health is what worries me the most. With age, it seems that getting rid of visceral fat becomes more difficult.

Muscle Mass

The Dara scale also measures muscle mass. I’m not the type of person obsessing about muscles as I’m only concerned about general health. But studies show extra muscle mass helps get rid of excess body fat faster.

Muscle mass also starts diminishing with age. The scale shows me the muscles mass I have and when I see it going down, I know it’s time to add a bit more weight training and to eat more healthy food.


Bone Mass

Bone mass is an indicator which you can’t measure with a classic scale. But this smart scale shows you the changes in your bone mass over time. While there’s little you can do to limit the effects of aging on bone mass, you can slow the process down. Being active and eating nutritious food remains pivotal in healthy bone mass parameters.

Body Fat Percentage

Visceral fat is not the same with body fat percentage. When you’re tracking your overall health, the body fat percentage indicates your total body fat. This is why I try to keep it under 15%. It’s difficult at times, but at least the scale tells me if I’m going in the right direction.


Body Age

Combining multiple parameters, the scale also measures body age. It’s these types of features which compare your fitness to the general fitness of others. It’s not a feature to check to often and this is why I only compare my body age to my previous results every 6 months.

Obesity Degree

The obesity degree feature of the scale is particularly useful when losing weight. It offers a general chart in which you see how your obesity is changing. Hopefully, this process is linear and you get to see your obesity degree drop.

Atria Tracker

If the scale is a tool to use at home, the Atria smartwatch or fitness tracker is helpful all the time. You simply wear it as a regular watch to track your heart health and your fitness efforts. I wear it while running or while at the gym. Its main characteristics include the following.

FitTrack - Atria Tracker

Activity Tracking

Daily activity tracking is easy with the smartwatch. It looks at variables such as your walking distance as well as to your overall activity with reminders to keep moving when you’re inactive. I use it to get a better idea on just how sedentary my life can get without a conscious effort to get moving.

7 Sports Modes

There are 7 sports the smartwatch recognizes and tracks. Among them is running, which is my favorite. Whenever I’m out jogging, I want to know the distance I’ve covered and the pace I had. It helps me stay motivated.


Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is a good indicator of cardiovascular health. It shows how the heart improves with better fitness. For me, it’s a clear indication of how my fitness efforts reward my health in time.

Sleep Monitor

The sleep monitor is helpful, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. I sometimes struggle to get enough sleep. The smartwatch tells me how much I sleep every night and every week. If I know I’m tired, it probably has a lot more to do with my resting time than I might first think.


Taking Calls

The smartwatch function which differentiates the device from fitness trackers is its calls’ function. You can take calls directly on the smartwatch and this is helpful while training at the gym, running or even when out cycling.

The Fittrack App

If you’re wondering where all of the information from these 2 devices can be viewed, it’s in the official app. Here’s where you get the extra details and the statistics of your weekly, monthly and yearly progress.


You can find the Dara scale at $89.99. The Atria smartwatch starts at $99.99. When you buy them together, you only pay $179.99. Those buying one Atria watch get a 50% discount on a second smartwatch.



  • Excellent for fitness fans.
  • It helps keep an eye on weight loss efforts.
  • The smart scale and the fitness tracker are useful together or separately.


  • The tracked values are not necessarily precise.

Final Verdict

The company offers these 2 products with an official app. They can be used together as they perform different functions. But they can also be used separately.

If you’re considering improving your fitness journey, these are the types of devices to be used on the long term. Those on a budget might even find a good deal on these. For example, if you buy one fitness tracker you get a 50% discount on a second one which may be used by your partner.

Offers change constantly. If you’re considering the products, feel free to check the discounts and promotions on the official website. On the reviews page, you can also get a better idea on how regular people use these 2 products for better fitness.


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