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When I had enough of being ghosted, I decided that it was time to try something new. Being a woman in the age of online dating is difficult because you run into some real creeps. Recently, I was able to find a better way to engage with men.

A few months ago, my love life was in shambles. I was going out on dates on a regular basis, but nothing I was doing was working for me. Some of the dates went well, so I was surprised to find that none of the men were following up with me.

Text Chemistry

I tried getting a makeover, and I put a lot of work into my appearance. However, I still had trouble getting a second date with most guys. It felt like they weren't getting my messages, and I felt needy for reaching out several times.

When I finally broke down crying about my situation, I decided to take action to find a suitable match for me. I knew that I was a good catch for someone, but I needed to learn how to talk to men. That's when I discovered Text Chemistry by Amy North.

Where Are All the Good Guys?

Since I had trouble finding a good match, I started blaming all the men that I had been seeing. I blamed them for being lazy about texting me. I thought that there was something wrong with all the guys who couldn't take time to text me back.

Text Chemistry

Blaming men helped me release some steam. I started to see that it wasn't all about me. Some men are jerks, so you need to do your best to find the right one to spend your time with. However, it's hard to find the one when you don't know what you're doing.

When I realized that I needed to get better at texting men, I decided to look for advice on the internet. The first place that I went was YouTube, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of dating advice available.

Even though there was a lot of advice, I found that most of it was garbage. For every dunce that I dated, I found 10 dunces wanting to give out advice on dating. I was ready to quit looking when I discovered the best dating advice I've ever found.

The advice comes from Amy North. She's a Canadian dating and relationship coach. She created a program that's targeted towards women. Text Chemistry is a way to take control of your relationships by learning how to talk to men.

Why Are All the Men Running Away?

When you have had enough of disappointing relationships, it’s time to quit wasting your time on shallow men. Find a good man that wants to be there for you. Find someone who will fulfill all of your needs; find a man that needs what you have.

Text Chemistry

Amy North helped me realize what I was doing wrong that was causing men to turn the other way. I've been able to improve my love life by taking some of Amy’s advice to heart. I'm not a relationship master yet, but I'm learning as much as I can.

This program helped show me what was missing in my communications with men. The words that we use are incredibly important. One of the easiest ways to express your emotions is by listening to your heart, but you can't text everything you feel to a man.

This program helped me understand the types of texts I should send to men. Take a look at the benefits of using Text Chemistry in the sections below. It even comes with bonus features to help guide your online dating experience.

Text Chemistry Gives You Power to Talk to Men

This course is designed to help women find and keep the men they desire. We all want to snag a good looking, rich man, but many women are having trouble keeping men on the line. If you're having trouble keeping men attracted to you, try this program.

Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry provides an inexpensive solution to these problems. While other programs cost hundreds of dollars, Text Chemistry is yours for a fraction of that cost. It also comes with a money-back guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product.

Amy North created and developed this program as a resource to help other women attract the men of their dreams. She's a dating coach who has done extensive research on the subject, so she put together her best tips for finding and keeping a good man.

Benefits of Using This Product: How Does Text Chemistry Work?

  • Gain Confidence to Generate Meaningful Texts: When you need help writing texts that keep men interested in you, turning to this program is sure to give you an arsenal of information. You'll be receiving advice from a professional dating coach that’ll give you an extra boost of confidence.
  • Gain Insight on What Went Wrong and Get Your Ex Back: This program includes a special section that's designed to help you fire up an old relationship. If you wish things hadn't ended with an ex, you're in luck. Use this advice to make him wish he would have never left you.
  • Product Includes Three Bonus Items: If the main product offerings for Text Chemistry aren't enough, you shouldn't worry because this product has three additional bonus items to help you navigate through dating experiences.

What's Included in This Product?


Section 1: About Getting Men to Stop Ignoring Your Messages.


Section 2: About Crafting E-Glow Texts That Keep Your Man Adoring You.


Section 3: About Texting an Ex to Get Him Back.


Section 4: About Fixing a Relationship That Has Become Stale.


Section 5: About Texting the Right Words to Make a Man Yearn for You.


Section 6: About Decoding the Messages That Men Send Through Texts.


Section 7: About Subliminal Messages to Signal That You Want a Serious Relationship.


Section 8: About Sending Texts That Make Your Man Miss Seeing You.


Section 9: About Taking and Sending a Picture to Express Yourself.


Section 10: About Getting a Man to Go Crazy for You.


Section 11: About Getting Over Fears of Talking to Your Man Over the Phone.


Section 12: About Getting Your Crush to Focus More on You Than Anything Else in Life.


  • Advice From a Professional: If you need advice on dating, you better make sure you are getting it from a trustworthy source. There's a lot of information available from people who don't know the first thing about talking to members of the opposite sex. Take advice from a professional who has spent plenty of time researching dating.
  • Revitalize an Old Relationship: While this program gives you advice to talk to new men that you meet, you'll also be equipped with knowledge and practical steps to bring back an old relationship. If you wish things had kept going with an old relationship, Text Chemistry will show you how to bring him back.
  • Learn to Express Yourself on the Phone: Since we’re wired to do everything in life with our phones, it's no wonder why talking to a man through texts is incredibly important. You'll learn everything there is to know about texting and talking to a man to keep him coming back for more.


  • It Takes a Lot of Courage to Keep Going: The hardest part of committing to this program is powering through difficult relationships. However, you will find the right person if you keep going. Text Chemistry gives you the ability to attract men through texting, but you'll need to be persistent at using this advice to your benefit.
  • No Tangible Product: Some people might be put off by the fact that this program doesn't come with a tangible product offering. It's an ebook solution, so all of the materials exist online. Although you could print out everything to read, ebooks are conveniently organized in the digital world.

Should You Purchase This Product? Here's My Opinion

If you are having trouble attracting and keeping the man that you desire, Text Chemistry might be the right solution for you. You'll need to be persistent to keep a man interested in you, and Text Chemistry gives you all the advice that you'll need to keep trying to win the heart of a good man. It's an affordable program that comes with a money-back guarantee, so it's worth trying as a remedy to solve your dating crisis.


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