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Editing your photos is a complex task. You need to master professional editing software or to look for an editor online. However, some products only include the most useful editing tools. A simple set of editing tools leads to easier edits.

Fotor is the type of software that simplifies photo editing. It is a 2-in-1 product as it adds design elements for objects and texts. This makes the program useful for both home users and small businesses. Editing your photos can make them look better before printing or publishing on social media.


But small businesses can also use the software to create attractive digital marketing materials. Edited photos can be published on Instagram or Facebook. The software is hosted online which means you benefit from its browser-based practicality. Today, there’s even an app version for quick edits while on the road.

Fotor Features

  • Online-based photo editing.
  • Included photo effects filters.
  • Included portrait effects filters such as highlights control.
  • Included templates to use with or without the photos.
  • Applicable stickers and fonts to every photo or design.
  • Photo edit and collage functions within the official app.

Photo Editing

There are plenty of tools to use considering the software is made for the average user. Among them, the background remover tool is my favorite. As its name suggests, the tool removes the background form photos with people or objects.

This then allows me to add my portrait to other designs. I’m even creating a family collage with all the photos of my family members I have. Since they’re all in a different location, I’m removing the background to each of these photos.


Background Eraser

For professional use, this tool is also helpful. For example, if you sell products online you want to make them as presentable as possible. But if you have product pictures with busy backgrounds it doesn’t look professional. As a result, it’s advisable to have an all-white background which surely looks unitary when you publish multiple products.

Another interesting tool is the blur tool. I use it whenever I don’t want to remove the background of a photo. This blurs the background and possibly other people in the photo. The final effect is almost always very interesting.



I find it an amazing tool for portraits or the type of pictures I have at my profile on social media. But there are many other tools within the photo editing category which also include the following.

  • 1-tap enhance
  • Crop
  • Color splash
  • HDR
  • Straighten
  • Tilt-shift
  • Photomontage
  • Photo frame

Among these, the HDR tool can also be helpful. It adds different coloring to the photos representing a cool effect, especially for large prints.


Editing portraits is a bit different. Every nuance has its role. It has been proven so many times that skin tones are the most difficult to edit and still look natural.

When I edit my portraits with this software, I don’t go as far as changing the complete nuance of the skin. I prefer smaller edits that hide imperfections. Since I’m not as young anymore, wrinkles are visible on my face.


Wrinkle Remover

There’s a wrinkle remover tool which is very helpful. I don’t remove all wrinkles as the portrait still needs to look natural. Instead, I remove large wrinkles or minimize their appearance.

The teeth whitening tool is another top feature used in amazing portraits. I want to have a large print of me and my partners on the wall in my office. For this to look good, I need to whiten my teeth in the photo. The integrated tool can be adaptable in size and it can whiten any type of teeth. Having overly white results is not what I’m interested in. The photo might look better with just a bit of brightening.


Teeth Whitening

I have a very active social life. Most of my work colleagues can attest I’ve never missed an office party. Some of my best pictures are those immortalizing happy moments when I’m having fun. Unfortunately, dim office lighting is not the best for memorable pictures.

The red-eye remover tool comes to my rescue with these photos. You only need to select the tool and apply it once to each eye to remove the redness. I’m now doing this to all of my photos which wouldn’t be used at all otherwise.


Red-eye Remover

Other useful tools for portraits include.

  • Blemish removable
  • Photo reshaping
  • Photo retouch

Once your portrait looks right, you can publish it or use it on other projects. I edit all portraits before making a photo collage of the family.

Photo Collage

Artistic collage and photo stitching are just 2 of the options in this category. The artistic collage introduced design elements. It can be a fun method of putting together multiple portraits of your kids.


Artistic Collage


Photo Stitching

However, if I want a collage with my parents and brothers, the simpler photo stitching tool proves a bit more useful. In my case, I want a simple collage which I can print and frame to have in my home. If this is your case, you’ll find the tool useful.

However, it’s not the type of tool which helps you professionally stitch photos to create impressive landscapes. For such photos, you are going to be better off with professional editing software.


If you’re looking to create your attractive designs, the templates of the program are particularly helpful. In Photoshop, I don’t have these templates. Popular templates include the following.

  • Banner maker
  • Business cards
  • Flyer maker
  • Gift certificate
  • Invitation
  • Postcard
  • YouTube Thumbnails

Smartphone Wallpapers

However, my favorite tool is made for smartphone wallpapers. The templates I can found here have a bit of room for customization. Everybody at work asks me where I found downloaded my wallpapers from and I’m happy to tell them it’s my work.


If you’re unsure about how to use the software, the tutorials on the website might help. They represent a simpler solution to experiment with everything yourself. However, you might still need to try it out for a week to find all of its features and what they can do.


An interesting tutorial that showed me useful tricks was the one on creating flyers. I’m now able to create interesting flyers for my friends and their small businesses. I’ve even found a template suitable for a car wash and I made a flyer out of it. Without further edits, I sent it to a print house to have a few hundred pieces made for my friend.


  • Browser-based editor accessible from anywhere.
  • A large selection of portrait-editing tools.
  • Online tools in English, Spanish, and German.
  • Pro version subscription plans start at $8.99 per month.


  • Limited functions on the app version.

Final Verdict

The software offers a helping hand to anyone who’s not a professional photo editor. It includes tens of tools that can be used for basic editing features. Among them, the editing tools to make perfect portraits are very appreciated.

If you want to try it out yourself, you can create an online account where you can see all of these tools. On the other, hand, if you only want to make basic edits its app version is enough. You can download from the App Store or Google Play.


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