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Have you ever gotten stuck inside on a gorgeous day because the sun was just too bright? Or maybe you've enjoyed an afternoon reading in your backyard only to find yourself the victim of a terrible sunburn? You should be able to enjoy the spring and summer weather, no matter what kind of climate you live in.

Abba Patio is a company built on this philosophy. They specialize in creating different types of coverage for patios and backyards to increase comfort and prolong use. Some of the product designs also include mosquito netting to protect against bugs, allowing you to enjoy the evenings without drowning in bug spray.

Abba Patio


  • Porch swings are created with many different sizes, aesthetics, and types of cushioning. Some have mosquito protection.
  • Many unique and adjustable patio umbrella designs provide shade to patio tables and decks.
  • Garden gazebo canopies provide shelter from the sun during social gatherings and outdoor events, with many designs including fully enclosed mosquito netting.
  • Outdoor carports straddle your driveway and shade your car so it doesn't become swelteringly heated in direct summer sunlight.
  • A full range of patio furniture, garden ornaments, and lawn accessories can match anyone's aesthetic appeal.

Patio Umbrella Designs

Abba Patio's largest design selection is in their patio umbrella options. Umbrellas are constructed with different angles, shapes, materials, colors, and sizes. Also sold are multiple umbrella bases to anchor umbrellas on patios that don't have a patio table with a built-in base.

Abba Patio

Patio umbrella coverage is fairly self-explanatory. Some unusual design elements that you might find in Abba Patio options, though, include:

  • Offset umbrella poles that allow the canopy to hover above a table when anchored beside it.
  • Adjustable canopy angles to block direct sunlight in the morning and evening.
  • Vented canopies that circulate fresh air while blocking sunlight.
  • Solar powered umbrellas with dozens of included LED lights.
  • Cranks and push-button opening mechanisms for ease of use.

The main kinds of umbrella base include:

  • Portable options with wheels to move from place to place.
  • Heavily weighted plastic designs.
  • Flat metal bases with standard poles.
  • Heavy duty sets of base plates weighing several hundred pounds.

You can also buy a weight bag to encircle the umbrella base and anchor it in windy conditions.

Porch Swings

Abba Patio's porch swing designs add a new element of luxury to outdoor rocking chair culture. In fact, many of the cushion designs look exactly like plush love seats and couches you'd find in an average living room. They just happen to be attached to swing mechanisms.

Abba Patio

Most swings are built for two or three people and include shaded canopies. Some of the canopies are tilt-adjustable so you can maximize shade based on the angle of the sun. For those who live in buggy areas, there are a few porch swing designs that incorporate full surrounding mosquito netting protection, so you can still enjoy your quiet summer evenings.

Outdoor Gazebos and Canopies

The gazebos and canopies from Abba Patio are meant to be erected in your backyard or other wide-open space. They provide ongoing shade and shelter during parties and family gatherings. Not only that, but some of the designs incorporate mosquito netting that can be pulled closed when the bugs come out at dusk.

Abba Patio

Most of the designs come in standard 10 by 10 foot sizing or similar dimensions. The right one for you depends mainly on your personal aesthetic and whether you need the insect netting.

Protective Carports

The portable carports can be erected when the weather gets hot and carefully packed away in the winter. They prevent vehicles from getting dangerously hot, so you don't have to worry you'll burn your hands on the steering wheel or seat belt buckle.

Abba Patio

Some of the carports are enclosed on three sides like a tent. Others have roll-up doors that can be closed once you're parked, making them function like a portable garage. These are ideal if you want shelter against wind and precipitous elements as well.

Other designs have a shaded roof but don't include wall coverings. These tend to be on the more affordable side.

The materials used also have an impact. Some designs are made with heavy-duty coverings that can stand up to thunderstorms, wind storms, and even snowstorms. If you live in a place that gets any wild weather, a heavy-duty shelter is the best protective option for your vehicle.


When most people think of greenhouses, they likely envision long low buildings made entirely out of glass. But Abba Patio is challenging that presumption with their portable greenhouse designs. These greenhouses can be erected in the backyard with the same ease as a canopy, but they provide the sunlight and growing conditions found in professional garden centers.

Abba Patio

The price of these structures varies widely depending on the size and shape. Some things to take into consideration include:

  • The inside dimensions of the greenhouse, including whether it's small enough to set up in limited backyard space.
  • The amount of included shelving.
  • Whether the unit is fully enclosed.
  • Whether you can walk inside.
  • Whether the shape is more house-like, rectangular, rounded, or conical.

A large 10 x 20 foot greenhouse will appeal to individuals who have an unparalleled love of gardening and nurturing many plant species at once. Meanwhile, the smaller designs are good for those who have just a few houseplants that they want to give ideal growing conditions.

Garden Accessories

The available garden accessories include lights, tiling, and convenience tools.

Some examples of tools for convenience would be:

  • Wall-mounted towel racks that can be installed near pool areas.
  • Tie-down stakes made from wood-plastic composite to anchor canopies and other furniture.
  • Garden stakes made from recycled plastic resin that help plant growth.
  • An over-the-shoulder bag designed to hold large numbers of fireplace logs.
Abba Patio

Garden lighting comes with even more extensive options, some of which are beautiful enough to take your breath away. There are holiday-themed LED light displays available, but also available are year-round designs including:

  • Dozens of feet of white snowflake string lights.
  • Flower-shaped bundles of fairy string lights.
  • Star-shaped string lights.
  • Artificial twigs and branches lit up by LED lights.
  • Strings of hundreds of twinkling LED lights.
  • Solar string lights with eight lighting modes.

Outdoor Tables and Chairs

Abba Patio sells a few tables and chairs that aren't part of a matching patio set. The selection is slightly limited, but the designs may appeal to those who want niche statement pieces in their outdoor design.

Abba Patio

Some of the furniture not bound to matching sets includes:

  • Patio bar stools with greater height than the average chair.
  • Sets of reclining chairs for lounging by the pool.
  • Square wicker patio side tables with glass tops.
  • Square side tables crafted from recycled wood.

Matching Furniture Sets

Some patio furniture pieces come in matching sets that include accessories, cushioning, and pillows. You can also purchase a single-panel or two-panel patio divider that separates the patio into private sections.

Abba Patio

Abba Patio offers matching sets like:

  • A plush chair and ottoman with deep, supportive cushioning more commonly found in indoor recliners.
  • An outdoor sofa set made up of a main lounge piece, a long rectangular table that can double as a lounge, and a square table doubling as an ottoman.
  • An outdoor reclining chair with an included deep cushion and head pillow.

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  • The outdoor furniture designs are extremely varied in style and offer a greater amount of comfort and cushioning than the average competition.
  • The gazebos, carports, and enclosed porch swings all provide ample shade, plus some designs include insect protection.
  • Full sets of garden accessories, fencing, and lights can be purchased to turn your garden into an aesthetically appealing work of art.


  • Due to the high-quality craftsmanship and comfort, these tend to be on the more expensive side of the outdoor furniture and accessories price range.

Final Verdict

Abba Patio is a company that manufactures stylish, comfortable, high-quality outdoor accessories and furniture. There are a variety of product lines to customize your backyard and garden. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, many of the designs also make your outdoor space more pleasant to be in.

If you want to know what options are available to shade your patio or screen your porch, you can see several designs right away. You can also check out the varying furniture sets and garden accessories to decide whether any of the construction suits your aesthetic.


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