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Purchasing tickets for top events is never easy. Many people want to get them and they sell out quickly. In some cases, you don’t even know where to go and buy tickets. Just last week my partner asked me to get a couple of tickets for a romantic evening out. But I struggled to find the right places to purchase tickets.

It took a couple of days of researching venues and the websites they sell tickets on before finding the right event. But when I told my partner about the research and time put into this I was greeted with a recommendation. TicketLiquidator covers all types of events from sports to concerts.


It’s the type of platform which I was looking for all along. All tickets are found in the same place and I can filter events by date and time. Since then, I already purchased 2 tickets for our future date night.

TicketLiquidator Characteristics

  • The platform sells concert tickets.
  • Sporting events tickets can be purchased here.
  • Stand-up comedy tickets even at smaller venues.
  • Sporting event tickets including NBA games.
  • Theatre tickets categorized by venue or play.
  • You can sell your ticket on the platform.

Music Events Tickets

One of the most appreciated categories of the website is with music tickets. It’s known just how hard it is to get your hands on good tickets for various concerts. I was looking for information on concerts around LA when I found how fast the events sell out.


I’m glad to have a place where to look for these tickets in advance. Here’s what I found this week. A 1975 concert with tickets was there to meet me. But I’m debating it over a concert by The Eagles. However, these might not be the most romantic events, just concerts I can attend with my partner.

When it comes to comparing the ticket prices, I’m not sure I’d find them cheaper elsewhere. I’ve even struggled to find tickets at The Eagles concert anywhere else. It will have to be the cheapest ticket I can find on the website before the event sells out.

Comedy Shows

Stand-up comedy is growing considerably. There’s a summer holiday I’m going to have in Las Vegas with my friends. I think we’re all going to go to one of these events depending on what I find on the website.


Form a quick search, I can see there are big names going to Las Vegas this summer. I’m expecting to pay up to $100 per person for a good ticket. However, if you’re the type of person who’s been to one of these shows, you know you need to be in the front rows.

I’ll have to discuss the tickets with my friends. I’ve been to comedy shows before when I’ve sat at the back. I barely saw Bill Burr from up there. This is why I like this ticketing website as it categorizes tickets according to your position in the event hall. Since most are held in theatres, being towards the back and in the upper rows is something me and my friends are unwilling to sign up for.

Sports Tickets

Sporting events are also notoriously difficult to find tickets for. I know several people coming into the country just to see the Lakers play and fly back the following day. Practically, I’m competing with thousands of other people for the best tickets.


But as a true sports fan, there’s nothing like attending a real game. Sure, live streaming is an option as well. There’s a high demand for these tickets. I remember a game LA Laker played against Philadelphia 76ers. The ticket to that game was $390.

However, before deciding to pay that much for a ticket, the website nearly sold out. By the time I purchased my ticket, there were only a couple of hundred left. This is why the website doesn’t solve the issue of accessing free tickets as they’re in high demand. It only brings them to the public.

Theatre Tickets

Theatre tickets proved a bit easier to book on the website. They were also cheaper than sporting events. For me, I think a date night at the theatre is also more romantic. This is why I purchased 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil. I can’t wait to go there with my partner.



The best part about it is that I qualified for a 10% discount on the website. This is why I’m even happier I found it. However, it is hard to find any other promotions.


These promotions change through the year and I’m not sure you’ll be able to find the same one as me. At this moment, there’s a $10 off your next order promotion. If you want to claim it, you need to purchase a ticket and then navigate to the Promotions And Deals section of the website. It works with a promo code that you need to copy-paste at checkout for your desired ticket purchase.

Sell Your Ticket

Another strength of the website is its resell possibility. Let’s say I cannot attend Cirque du Soleil with my partner. This doesn’t mean I’ve lost the money on the tickets. I can put them on sale on the official website. For me, this is a clear indication the system works.


There are not too many tickets on sale from regular customers. It shows even theses ones sell fast. One tip if you have a tight budget is to simply look for thickets in this area of the website. Those selling their tickets are normally asking a bit less than alternatives sold by the official vendor.

I had no idea my ticket is going to end up on various websites. But I got a confirmation email saying that if I decide to sell my ticket, it will be published on numerous websites. Most likely it would sell fast.


All major payment options are accepted. The same applies to the money you get on the tickets you sell. This amount is sent directly to your PayPal account. Indeed, I don’t have a PayPal account. But if I were to sell a ticket worth hundreds of dollars, I would create one without a doubt.


  • The website sells tickets to large events.
  • Buyers can sell their tickets if they can’t attend an event.
  • $10 off the next order promotion.


  • You need a PayPal account to sell a ticket.

Final Verdict

I like the website because it has a large selection of tickets for popular events. If I manage to find movie tickets or museum tickets without issues, this can’t be said about these large-scale events. Both I and my partner are happy when we manage to find good tickets at various events.

If we’re now looking for romantic events to attend, we also want to see an NBA game in the near future. But if you want to do the same, I’d advise you to look as soon as possible, even months ahead. Like most tickets on the website, NBA tickets sell out fast.

From what I’ve seen, tickets which are the closest to the $100 mark are the ones which sell out within a day. You would have to pay several hundreds of dollars for these tickets if you don’t purchase them in time.


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