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Finding trustworthy cosmetics seems easy. Thousands of companies now trade in shops and online. But not many of them have a real cosmetics tradition. When I purchase cosmetics, I like to know their story and what I’m spending my money on.

To me, Elizabeth Arden is one of the brands which has a type of personal recognition for its history. It also helps that it has solid products. I live in a village and I don’t have a cosmetics shop around me. But I can shop for my favorite products on the brand’s website.

Elizabeth Arden

I like that the name of the brand was a pseudonym Florence Nightingale Graham took. She runs a cosmetics empire. In 1962, the French authorities awarded the company’s founder the distinction of Légion d'Honneur.

Today, the company sells popular anti-aging products, makeup, and fragrances. I’m not sure if all the products made by the company are available on the official website. But there are plenty to choose from delivered internationally.

Elizabeth Arden Characteristics

  • The brand sells its cosmetics online and in stores.
  • Categories include skincare, fragrance, makeup, and gift sets.
  • International presence in the US, Canada, France, Italy, and other countries.
  • 2-7 days US delivery time.

Eye Serums

Many products from the company are followed as they offer visible results at affordable rates. I’ve tried products from each of the main categories of the website. I can’t speak about all the products and I’ll only tell you my opinions on the product I own.

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules Eye Serum is among my favorites. It’s the first product of its kind I applied to the area around my eyes.

Elizabeth Arden

The product has a formula including an enhanced ceramide complex. Ceramides 1, 3, and 6 are known for their role in skin hydration. These ceramides prevent the skin from losing moisture. It is one of the popular ingredients in eye serums and other anti-aging products.

Fatty acids are also added to the formula. They add a barrier to the skin against oxidative stress. Cholesterol is then added to the formula to protect the skin from all other ingredients which might dehydrate it. With a strong hydrating role, it is also easy to apply. You need to break the capsules and tap the formula around the eyes.

Skin Brightening

The Superstart Skin Renewal Booster is an award-winning product. It is used for various purposes which include skin brightening. It is the type of supportive product that improves the efficiency of other solutions from this brand.

Elizabeth Arden

Most other women agree this formula makes the skin more radiant. It also helps repair damaged skin or irritated skin. This is achieved with a mix of ingredients that include flaxseed, sea fennel, and probiotics. Probiotics help the skin regenerate and maintain this enhanced capacity to fight the irritation in time.

I like to use the serum in combination with other creams from the brand. I try and repair my skin before applying a much more luxurious anti-aging cream. If I’m not applying every day, I’m certainly coming back to it every second day.


Prevage is my choice of anti-aging from the brand. This overnight cream has long action and by morning it has completely absorbed into the skin. This product minimizes fine lines on my face. It also reduces dark circles around the eyes.

Elizabeth Arden

I like most ingredients in this lotion. Powerful antioxidants are needed to fight the natural oxidation process of the skin. The ingredient of choice here is Idebenone Ester. The powerful antioxidant supports the regenerative capacity of the skin together with Vitamin A acetate. Glycerin is also added to the formula. Shea butter and coconut butter give it its smooth texture that soothes the skin.

But the brand also offers other products with anti-aging action. Some of their lotions also include strong antioxidants. If you want to make your skin look a bit more youthful, such products can help. But on the other hand, you still need to use them over a longer period as they don’t do any miracles, just like any other cosmetics.


I own 2 fragrances from the brand. One is floral and the other one is blue-aquatic. My Fifth Avenue Eau de Parfum is my favorite. Some say this fragrance encompasses the spirit of the driven woman the best.

Elizabeth Arden

Its formula is summery-floral and it suits relaxed outfits. You can smell top citrus notes in the opening. Violet, lotus flower and jasmine make their floral presence felt in the drydown. Musk, amber, and cedarwood are its base notes. As for wear, I recommend it for any season but especially on warm sunny days.

Mediterranean Eau de Parfum is also in my collection. The affordable perfume is my daily scent on the hot summer days. If I’m going out in the evening, I’ll also consider spraying it on if the weather is warm.

Elizabeth Arden

This complex perfume opens up with Sicilian orange, peach, and Damask plum. I like that it includes plum, otherwise rare in the perfume world. Star magnolia, wisteria, and Madagascar Orchid are its flowery notes in the drydown. Sandalwood, musk and golden amber are the base notes that give it longevity. It’s not a top performer in projection, but rather a subtle summertime scent.

One of the possible complaints I hear about these perfumes is they don’t necessarily appeal to the younger crowd. As a result, young girls don’t know which brand to associate the scents with.


I use foundation on its own or with other makeup products. The Ceramide Lift and Firm Sunscreen with SPF 15 is my favorite during the summer. Since I need to protect my skin from harmful UV lights, the ceramides solution helps protect and regenerate my skin.

Elizabeth Arden

Mica alumina is added to its formula. This ingredient adds luminosity but it also reduces the appearance of fine lines. I’d say the product is best used in the harsh summer sun when the skin is exposed to significant damage.

Payment Methods

All of these products and others can be purchased online. Typical payment methods include VISA and Mastercard. But you can also pay via PayPal. Since I get paid via PayPal, I prefer the quick payment method, especially since it’s been safe against possible safety issues.

Since it started in Canada, the brand also ships products across the border. These orders are shipped with Borderfree. They also benefit from a tracking number so you know the exact date your parcel is arriving at your home.

Elizabeth Arden Promo Codes

We will keep this area updated with the latest and best Elizabeth Arden discounts & coupons...


  • A large range of skin repair and anti-aging products.
  • Affordable perfumes for all occasions.
  • The perfumes are made for various seasons.
  • A large line of makeup products.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.


  • A brand for mature women based on fragrance profile.

Final Verdict

Some of the products released by the brand have won international awards. I feel many of my friends are aware of the company’s anti-aging products and a bit less familiar with its other lines of products.

If you want to test the products on your skin, you can place a direct order on the official website. Some of these products may be used on their own while others are used in groups, as described above. My recommendation is to use them together, especially for skin health benefits.


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