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If you’ve ever looked for a handyman online, you know how complicated the process is. If you live in a small town, you might not have any luck. If you live in a large metropolitan area, you can struggle to distinguish the quality of the work from one contractor to another.

This applies to any type of job you might have around your home. Even looking for a plumber was a matter of the first seen first chosen process for me. But is this really the best way to do important work in your home?


After checking out agencies and contractors, I decided to try and find a marketplace as I needed to read reviews on these tradesmen. I found TaskRabbit to be the exact service I needed. After a small cooking accident in the kitchen, I needed a painter to fix a wall for me. As I was making my way back from work, I hired a person through the official app and we both got to my home at the same time. The services were just as described.

Taskrabbit Features

  • Specialized services include moving help and furniture assembly.
  • Local contractors from across the US.
  • Bookings made from the website or from the official app.
  • Comparable prices, ratings, and reviews.
  • Each customer can create personal favorite’s lists.
  • Customers can leave reviews after a task is completed.

Number of Completed Tasks

One of the first characteristics I look at is the number of completed tasks. These are among the most important when it comes to complex jobs. For example, I’m not that interested in this characteristic when I need furniture moved.


However, when work needs to be done on my solar panels or on my HVAC, I need to find trusted workers on the platform. This is easy when you look at the number of tasks they’ve already completed. While those with just a few completed tasks usually have lower hourly rates, experienced professionals charge more.

The number of completed tasks is also one of the filters I use to differentiate between these freelance contractors. If simply choosing one from Yellow Pages would have an element of luck to it, having this type of background information helps my choice and ultimately saves me time.


The rating system is also important. Out of 5 stars, I only hire those with a minimum 4-star rating. I need to ensure my home is in fantastic condition. Sure, when I was renting an apartment, I didn’t care about the space as much. Things change when you’re a property owner.


The rating system is usually fair. I find it satisfactory and representative. Most of my ratings have been in line with what other customers already think about a certain contractor. The trust I have in the platform is only increased when my opinions on a certain contractor are confirmed online.


Every contractor on the platform has reviews of his or her name. It’s often the main area of interest when looking for a new person to help around the house. I like people who don’t make a mess or who care to clean up space after they’re done with a job.


A couple of years back, we wanted a new deck. But the guys who made it for use left a huge mess in the backyard and it took a couple of days to have the place tidy again. Together with my partner, we decided not to work with those guys again.


The price is represented on an hourly rate. You may be able to negotiate this price on the platform directly with the contractor. Most discounts apply to large tasks.


However, the hourly rate is also represented as a measure of quality. I don’t always choose the most expensive contractor but I don’t go with the cheapest alternative either. My average budget requires a bit of sorting through prices. A good balance of reviews and affordability is what I’m interested in the most.

Black Friday Help

There are many services you can find on the website. From bricklaying to painting, you can choose your professional in a dedicated category. But new categories are seen on the website every week. I’m always looking for a typical work offered by certain freelancers.


Among these unusual tasks, I found the Black Friday help service. This is how it works. You pay somebody to stay in line at a shop for you. At some point, you can get in line and let this person go or you can attribute purchases to them.

I find it interesting that even when hiring someone to shop for you on Black FRIDAY, you may still purchase goods at lower rates.

Mother’s Day Services

Other unusual services are centered around yearly events such as Mother’s Day. On this day, you can hire a person to go to your mum’s home and clean it for her. I think it’s a fantastic gesture. You can also take the traditional route and send her flowers.


Mums are important to all of use. This is why a new grocery delivery service is also available on Mother’s Day. You hire a person to do the typical shopping for your mum and deliver the goods to her address. I think this might be a bit more helpful than sending her a postcard.

Property Rental Services

When you rent a new apartment, you need to clean it properly. There’s a service for this need as well. If you own a home and you want it clean before renting it out, you can also book a person to clean it for you.


Finding a free person during the same day might be a challenge. But it shouldn’t be too complicated to hire a person to clean the house starting with the following day. If there’s any other job needed a the property, such as fixing a pipe or installing lights, you can find such a service on the website or on the app as well.

Gift Cards

If you're considering a practical gift, you may also purchase a varying-value gift card. For example, if your kids are going to college, you might want to offer them a gift card to use on the website for either cleaning or home maintenance services. It might be helpful if your kids aren’t too accustomed to living on their own.


TaskRabbit Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best TaskRabbit discounts & coupons...


  • A large range of services offered across the US.
  • Specialized and rare services such as St. Patrick’s shopping help.
  • Excellent choice of landscaping professionals.


  • Most experienced professionals need to be booked weeks in advance.

Final Verdict

I find this website particularly helpful for those who don’t have too much free time on their hands. If you’re working long hours, you don’t have the time to invest in painting a fence or fixing a pipe. But the elderly might also need a helping hand from time to time. As a result, I think it’s important to see that the target customer is very different from case to case.

If you want to save more time with house chores, I strongly recommend the official app. You can swipe for your selected contractor and have a booking made within a couple of minutes directly from your smartphone.


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