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Have you ever wished you had an easy way to convert a document to PDF so it's easier to read and share? That's what PDF converter tools aim to do. With this type of software, you can convert varying file types into a read-only PDF. Some also let you convert PDFs into other file types.

The right option for you will vary depending on your needs. Some tools have collaborative options that let you create and share different documents in the workplace. Others allow you to optimize your content for distribution, which is ideal if you're creating e-books or other important digital commodities.

I've taken a look at some of the most popular converters on the internet and narrowed down my top five picks.

Top 5: Best PDF Converter Review

Recommendation #1

ABBYY Finereader


Recommendation #3

Adobe Acrobat Pro


Recommendation #4



Recommendation #5

Soda PDF


#1. ABBYY Finereader (PDF Converter)

ABBYY Finereader

Finereader is designed for professionals who work digitally. Many companies encourage collaborative projects between people who communicate mostly through the internet. For those who work at home, communication may happen solely through the net rather than in-person meetings.

The OCR technology uses artificial intelligence to edit, collaborate, protect, share, and digitize many different types of documents. In addition to converting to and from PDF format, you can convert between multiple other types of file format without needing to alter your workflow.

ABBYY Finereader

For individual work, the software is filled with helpful features including:

  • Editing and organizing PDFs.
  • Creating and converting PDFs.
  • Comparing different document formats.
  • Digitizing scans and paper documents.
  • Automating your digitization process.
  • Using a universal PDF tool to work.

When you're working as part of a collaborative team, you can also collaborate on different PDFs and give administrator approval. Different team members can be given different adjustable permissions.

It's also possible to protect and sign PDFs for an extra layer of security when working with sensitive information.


  • There are comprehensive collaboration tools that allow multiple people to edit and work on a PDF.
  • Different team members can be given different administrator permissions, including one supervisor who can approve documents or send them back for further revision.
  • Organizing, copying, reusing, and navigating through different PDFs is very easy thanks to the comprehensive file system and metadata tagging.


  • The software tends to be rather expensive, particularly if you don't need to use the collaboration features.
Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare is a converter system that focuses on providing quality PDF conversion at affordable price ranges. While it doesn't have all of the same collaboration features that the previous item on the list boasts, this does make it a less pricey option for those who only need the service for individual work.

A free trial is available for both Windows and Mac systems. Among the multiple file formats that can be converted are EPUBs, Microsoft Office specific file types, and specific types of images. This is ideal if you're working with a PDF that you need to edit in a specific Office program or EPUB processor.

Wondershare PDF Converter

Another compelling feature of this option is that you can convert PDFs with password protection features. If there are passwords restricting your ability to print, edit, and copy, you can unlock them and set them to a convertible format in a single step. That said, files containing open passwords do need the password if you want to convert them.

Multiple files can be converted into a single PDF or other document, so it's ideal if you need to combine multiple image and text documents. The software is also praised for being highly stable and having flexible output options. Converted files retain the original layout of the fonts and images.

One key feature is the interface. When you purchase the software, you'll be given access to a user menu with an intuitive layout. You don't need to push many buttons to convert your documents, and you barely need any knowledge of command coding. That makes this a great software option for those unfamiliar with programming languages.


  • The software comes with a user-friendly interface that lets you easily upload and convert documents without needing any prior knowledge of programming language.
  • Certain password-protected files can be unlocked and converted, though you will need the passcode for documents with open passwords.
  • There are multiple output options including the ability to combine multiple files into one PDF, convert to EPUB, or convert to Microsoft Office document types for further editing.


  • The converter lacks the collaborative team features and robust permissions that you get with the previous option.

#3. Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF Converter)

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe is known for creating a multitude of different software products that allow you to work creatively through your digital device. The company's PDF converter is one more offering to add to a robust set of convenient office tools. This is a fairly collaborative option designed for professional environments.

The standard DC is available for Windows and costs $12.99 monthly. You do need to keep paying on a subscription basis to use it, and you need to make an annual commitment, which means you might have to pay extra up front when compared to other options.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

With the standard option, you can edit, create, and sign your PDFs. The Pro DC option has the same capabilities, but it's available for all devices including Windows and Mac. You can purchase team licenses if you need multiple team members to work on the same PDFs simultaneously.

Team licenses are available at two different tiers: team and enterprise. All team plans let you add team members as your needs grow, package custom content, integrate with Microsoft Office and other popular business applications, and receive the protection of Microsoft Information Protection solutions.

When you opt for an enterprise license, you also have access to the following features:

  • Volume discounts available when purchasing ten or more licenses at a time.
  • Ability to deploy the system with named users.
  • Ability to assign multiple admins for support, user groups, projects, and document deployment.

The editing and conversion features in the software remain standard across all pricing tiers. The differences are in how many licenses are available and how many platforms the program can run on.


  • Team licenses are available to allow collaboration between team members in a professional environment, with enterprise licenses for larger companies.
  • All open PDFs are subject to protection solutions to help prevent data from being stolen or misused.
  • Enterprise solutions allow you to assign multiple administrators with different permissions for different projects and groups.


  • Licenses can only be purchased with an annual commitment, so you need to pay more out of pocket up-front than with similar services that require only monthly payments.

#4. Pdfelement (PDF COnverter)


PDFelement is a conversion solution available for Windows platforms including Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This is a subset of Wondershare's offerings. For those who don't need all the extra features and only want the PDF-related options, this is a pared-down and affordable version of the company's software.

The system allows you to upload PDFs and convert them to a variety of different layouts, including file types specific to Microsoft Office. In addition, you can use a full-featured word processor to edit your PDFs even before they're converted, ideal for people who want to use PDFs for non-read-only purposes.


Streamlined collaborative features are also part of this program. Though they don't have as much detail as systems that allow for different system permissions, you can comment on documents. Customers and colleagues alike can offer feedback on content in real time for more efficient communication.

You can create PDF forms in the word processor by uploading documents or working from scratch. Distributing them is simple. When you collect completed forms, you can combine all of the user input to create analysis charts. The information can also be exported to a spreadsheet.

These features make this one of the most appealing PDF converters for those who need to distribute surveys and forms to a wide range of people. The process of organizing and analyzing the data is automated for you.


  • The system comes with a fully equipped word processor that lets you create PDFs from scratch including headers, layouts, charts, images, and text.
  • You can distribute interactive forms, run analytics on the collected forms, and automatically export all gathered form answers into a spreadsheet.
  • There are real-time commenting capabilities for teams and customers to give feedback on content.


  • Conversion between non-PDF file types is fairly limited, and the system works better for creating PDFs from scratch than using existing documents.

#5. Soda PDF (PDF Converter)

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an intuitive PDF converting software that can work through a desktop client or through your web browser. Solutions are available for both individuals and businesses. Unlike many other options, this software is designed for use on all devices with internet access, including smartphones and tablets.

More than 300 different document types can be converted to PDF. You can also convert PDFs into multiple file types. The software comes with tools that allow PDF editing and the creation of custom forms. Files can be annotated. You can also sign documents and track contracts you send out for signatures.

Soda PDF

Another ideal aspect of this converter is that you can use many of the features for free. The tools will open in your web browser, or you can download the interface onto your desktop for free.

By using the company's electronic signature service, you can do the following:

  • Prepare legally binding documents.
  • Distribute these documents for signatures.
  • Track which documents have been signed through your email.

This optimizes the service for those who create electronic contracts.


  • The signature service lets you prepare and distribute legal contracts, and you can track which ones have been signed over time.
  • The software works across all devices that can access a web browser, including smartphones and tablets in addition to the desktop client.
  • The system can be tried for free through downloading the desktop application or opening the software in your web browser.


  • The collaborative and analytical features are fairly limited.

Best PDF Converter

Abbyy's Converter is our top choice overall. Not only does this software allow you to collaborate with team members and assign different administrator permissions, but it also has an unbeatable PDF organizational system. You can use the search tools to find and duplicate parts of PDFs, and you can even automate the digitization of your company.

Whether you're working as an individual or a collaborator, there's very little not to like about Abbyy's setup.

ABBYY Finereader

For ease of use for individuals, Wondershare has the best available options. The interface is intuitive and allows you to easily upload and convert files between types. You don't need any background in commands or programming language, and you can combine multiple files into a single document.

Adobe Acrobat is our top pick for PDF converters if you need something for a large company. With an enterprise license, you can add multiple team members and assign different administrator permissions. Different users can have individual usernames, and you also get potential discounts for buying ten or more licenses at once.

Frequently Asked Questions - PDF Converters

Can I Edit a PDF?

PDFs are designed to be read-only. However, if you're using specific software made for PDF editing, then you can make changes to the document. Many converter software choices have their own tool sets for this purpose.

Can I Convert PDFs to Word Documents?

Microsoft Office products have specific file types that can only be opened by that program. There are a number of converters that can turn PDFs into these file types and vice versa. Make sure you look for one that specifies that it's compatible with Microsoft Office.


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