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One of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my lifetime was building a small business. And what makes it even better is that I am able to run it the way I want. And having a few loyal employees working for me is just another awesome thing about it. However, there is one thing that isn’t so easy about it. And that’s keeping track of all the finances.

Doing it the old fashioned way is frustrating. Take payroll for instance. Doing it the old fashioned way is tough. And I’m more likely to make mistakes that might cost me in the long run. Not that it’s happened to me before. But I have heard horror stories about payroll getting messed up and how it cost the business more than it had to. So I did what any other smart business owner would do. I had to find a software solution. That’s when I came across QuickBooks Payroll.

QuickBooks Payroll

Now, doing business payroll is easier than ever. Plus, I can say goodbye to doing things the old fashioned way. We live in a world where we rely solely on technology. Isn’t it about time that we did the same when it comes to running our business?

QuickBooks Payroll Features

  • Helps you automatically calculate your payroll so that it can take out taxes and other deductions from paychecks.
  • Creates reports with seamless effort and keeps everything well organized.
  • Designed for small businesses with few employees or less than 100. Do payroll your way without the paperwork or complicated math.
  • Can file your state and federal taxes including payroll, social security, medical insurance, and other expenses.
  • Keep track of same-day direct deposits so you know that your employees are paid on time, every time.

Makes Payroll Easy

Here’s the thing about payroll. It takes a lot of number crunching. You have to take out a certain amount for taxes, benefit deductions, and so on. And I know how frustrating it can be for a business owner. Not to mention, it’s a lot of heavy lifting when you do it manually.

QuickBooks Payroll

However, with QuickBooks Payroll, I am able to do less work and be able to organize everything entirely so that all the number crunching is left to QuickBooks. Especially when it comes to automatically deduct your state and federal taxes.

Plus, with all these deductions you can be able to make tax filing a lot easier. If you are looking for something that will prevent you from banging your head up against the wall in frustration for potentially miscalculating, you are not alone.

Automatic Payroll

There is not enough time in the day to do payroll. That’s another reason why I decided on QuickBooks Payroll. Because when I have it set up, I can have it automated so I can do payroll without lifting a finger or spending so much time. You see, it’s easy to set up and everything will be taken out automatically.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks is smart like that. It knows your state’s tax rates and the federal tax rates of your employees. I can say for certain that I no longer have to do any research on any payroll changes. QuickBooks stays ahead of the curve and always updates just in case any changes have been made. If you are looking for an automated, paperless solution to payroll then you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else on the market.

Easy Time Tracking

Think it’s tough to track punch in and punch out times? Yeah, I know the feeling. With QuickBooks, you can be able to get an automatic time tracking tool that will sync to the software itself and make payroll organization a whole lot easier. Why settle for that clunky plastic box and time cards?

QuickBooks Payroll

You can get people to quickly clock in or clock out and have everything in place when the time comes for payroll. If only I can get people to remember how to do it. Sometimes it happens, especially when we’re in a rush and need to serve customers on business days. But no problem. As long as I have the time data I need, I can punch it in and call it good.

Easy Tax Filing

I know how tough it can be filing taxes. And by the way, it does require quite a bit of paperwork if you do it the old fashioned-way. With the QuickBooks Payroll, I am able to get the job done.

QuickBooks Payroll

So when tax time comes, I am able to organize and file so my employees are able to file their taxes on time and get the refunds they need. Plus, it makes it easier for me because I don’t have to figure out which forms I need to use to file. QuickBooks has it all there for me.

Same Day Direct Deposit

QuickBooks Payroll

All of my employees opted for direct deposit payment. And I can’t say I blame them. Plus, it saves me a bit on paper. But that’s just me. With Same-Day Direct Deposit, I am able to do the payroll fairly quickly and then transfer the funds that are sent to my employees into their bank accounts later that same day. Payday for my employees has never been more exciting. They worked hard and they earned every dollar.


  • Perfect for small business payroll.
  • Easily and automatically deducts taxes and does the entire payroll process.
  • Same day deposit is quick and easy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Learning curve is not too steep.
  • Makes tax filing a lot easier for business owners.


  • Might be expensive for the business owner on a budget.

Final Verdict

If you are a business owner that is struggling to do payroll the right way, QuickBooks Payroll is the one solution that you’ll need. It’s got all the features you need to make doing payroll quickly and seamlessly. No more paperwork, no more mathematical mistakes, no problem. You can do your payroll automatically in minutes instead of spending hours trying to figure everything out. It’s also the best option just in case you decide to go paperless.


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