Snagit Review – Record Your Screen And Add Annotations

It still amazes me how complicated it is to record your PC screen and voices. Online tutorials are often based on this practical approach. However, it seems all software made to capture the screen is either too expensive or too complicate for the average user.

But Snagit is a simpler version of complicated programs. I use it whenever I need to record a tutorial for work projects. Since I need to train new team members, it can be difficult to have them all under one roof. As a result, I decided to record video tutorials and have them publish for all new employees to view.


This method has proven time-saving. Instead of training every new colleague, I simply send them a link to the published tutorial to watch. There are a few other interesting features the software offers. For example, it can automatically draw out text from the video on the screen. Other functions also make it practical for home and professional use.

Snagit Features

  • Captures the entire desktop or a region of the screen.
  • Extracts the text from a screen capture.
  • Records users working.
  • Records webcam and toggles to the screen capture and back.
  • Records audio.
  • Supports animated GIFs.
  • Record iOs screens with the TechSmith Capture App.
  • Supports annotations.
  • Step tool adds numbers as steps to follow in tutorials.
  • Quick text replace function.

Why Record Your Screen?

If you need to create tutorials like me, the software is one of the easiest methods of recording your screen at high resolution. All of the recorded videos look professional. I still see YouTube videos that record the screen with a camera and they don’t look too good in most cases.


But you can record your screen to teach a skill. For example, if you’re a digital artist, you can create a free or paid course and teach others how to do the same. I even know coding experts who record examples of their work and publish online courses to earn extra cash.

But the software has even more serious uses. If you have a computing problem and you need remote help, you can record your screen to exemplify your issue. At one time, my mum wasn’t seeing all the menu buttons on her Word processor. She also has the software and sent me a quick video or her issue. I was then able to guide her and fix the problem.

Create Guided Projects

One of the most interesting aspects of the software lies in the toolbox it comes with. Unlike other desktop recorders, it also features tools that make your videos look better and self-explanatory.


Among these tools, users find guided step projects. You can add numbers to your videos to represent the steps to be taken in certain tasks. One of the main uses of this tool in my case was to draw out the exact process to replicate for new employees. They know the guided process is linear and they can’t jump from one step to another.

Add Gifs

Adding animations to your video is also very easy. In professional software, this can be troublesome for those without real tech skills. But the software simply has you selecting your GIF animation to add to the video.


I find these particularly helpful in long videos. When I’m recording tutorials that last a few hours, I need to find the right way to break up the monotony. I cannot speak about anything else which is outside work. But adding an animation usually helps viewers improving attention.

GIFS also directs the attention of the viewer to a certain area of the screen. If you want eyes on a certain detail in the image, you can add an arrow or a colored box around the item you want to highlight.

Text Annotations

Along the same lines of GIFs, text annotations are easier to work with instead of adding supporting materials to the video. I normally add different links in the text annotations. If my trainees need to read further about how to conduct their project, I will refer a resource and link to it right inside the video.


This function also saves time and it makes the process of recording videos considerably easier. For a few of my colleagues, this has become a favorite tool. Some tutorials are not perfect. Instead of recording it again, I add text annotations to clarify a certain topic.

The Techsmith Capture App

Times have changed and video tutorials can now be recorded on a smartphone. The TechSmith Capture app is the sister software that deals with all mobile screen tutorials. I find it particularly fun to use.


When I’m traveling, I’m sharing opinions on apps and diets with my family. I use MyFitnessPal to track what I eat and when I eat it. To show my results in the app, I record short videos I then send to friends and family. They understand how I use the complex app to maximize my fitness efforts.


But the software is a bit more affordable than many belief. At $53.97, it offers support on 2 computers. Practically, it’s a 2-license product in one. It works on both Windows and Mac computers so there is value in offering it to a friend or work colleague as well.


When making a purchase, users get this year’s software version. But it also includes any updates which the program might see in the following year. Support is also added to those who have questions about the software. Guiding materials are offered to those who may need extra information on the software.

If you’re part of the government or if you work in education, you can get preferential pricing. Non-profit organizations make an impact on society and they benefit from lower rates. If you’re representing such an organization, you need to contact the company directly to get a quote.


  • Easy screed capture with yearly updates.
  • Extras such as text annotations are based on drag and drop functionality.
  • Most features of all screen capture software.
  • 2 installations per user with a single purchase.


  • Priority support is sold separately.

Final Verdict

The software has quickly become one of the most important players in its category. While there are hundreds of alternatives, I struggle to find one with as many useful features. This is why I like GIFs and text annotations so much. They aren’t offered on most alternative software.

Here’s what to do if you want to see the software in action. On the official website, under the free trial menu tab, you find a lightweight version that you can use for free. You need to download it and install it on your computer. For 30 days, you can test out the software with most of its features.

Once you decide to purchase the software, you’ll be able to have 2 installations. This means you can use it both at home and work. I do the same with my software. But to make things easier, I’ve also created a free cloud storage account. This is where I save all my videos. As a result, I can access them from anywhere even if they were recorded in different locations.


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