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When I started my online business, I was just a young kid without any experience in selling products over the internet. Even though I've learned a lot through my experiences, I'm still not an expert by any means.

My career in e-commerce started after college. Even though I attended college as a general studies major, getting a degree is by no means required to earn a living with an online business. Anyone can learn to sell products on the internet.

Even though a degree isn't required to earn a living with your online business, you will need some basic skills to get started. You'll need to have a basic understanding of how computers work because you'll need to set up several elements on your site.


Although you could hire someone to help set things up for your website, it's a good idea to know how to do basic things on your own. Having the ability to set up your own website doesn't mean that you'll have to design every aspect of it.

However, you'll know what is needed to get your business started. Salehoo will show you exactly which relationships are needed to start a successful e-commerce business that relies upon shipping products from other companies.

The reason why I suggest starting with drop shipping as your business model is because anyone can get involved. You don't need a degree to start out, and you also don't need to have an arsenal of products at your disposal.

It's easier to start a business when you keep the costs low. Having to purchase your own inventory is an expense that many people can't afford. In addition, storing and shipping inventory are taken care of by suppliers.

Learn About SaleHoo in This In-Depth Product Review

If you're looking for information about the SaleHoo program, you've come to the right place. I'll show you my experiences with e-commerce, and I'll tell you what I got out of working with SaleHoo.


Before we get into the product description and review, I'll walk you through my experience in e-commerce. You'll be able to see exactly what SaleHoo has done for my business.

We'll go into detail, covering the features and benefits of this product. Then, we'll discuss the positive and negative aspects of using SaleHoo. Get ready to find out if this product is right for your business needs.

Why I Got Into Business

SaleHoo helped me take my business to new places, so I'm here to report exactly what I was working with before I started using their product offerings. The reason that I got into the e-commerce business was to make a sustainable income while working at home.


Although I enjoy being around other people and going to cafes to do work, my wife must travel for her job. I didn't want to be in a relationship with someone who was always away, so I decided to try my best to make money over the internet.

It was difficult at first because I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't have any products of my own, and shipping from locations around the world would be too difficult. Luckily, I found out about drop shipping, and my life changed forever.

When the Going Got Tough

When I found out about drop shipping, it sounded too good to be true. I was under the impression that I needed to have an inventory of products at my disposal in order to sell things online. However, this isn't the case.


Plenty of legitimate operations exist on major e-commerce sites, like Amazon and eBay. You'll need to become familiar with the terms of service for each marketplace in order to understand how to navigate drop shipping arrangements on these sites.

When I found out about drop shipping, I was looking for an alternative to the typical way of running an e-commerce site. It sounded like a solid business model. I was able to design websites, and I know how to write articles to get people interested in products.

My main problem was finding suppliers that were willing to share their profits. I didn't understand how to negotiate these terms, and I had no idea of where to look for these types of business arrangements.

I thought I found something that was too good to be true. I was ready to pack up my operation and start over again. I nearly went back to school to get my business degree, but I was fortunate to find out about the product offering designed by SaleHoo.

How My Business Evolved

Since I started using SaleHoo, I've been able to link to real products that have positive reviews from actual people. Instead of negotiating each arrangement on my own, SaleHoo has helped me gain access to a directory of companies.


The directory of wholesale suppliers available through SaleHoo is compiled to make everything easier for entrepreneurs. SaleHoo provides the information you need to get started, including the cost of products and how much money you’ll make.

Working with SaleHoo is easier than going at it on your own. If you're on your own, you'll need to find distributors that are willing to work with a drop shipper. Some distributors don't understand the process, so it can be an exhaustive endeavor.

What Is SaleHoo? Learn About This Product

If you already understand how drop shipping works, then you must want to know why I prefer to work with SaleHoo. In addition to getting support to answer all the questions you have about the business model, they offer an extensive directory.


The directory offered by SaleHoo includes over 2.5 million products and brands. If you have a product in mind for a particular niche, you could start talking with a representative at SaleHoo to see if the product exists in the SaleHoo directory.

The company offers a money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, you could ask for a full refund. You should take a look at the directory for yourself. Ask for a refund if you're unhappy with the products that are listed in the directory.

The Benefits and Features of this Program:

  • Access to Knowledgeable Suppliers: If you try drop shipping on your own, you need to visit countless websites to set up relationships with suppliers. SaleHoo has all of that information in one place.
  • Forum to Talk With Other Drop Shippers: When you start working with the SaleHoo platform, you'll have access to their forum. If you have any questions about how other drop shippers conduct business, just ask the community at SaleHoo.
  • Working With Verified Companies: SaleHoo doesn't put every company into their directory. The directory only contains companies that sell actual products. This is important to make sure that you are selling authentic merchandise.


  • Sell Better Products: When you work with companies that have been verified by SaleHoo, you will have access to authentic products. This means that you will have fewer complaints about the quality of your merchandise.
  • Rated by the BBB: The Better Business Bureau rates each company based upon a variety of factors that dictate how a business operates within their industry. The BBB rating for each supplier is listed within SaleHoo's directory.
  • Sell Without Buying Inventory: The best part about using the directory available through SaleHoo is you don't need to spend a lot of money to get started in this business. A yearly membership to SaleHoo is under $70.


  • This Business Model Requires Constant Effort: This is not a “get rich quick” business model. You'll need to conduct plenty of research to see which products are selling in each niche. Write your reviews based upon top-selling products.

    Utilize SEO and web design skills to get your reviews seen by the right people. It's a lot of work, but SaleHoo provides a great tool to get started.

My Recommendation Moving Forward

When you know what you're doing, SaleHoo is a good tool to keep you in business. If you don't understand drop shipping, SaleHoo’s forum will help you put together the missing pieces.

If you have time to commit to this business model, SaleHoo is a great investment. Keep in mind that you'll need to spend a lot of time researching products. Even though SaleHoo tells you how to contact each company, they aren't doing all of the work for you.

There are over 2.5 million products in SaleHoo's directory. In order to sift through the duds, you need to have a good idea of what you're looking for in a niche. Be prepared to do research when you start drop shipping with this powerful tool.


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