Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact can help you stay connected with your customers and make sure you never miss out on a sale. They offer a variety of email marketing services that are aimed at helping you add new potential customers to your leads list, stay in contact with your leads, and convert more of your leads into paying customers.

In the sections below, we have completed a full review of Constant Contact. Read through our review to help you learn more about the features and benefits offered by Constant Contact so you can decide if it is right for you and your business.

Constant Contact Review

Email Marketing

Constant Contact's email marketing tools can help move your business forward. You'll find the tools they offer are beneficial, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, highly effective.

If you already have a list of email contacts, you'll be able to upload it onto Constant Contact. Their email marketing tools will keep track of users with inactive email accounts and those who unsubscribe to your newsletter.

Email Marketing

You will be able to easily add new contacts to your email list on Constant Contact. They offer email list-building tools that will allow you to add the email address of new leads from your website, Facebook, or other online sources. You'll also be able to easily add emails for anyone you meet in person who would like to join your mailing list.

Constant Contact offers a high delivery rate for the emails they send. Whereas typically only 77% of emails make it to an inbox, 98% of the emails sent by Constant Contact will make it to your customers' inboxes.

Email Templates

With Constant Contact, you'll be able to put together email marketing campaigns that will help drive traffic to your website and increase your online sales. They have more than a hundred templates that you can use to create the perfect email to your brand and the message you want to send. All of the templates are mobile responsive, so your customers will be able to view the properly from whichever device they happen to be using.

Drag Drop Editing

When you use their drag and drop editor, you'll find it is simple to customize the template you selected to meet your needs. The drag and drop editor will allow you to move objects and text around, add links and action blocks, and more.

Constant Contact will also allow you to edit the fonts and colors used in the email to match your company and the products you offer. You will also be able to easily insert any of your stored photos or the stock photos provided by Constant Contact into your emails. Additionally, you can add links that will allow your customers to purchase the products you are highlighting directly from the email.

With Constant Contact, you can also create surveys and polls to include in your emails. You can use these to receive feedback from your customers or to generate new ideas for products and solutions to offer.

Automation Services

The automation services offered by Constant Contact can help you create loyal and engaged customers without investing a lot of your time. You can use the services they provide to send welcome emails to new leads that join your email list.

Email Automation

With Constant Contact, you'll also be able to create and designed email series to automatically send to your contacts at predetermined times. You can use the email series to promote products, offer tips, or anything else you'd like to do to keep your contacts engaged and interested in your products.

Constant Contact also offers the tools you'll need to create sign-up forms and list-building tools that will help you add new contacts to your list. It should go without saying that increasing the number of leads you have will increase the number of orders you receive.

Analysis Tools

You'll be able to take advantage of the tracking tools offered by Constant Contact to help you assess how effective your email marketing campaigns are. You can view information related to how many of your emails were opened by your leads and how many people actually clicked on the links in your email to visit your website.

Tracking Tools

Constant Contact will also allow you to compare which of your email campaigns was most effective. You can compare up to five different campaigns at one time, and you'll be able to view how many users opened each email, how many clicked on links in the email, and how many of the emails you sent bounced.

The click-tracking heat map can help you analyze which sections of an email receive the most clicks. When you look at the heat map, you'll be shown purple circles of varying sizes; the larger circles indicate that more of your customers clicked on that area of the email. You can use the information gained from this to help you modify your emails if you want to encourage users to click on different sections.

With Constant Contact, you will also be able segment the contacts in your list into different groups based on which links they click on. This tool can help you create more targeted emails to send to different groups in your contact list.


If you operate an online store, Constant Contact can help you increase the number of online orders you receive. You will be able to link your online store to your Constant Contact account and sync all of your contacts.


To help you sell your products directly from your emails, you can add your products along with 'buy now' buttons directly into the emails you send your customers. You can also include email coupons to entice customers to place an order through your store.

If a customer had started shopping on your site and left items in their shopping cart without placing an order, Constant Contact can help you reconnect with the customer. You can set it up to automatically send out abandoned shopping cart emails to your customers reminding them to come back to your site and finish shopping. This will help you gain sales that you would have otherwise lost out on.

Advertising on Google

You can also use Constant Contact to help you create advertising campaigns to run using Google Ads. You can create targeted ads that will be displayed in Google's search results when users search using the keywords you identify.

You can direct individuals who click on your ads to a landing page and prompt them to enter their information to join your email list. This will help you build your contact list and increase the number of individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.

 Advertising on Google

The Google Ads creation tool offered by Constant Contact is designed to do a lot of the work for you. After you enter a little information and identify your budget, the tool can help you create text ads that will show up when people conduct a Google search.

The Google Ads creation tool will also be able to help you with identifying the right keywords to include in your ads. It has a 96.9% accuracy in selecting relevant keywords that will lead to more people viewing and clicking on your ad.

You will be able to keep track of how your ads are performing on a daily basis. You'll also receive weekly summaries to help you further analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify any areas for improvement.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

 Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram can be integrated with Constant Contact to help you create the right ads to target those most interested in what you have to offer. You'll be able to collect information from the people who click on your ads that will be automatically added into your Constant Contact account.

After collecting information from the people who click on your ads, you'll be able to use the automation services offered by Constant Contact to help you follow up with these individuals and continue to generate their interest in your products.


  • The drag and drop editor can help you customize one of the hundreds of emails templates you'll have access to.
  • Constant Contact offers numerous analytical tools to help you evaluate how effective your email communications are.
  • You can use Constant Contact to help you advertise with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.


  • You may be able to find other email marketing services that offer more services for the money you'll be spending.

Final Verdict

Constant Contact offers a lot of email marketing services designed to help grow your online business. When you sign up with Constant Contact, you'll find that these services are easy to implement and will deliver positive results for your business. To learn more about the services and plans offered by Constant Contact, check out their website.


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