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With a new soccer team in Miami and David Beckham in the stands, ticket sales for MLS are only going to increase. It’s already difficult to find tickets to sporting events or top concerts around the country. This is where TicketCity comes in.

When I’m writing this text, Miami Open is just around the corner. But I’m traveling from out of state and there’s no way I could make it to Miami Gardens to purchase tickets. I still found plenty of tickets on the website.


At the moment, I’m gathering all my friends so that we can make the trip. But there are so many great events with tickets on sale on the website that we might think about other outings especially on weekends when we’re off work.

Ticketcity Features

  • Online marketplace for sporting events and concerts.
  • Over 10,000 events covered per year.
  • Events cover NFL, MLS, NBA, NHL, golf, Nascar and others.
  • Concerts and theatre tickets across the country.
  • Online chat function for better customer service.
  • Customers can also sell tickets on the platform.

Versatile Search Bar

The website of the marketplace is basic but practical. I like it doesn’t over complicate things. It keeps everything entertaining and easy. It doesn’t add irrelevant information


This being said, the website is different from its competitors. It has a simple profile without pop-ups and e-mail newsletter prompts. For me, it’s a type of old-school design that works for fast purchases.

It only took me 2 minutes to find tickets and good seats for my tennis event coming up this month. I believe that even my parents would have an easy time purchasing any type of ticket here.

The way everything is organized also makes me think those behind the platform know user behavior. They removed everything which doesn’t have to do with the events themselves or with customer service.

You can easily find a phone number in case you want to get in touch with the company. Other similar marketplaces hid their phone numbers on pages that rarely get to be visited by customers.

Events by City

This is one of my favorite features of the website. There are a few categories that you can navigate to. But the simplest method of finding a ticket is simply by looking for your city online.


All major cities are listed directly in a sub-menu. This means it will take just a few seconds to see all the events in your city which you can find tickets for. When you’re stuck at home without any plans, you can simply check what’s on and purchase a ticket.

When you’re navigating by city, you also see the events from various categories. They’re not limited to sporting events which are my interest.

The marketplace also lists theatre tickets which my partner always looks for. My tip here is to get tickets to major plays as soon as they publish. Dynamic pricing is real on this marketplace and there are no guarantee prices won’t go up with high demand.

How to Purchase a Ticket?

When you want to purchase a ticket, you first need to find your event. Once your event is on the screen, you will find its venue or venues.


In my case, the website lists all the venues at Miami Open. For me, just being there is a major plus. I chose the cheapest venue which was still in the Grand Strand. But the tickets were cheap as they were only for the second round of the tournament.

There’s a representation of the venue on the screen. You can see the number of free seats in every section together with the price for those seats.

My game is going to start at 10 AM so I don’t want to face East. I don’t want to have the sun shining in my eyes and ruining my picture-perfect moment.


When you select the section of the venue you want to be in, you see the maximum number of tickets you can buy per person. You also see the total price for your selected number of tickets.

In my case, all of my friends purchased their tickets separately. We’re not going to be sitting next to each other. However, we are glad to attend such a world-class event.

How to Ask for a Refund?

You must keep your ticket if you want to ask for a refund. However, you also need to know that once you buy a ticket, it’s not up to the marketplace to reimburse you in case your event is canceled.


I still remember my father going to an event when rain stopped the tennis match. He didn’t get his money back and this is certainly the policy this marketplace operates by.

Once an order is placed, you cannot cancel it either. If the payment has been processed, there’s no method of canceling your order.


The marketplace needs to make money. This is why it sells tickets at a higher face value. But the difference compares to official ticket prices is still small. As a result, I’m happy to have a simpler and considerably faster shopping experience than with many official venues.

Other tickets might even be cheaper. The marketplace can decide to put them on sale if they don’t sell out a couple of days before the event.

Selling a Ticket

If you want to sell your ticket for any reason, you can do so on the platform. There’s a form you need to fill in and send your ticket to the website. They’ll put it on sale.


I think it’s one of the must-have features for these types of websites. My friends are often purchasing concert tickets months in advance. Certain obligations might make them unable to attend those events anymore.

As a result, selling your ticket is a method of getting some of its value back. However, you need to know your ticket might sell for a lower-priced compared to what you paid for it. Still, you get most of your money back if you cannot attend and event for some reason.


  • A high choice of events across the country.
  • Simply events navigation by city.
  • Clear prices for every section of a venue.
  • English and Spanish customer support.


  • Order cancelations are not accepted.

Final Verdict

Attending a high profile event is certainly appealing to me. I’m sure that you can find a top-class event to attend on this marketplace. But the simple navigation and the wide ticket availability makes it an important player in its niche.

Almost 1 million customers have already purchased a ticket on the website. Still, it looks the same as it did on the day of its launch years ago. This means that its simple design is working. Customers don’t like to be bombarded with ads when making such a purchase.

You can check out events near you today. The top search bar is where you can type the name of a certain event. But you can also navigate to your state or city to see what’s on. Some events such as the Houston Rodeo are only published a month in advanced so make sure to act fast to book your seat.


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