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Over the years, I’ve collected thousands of pictures of myself. Most of them are saved on my computer. Others are on my smartphone. But a good chunk of photos got lost over the years. I’ve made a conscious effort to select and print the most favorable images of me and my family.

But printing photos is not cheap. Once on paper, I had to purchase frames and find a place inside my home to hang all of them. After about 20-30 photos, I ran out of usable wall space. I wanted to get a digital frame but most seemed like a lot of hard work. They needed to connect to the PC where I would have to manually copy each photo to its memory.

Skylight Frame

But things turned out better than expected due to the Skylight Frame. This digital photo frame comes with some of the simplest usability features. For example, my favorite features allow you to send photos to the frame online. There are no cables to worry about and you don’t even need to be inside the house to send your most memorable pictures to the smart frame.

Skylight Frame Features

  • Quick 1-minute setup.
  • Accepts photos sent by e-mail.
  • Made with a touchscreen display.
  • Shows new photos first.
  • Accepts hearts for favorite photos.
  • WiFi photo transfer.

How to Set up the Frame

The 10” frame is one of the best additions to my grandma’s home. I’m also planning to purchase a second frame to place in my parents’ home. Over the years, this has been a method of communication with my family while away.

The installation process is not complicated. My grandma doesn’t need to do anything once it’s been installed. As stated above, my problem with other photo frames is that I needed to be present to copy the photos.

Skylight Frame

However, the steps to set up this remote device are easy to follow. You first need to connect it to a power source. Then, the device needs to connect to your local WiFi network. You’ll scan for a network and add the password to remain connected.

When you set up the photo device, you’ll be prompted to create an e-mail address. This is going to be the address attributed to the photo device for the rest of its life. This is where you send your photos for them to be published on the device.

The e-mail address works with no restrictions. Anyone who knows the address can send photos to it. Once the e-mail is sent, the photos are uploaded to a server and then downloaded to the device. The photos are then automatically deleted from the server.

Skylight Frame

There’s no need to update the frame or to do anything new with it once you start sending in the images. It automatically shows the latest photos. Your grandparents and your parents will automatically see what you’re up to. When you send the images, you need to ensure they’re in the correct format. Accepted photo file formats.

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • GIF

You can send photos directly from your smartphone or your computer. Even when you’re at home, there’s no need to plug it in the computer to transfer photos.

Store Thousands of Pictures

If you’re worried the device is limited to the number of pictures it shows, you can rest assure it’s highly capable. Each device has an 8GB internal memory. It can show up to 8,000 photos as a result.

Skylight Frame

If you’re like me, you love taking pictures. But you can also send them to your family as the device stores thousands of images. Whenever you’re on holiday, you can send a photo of your family to see. The idea of going to the post office to send a postcard is replaced by this simpler and faster approach.

Use E-Mail to Send Photos to Your Family

Your address is going to be hosted on the manufacturer’s servers. You cannot use this device unless you set up an e-mail address. You should consider an e-mail address which is easy to remember.

If you have brothers and sisters, they can also share the same e-mail address to send photos of their lives and families.

Whenever there are too many photos or when they simply get old, they can be deleted manually. The touchscreen display of the device facilitates this. You simply press and hold on a photo for the menu to show up before deleting it permanently.

Skylight Frame

Discover Photo Favorites

A type of social function has been integrated into the device. Let’s say you send 30 photos to your grandma’s device. She can then tap the heart button associated with a certain photo to like it above others. Whenever she does this, you receive an e-mail notification. I know my family likes all the photos where I dress up for certain occasions.

This simple function is similar to how you’d like a photo on Instagram or Facebook. You, grandma, is already familiar with this system. But the best part is this also lets you know which type of pictures to send next for your family to enjoy.


The latest device upgrades now support video playback as well. If you record short smartphone videos, you can send them to the frame just as with photos. Popular video formats include.

  • mp4
  • 3gp
  • avi
  • mov

Videos take up a bit more memory on the photo device. But you should still be able to send and watch hundreds of short videos. You can also start deleting the videos after a few months on the device.


You can purchase the wireless photo device for $159. If you’re purchasing from abroad, you can rest assured a power adapter is already included.

Skylight Frame

Inside the US, it takes anywhere between 3 and 5 days to receive it. Those ordering from abroad will need to wait at least 10 days for the delivery.

I knew the product was high-quality when I read its money-back guarantee. The company reimburses your purchase in case the device is not as describe or if you don’t like it. But I already knew it was going to be a lot better than anything similar I’ve tried before.

Skylight Frame Promo Codes

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  • Simplifies photo sharing.
  • Easy to use for the elderly.
  • Playback functions for photos and videos.
  • Stores up to 8,000 photos.


  • The frame doesn’t run on batteries.

Final Verdict

Finding the best photos of yourself to share with your family is an exciting time. But this device with its 1280 X 800 IPS resolution display offers bright pictures for your family to enjoy. The added screen brightness also improves image visibility which can be an issue for the elderly.

But the device is not just made for grandparents. You can have one in your house as well. For many users, it is the type of device which is a conversation started when having guests or family over.

Most importantly, the device simplifies the image transfer process. With fewer cables, you also send out your pictures faster. If you’re contemplating a purchase, you can order the frame and test it out yourself. Even if you leave it at your grandma’s place, she won’t have to touch it as new photos replace old photos even when the internal memory is full.


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