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Autobarn is one of the oldest auto parts and accessories sellers on the market. Established in 1957, it now has a global presence. This aspect is important as it allowed the company to stock many car products and accessories exclusively.

Known for a vast range of products, Autobarn was suggested to me when I asked around for car leather care materials. My local mechanic suggested either going to an Autobarn shop or simply ordering these leather care products online.

Autobarn Review

Since I’m stuck at work every day, I decided to purchase the products myself and start cleaning the leather seats myself. I ordered wax, a polishing cream, a leather conditioner spray, a deep cleaner for stains and 2 microfiber cloths.

I read all the instructions and cleaned the seats myself. Since then, I mostly go back to these products even if Autbarn has an all-in-one leather car spray which I’ve yet to try.

Autobarn Features

  • If you’re looking for car parts, accessories, oils, additives or car care products, you may find them at Autobarn at various prices. Here are a few points on what you can expect.
  • Has a national and international presence.
  • All car parts can be shipped to your home when shopping online.
  • Accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments.
  • The seller stocks accessories and complete repair manuals.
  • Auto parts include brake pads, exhaust accessories, lighting parts, etc..
  • Car care products include interior and exterior maintenance products.
  • Sells a wide range of motor oils and additives for the fuel system.
  • There are various coupons to access around the year on orders above $49.

Car Accessories

As I stated above, my first Autobarn orders were with small products such as cleaning products and car accessories. Since then, my trust in the brand has increased and I order all types of products from their website.

I’ve even ordered a few car repair manuals. These come in handy when I’m at home on Saturdays doing light maintenance work on my car. I’ve even installed a couple of speakers from Autobarn using the manuals for step by step information.

Autobarn Review

Now, I’m in the process of building a larger garage. My partner is getting a car so we need one for 2 cars. But with kids on the way, I’ll need to be smarter about storage space. As a result, I phone Autobarn and asked for a recommendation in their garage storage products.

The guy on the phone was helpful and he recommended the top 3 products according to my need. A wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is going to be my first purchase here as I need to clean both cars while saving space in the garage.

Since I’m into sports, the customer service team at Autobarn recommended that I purchase a roof-mounted bike rack at least for one of my cars. They have a few products which fit these needs.

The third recommended product was a fire extinguisher. I don’t have one in my garage at the moment. I already saw a few on Autobarn’s website which I’m going to install on a wall to save some garage space.

Auto Parts

After dealing with car accessories I couldn’t find elsewhere, I also started purchasing auto parts at Autobarn. I rarely purchase them on my own without a recommendation from my mechanic. Whenever my vehicle is down at the shop, he phones me and tells me what to order.

Autobarn Review

A few months ago I needed to replace the front brake pads. I told my mechanic Autobarn sells premium ceramic Monroe brake pads. He agreed they were good quality and I went ahead with the purchase.

Car Care Products

When I placed my first order at Autobarn I wasn’t sure what to expect. I only ordered the leather care products listed above. Since they were not expensive, I wasn’t expecting much.

Autobarn Review

However, I’m satisfied with the $6.99 leather conditioner spray I got. This is the type of formula that cleans and nourishes leather. Since my car is often left out in the sun in parking lots, leather care products are a must. The product delivers what it promises. It restores natural luster and leather softness to the car’s seats.

Oils and Additives

I wasn’t too much into engine oils before I ran into problems. My engine started consuming oil in-between changes and I had to get to the bottom of the issue. It turns out this issue is popular with my Audi but it can be improved without major investments. My mechanic recommended using a thicker oil or simply try another brand.

Autobarn Review

I purchase Liqui-Moly 5W-30 oil from Autobarn. I paid $18.95 per liter. While my problem is not completely gone, the oil proves superior to my previous Castrol 5W-30. I’m going to continue using Liqui-Moly, at least with this car.

Discounts and Promotions

There are a few promotions you can consider when shopping at Autobarn. Above all, I like to get a gift card for my dad. You can purchase gift cards with a value of up to $200 at Autobarn. My dad loves shopping for car maintenance products and accessories for his birthday with my coupons.

Autobarn Review

Other discounts are also offered by the company. They change constantly so I can’t be sure what to expect next. The latest promotion I benefited from was $10 off for $89 minimum purchase. I was able to claim it as I purchased engine oil and filters for my service interval.

However, there’s one permanent offer that might help those purchasing car parts frequently. Autobarn offers free shipping on all orders over $69. If you place 3-4 orders per year as I do, the money adds up.

New Products

If you’re a regular Autobarn customer, you may also have to take a quick look at the new parts section of their website. New products are added weekly. It’s here that I found a branded hitch plug and a new Blue Devil steering flue pack.

Autobarn Review

Autobarn Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Autobarn coupon codes & discounts.


  • Autobarn sells car parts and accessories.
  • There’s a free shipping policy on all orders above $69.
  • You can search auto parts by a vehicle on the official website.


  • A limited number of performance filters and intake systems.

Final Verdict

Autobarn is growing an online presence. With a few physical stores to purchase from, the company now offers a decent selection of car maintenance and car parts products online. The major advantage I had was I started with affordable cleaning products and saw the delivery was on time and the products as described.

Since then, I also use Auotbarn for car parts purchases. Since I drive many miles every year, I change the engine oil at least twice as much as other drivers. As a result, I make the most out of Autobarn’s discount codes.

If you’re new to the company you can benefit from at least 2 offers when you place your first order. If you order now, you can qualify for free shipping.

You may also qualify for $5 or $10 off your order. Feel free to go online and look for your vehicle type in the search box of the website or simply navigate to the product category you want to see. All discounts apply on checkout.


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