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Do you ever wish there were legal dietary supplements that could make your muscles more powerful? There are tons of different supplements marketed toward athletes and bodybuilders, but it's hard to find ones that actually work. Many supplements are meant to increase muscle, decrease fat, increase endurance, tone the body, decrease fatigue, and provide other benefits.

Crazy Mass is a supplement that's marketed as a safe and legal steroid alternative. That may appeal to bodybuilders and athletes who want to improve their performance. The question is whether the product really gives the kind of performance boost found in steroids. And if it does, is it really safe?

Crazy Mass


  • The supplements are all manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered facility using natural ingredients.
  • Crazy Mass products are formulated for those who want fast bodybuilding results, with the manufacturer guaranteeing results within 30 days.
  • Supplements are divided into categories based on whether they cut fat, bulk muscle, or increase strength and stamina.
  • The company offers fitness and lifestyle guidance to help you get the most out of the supplements.
  • While measured results aren't quite as drastic as with steroids, they also don't have the same detrimental and dangerous side effects.

The Hype About Crazy Mass

Crazy Mass is a company that markets fitness supplements designed to increase muscle and burn fat quickly. Each cycle of use lasts for around four weeks and works best when combined with fitness and protein regimens. The formulas all have slightly different benefits based on their ingredients.

Crazy Mass products are marketed as "legal steroids." They use ingredients meant to mimic the effects of illegal steroids without having the same health complications. Though some athletes might use the supplements, they're most valued by bodybuilders.

Crazy Mass

Bodybuilders engage in a different type of fitness regimen than the average athlete. For bodybuilders, creating the perfect body can only happen in cycles. A perfectly toned, low-fat, heavily bulked-up body isn't sustainable for long-term living. But it looks great during a show.

Crazy Mass supplements are designed to help you put on this kind of performance mass before a show. They can be taken in cycles of four to eight weeks with a ten day break between each cycle. To reach maximum performance level, it's recommended that you do a cycle of bulking supplements immediately followed by fat-cutting and toning supplements.

What Does "Legal Steroid" Mean?

Illegal steroids are a common source of temptation in the bodybuilding community. They increase muscle mass and body performance in ways that no amount of diet and exercise can. But they're also extremely dangerous, coming with potentially fatal side effects. Crazy Mass formulas mimic different steroids without the side effects.

Crazy Mass

When a person takes illegal steroids for prolonged periods of time, their cellular adenomas and liver become damaged. Some studies indicate that illegal steroid abuse led to a decrease in the volume of the brain of participants. Kidney disease, heart disease, and serious problems with mood regulation are also common.

Legal steroids like Crazy Mass supplements use all-natural ingredients that don't have the same documented adverse effects. Bodybuilders often can't reach their ideal size just through exercise, because their metabolism doesn't synthesize protein intensively enough. To get the power seen at bodybuilding shows, most people need a chemical metabolic boost.

The purpose of legal steroids is to provide a fast increase in muscle mass and definition that would otherwise take years to achieve. In fact, legal steroids are the most commonly used supplement for athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain muscle and lose fat fast.

Fat Cutting Formulas

Some Crazy Mass supplements are designed specifically to cut fat. These include:

  • Cutting Stack bundle.
  • Max Elite NitricBooster.
  • Elite P-VAR.
  • Elite Winnidrol.
  • Elite Clentrimix.
  • Women's Muscle Building Stack bundle.

The Cutting Stack comes with four fat cutting supplements that can be used together to maximize your results. When going through a bodybuilding cycle, fat cutting supplements are recommended after you've completed a bulking cycle.

Crazy Mass

Fat cutting supplements are designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Reducing water retention to tone muscles.
  • Preserving muscle bulk while burning fat stores.
  • Enhancing muscle hardness.
  • Increasing visual appeal until you're show ready.

Bulking Formulas

Supplements with bulking formulas can be purchased as individual bottles or as a stack to use concurrently. The Bulking Stack comes with T-bal 75, D-Anaoxn, and D-Ka supplements along with a testosterone alternative.

Crazy Mass

The D-Anaoxn formula boosts your muscle tissue's retention of nitrogen, which causes your body to synthesize greater amounts of protein into muscle fibers. It also speeds metabolism.

The T-Bal 75 formula is used as an alternative to trenbolone. It increases your stamina and energy so you can engage in harder, longer physical fitness workouts.

The D-Ka formula increases performance and endurance while encouraging the growth of new muscle mass.

Strength and Stamina Formulas

Strength and stamina formulas are formulas built to increase your endurance during your workouts. The greater energy and endurance allows you to work harder and longer, which naturally improves your results. Some of these formulas also have fat cutting or muscle bulking properties.

Crazy Mass

4 and 8 Week Cycles

Each pill in a bottle is a single serving. Up to three servings can be taken every day, always with food. You should drink at least eight large glasses of water daily and make sure there's at least five hours between each serving.

For the best results, the manufacturer recommends taking your serving 30 to 40 minutes prior to a workout. Having a protein shake an hour after the workout also helps, since the muscle-bulking compounds in the shake interact with the metabolism-speeding elements in the supplement.

Crazy Mass

Taking three pills a day, the bottle should last around four weeks. It's safe to continue taking the supplements for a maximum of eight weeks, but then you should stop for ten days.

There are four and eight-week cycles recommended to get the most out of your supplements. To do an eight-week cycle, you'll need to purchase two bottles instead of one. Whether you do four or eight weeks, make sure that you have a ten-day break after you've completed the cycle.

Common Ingredients

Each formula has a slightly different blend of ingredients tailored to suit a specific purpose. However, there are some ingredients that are commonly seen in supplements throughout the brand.

One is Dianabol, chemically known as methandrostenolone. This oral anabolic steroid synthetically imitates testosterone to promote muscle growth and male reproductive development. Experts do recommend talking to your doctor before taking supplements that artificially increase your testosterone levels, as this can have unexpected health effects.

Crazy Mass

Another ingredient is the natural herb shilajit, which may increase testosterone levels.

Inosine is another common ingredient that athletes often use for performance improvement. This compound heals nerve damage and promotes healthy nerve conduction for improved reflexes and physical sensation.

Isoleucine and valine are two BCAAs that improve endurance and new muscle growth. The amino acids increase your body's production of muscle cells.

Colostrum is an ingredient derived from cows that contains antibodies capable of improving immune function and reducing your risk of infection. It has some impact on athletic performance, but the immune benefits are better documented.

Soy protein isolate is a protein alternative used to bulk muscle fast. Whey protein concentrate is a staple of bodybuilder diets and can improve athletic performance when ingested prior to a workout.

The compound L-carnitine increases your levels of carnitine, a natural substance produced by the liver and kidneys. Nearly all the cells in the body contain carnitine. It's an essential ingredient for producing energy.

Anavar is present in some supplements, functioning as a steroid that increases weight and muscle mass.

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  • Different supplements are formulated to give different bodybuilding results, allowing you to choose the effects that best suit your purposes.
  • The supplements do make an impact quickly, so they're a good choice for bodybuilders and athletes who want to gain muscle quickly before an event.
  • The published "cycles" on the website tell you how and when to take the supplement to get the best possible fitness benefits.


  • The supplements are good for putting on muscle fast, but they won't provided the sustained physical results you get with gradual lifestyle changes.

Final Verdict

Though the results aren't as dramatic as steroids, Crazy Mass supplements do give you fast fitness benefits if you take them as directed. They're more effective than the majority of other supplements on the market because of how they affect your body's metabolism and ability to build muscle.

If you want to build muscle and get toned fast, a cycle of Crazy Mass usage can help you do it. Combined with your usual fitness regimen, you'll see stronger results than you would with no supplement.


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