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ClickBank University is a product to show how both vendors and affiliates can achieve success on ClickBank. Many products about creating information products are from individuals and small businesses. ClickBank University is a product that ClickBank, a company with six-million clients worldwide, is directly promoting to help new vendors and affiliates.

I had an excellent experience with the program and will tell you the details about the program so that you can determine if it would be a good fit for you. ClickBank University is split into two programs. One is for the vendor, and one is for the affiliate.

Clickbank University

The first program is for the vendor. The vendor program teaches you to make a product and have it listed on the ClickBank marketplace. The ClickBank marketplace is a marketplace for information products and is the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

Clickbank University

The second program is for affiliates. An affiliate is a person who promotes the product of someone else. The affiliate earns a part of the money earned on every sale that is from their efforts. Affiliates use links with their identification, so ClickBank knows which affiliate is responsible for which purchase. The second program teaches you how to promote information products created by someone else on ClickBank.

The vendor section can be somewhat intimidating to someone who has never sold an information product before. The good part is that ClickBank is a large company and knows all the details that are needed to create a successful information product. There are twelve weeks in the vendor program to teach how to create an entirely new information product.

Clickbank University

The first week is an overview of the program and tells you about the lessons for the following weeks. The first week sets expectations that you might not be able to create all of the components that you need to create a successful information product by yourself. If you aren’t an expert data marketer, data analyst, graphics designer, or copywriter, you might want to hire some individuals for your team. The ClickBank program is being realistic that it is not easy to create a successful information product.

The second week describes how to find the best product for you. The program discusses how to find what type of products are popular on ClickBank so that you can know if your product has the potential to become popular on ClickBank. The second week also discusses some tools that you can use to view data analytics to determine how you should market your products on ClickBank. I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of product that I want to create for ClickBank. This week helped me decide what direction I want to take my new product.

The third week talks about avatars. An avatar is a description of the type of person that would potentially buy your products. To market your products, you need to determine important characteristics such as age, gender, income, and interests. You need to answer the reason why your potential customer would need your products. Customers generally buy an information product to solve a particular problem that they have. Your product needs to solve their problem.

Bi-Weekly Expert Classes

Bi-Weekly Expert Classes

Special Curated Add-on Trainings

Add-on Trainings

ClickBank Toolkit

ClickBank Toolkit

The fourth week talks about the details in creating a product. You will have a choice of creating just an e-book or creating a course with videos. ClickBank University goes into detail about how to make an e-book and videos. ClickBank University also tells you how to hire someone to create videos or an e-book. I learned the best methods of creating videos and e-books for my information product. The course also tells you to create content to generate interest for your product.

The fifth week talks about upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is a technique where a customer is induced to purchase more expensive items, add-ons, or upgrades to make a more profitable sale. Cross-selling is where you sell different products or services to customers. The program also talks about attracting affiliates to promote your products. Having other individuals working to sell your products can be a large boost to your revenue.

The sixth week talks about increasing conversions and copywriting. Copywriting is writing text for advertising. The program tells you about how to create a landing page. A landing page is a website that the customer visits that has details on your product and how to purchase.

Clickbank University

$3.5 Billion

Clickbank University

100,000 People

Clickbank University

1,000 Millionaires

The seventh week talks about how to create a video sales letter (VSL). A VSL tells your audience about your product and gives details about how to purchase. A VSL can greatly increase the conversion rate of your product. The program talks about the standard format of VSLs and how to make them.

The eighth week talks about completing your product. Making sure that there are no major errors with your product is a good way to keep reviews positive. The program talks about methods to check your work and how to hire someone to check your work.

The ninth week talks about how to get your product onto ClickBank. The program tells you the exact process to put your product on ClickBank to start making money.

Traffic Center

Traffic Center

Exclusive ClickBank Community

Ex. ClickBank Community

Live Events

Live Events

The 10th week talks more about obtaining affiliates for your products. Affiliates are an excellent way to boost your sales. The program talks about where to market to affiliates and how to interest them in your product.

The 11th week talks about the basics of split testing. When you create an information product, you should create multiple landing pages to test different copy, ads, and graphics to determine what combination produces the most sales for your product.

The 12th week talks about scaling. Once you have a profitable product, you should promote your product on different channels to increase your profit. The program teaches you how to build a scaling plan.

I learned a lot from using ClickBank University. The program is excellent for someone wanting to create a new product and sell it on ClickBank. ClickBank has a tremendous amount of experience in creating information products. You are purchasing a product that will allow you to learn from an expert source.


  • Tremendous amount of information about selling a product on ClickBank.
  • Clear videos and instructions to help you learn.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • They only teach about paid traffic and do not teach about SEO and content marketing.

The second part of the program is for affiliates and is excellent. I’ve promoted some different products in the past, and ClickBank University taught me a lot of new ways to promote products that I didn’t know before.

Clickbank University

The first week covers the basics of affiliate marketing. The program introduces an affiliate marketing business plan to help you understand the business. The program also introduces concepts on how to set up goals for your business. I had never created a proper business plan for my affiliate business. After taking this program, I created a business plan that will help my affiliate business.

The second week goes through some of the basic terminology of affiliate marketing. For someone new to affiliate marketing, this week’s content will be helpful.

The third week talks about finding the right product for you to promote. If you are new to affiliate marketing, this week’s content will be helpful.

The fourth week talks about affiliate funnels and building squeeze pages. The program goes into some technical content about building squeeze pages that was useful for me.

The fifth week talks about building a list and how to hire someone to create your content. Being able to promote a variety of different affiliate products to your list can increase your profits as an affiliate marketer.

The sixth week talks about copywriting in general for an affiliate marketer.

The seventh week talks about email copywriting in affiliate marketing. The program also talks about building an email system for your business.

The eighth week talks about scaling your business as an affiliate and some traffic methods that are useful as an affiliate.


  • Excellent introduction to affiliate marketing for someone that does not know about the business.
  • Useful information about email marketing. The email marketing section goes into technical aspects.
  • I thought the section about Instagram traffic was powerful and interesting. I will use the tactics for my affiliate business.


  • Some parts a little bit basic. If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing though, you will not feel lost at any point.

Final Verdict

Overall, I thought ClickBank University offered me a lot of value. I would recommend the program for anyone wanting to create an information product or become an affiliate. ClickBank puts a lot of effort into making sure the program is excellent.


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