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If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s being creative. I can put together a good logo in a matter of minutes. All you need me to do is tell me a little bit about yourself, the business you run, and the backstory of how it all started. I firmly believe that a logo best reflects someone’s personal values. I also believe a logo is great for brand identity and building trust with customers. If you are looking to build a trusting relationship with your customers or clients, it always comes down to delivering great service.

If you are a creative person that can create logos, there’s a place where you can create them and even sell them to businesses who are looking for that personalized design that is in touch with their brand. Brandcrowd is my kind of place where I can create a logo and make it available to those who want a logo based on my own work. I like to draw inspiration (no pun intended) for someone who is trying to build an identity for their business or brand.


Brandcrowd Features

  • Are you someone that is creative? You can use the logo maker so you can create one from scratch. Use it for your own brand or sell it so someone else can rely on it for their own brand identity.
  • Search the library of existing logos that you can use for your business or brand. Perfect for when you are not so much of the creative type and you want something quick and close enough to your own personal brand.
  • Take pride in your artwork and help someone who might need a logo. You can sell your work and get paid every time someone uses your design.

Design Your Own Logo

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no creative by any stretch of the imagination. But what if you are? That’s where the logo maker comes into play. You can use the logo maker to create one from scratch. I love when ideas that are hatched in my own mind are developed right in front of my very eyes. From idea to reality, your logo will come to life. 


Once you put on the finishing touches, you’ll proudly display it on your site or maybe sell it to someone who might need it. There is no limit to how many logos you can create. After all, even if you are wrestling with more than one concept you’ll end up choosing one logo design at the end for yourself.

Logo Library

I find the logo library to be a good place to find some cool logo ideas. Creatives will definitely use this to get some kind of inspiration out of their work. Even if you don’t want to waste time creating a logo, you can find one that might be close enough to the idea you had in mind.


You can find plenty of logos that are relevant to various industries. You can also get logos based on your relevant keywords of choice. There are literally a ton of logo designs to choose from. If you’re hunting for a logo, I expect you to be on there for a while so you can be able to find the perfect one for yourself.

Sell Your Logo

These days, a lot of people are inclined to sell their creative works on the Internet. With Brandcrowd, this is your chance to do so. You can create logos that will look sharp, beautiful, and will give someone’s identity the recognition they might need. I know a girl who is quite creative with logos. 


When she was making them from scratch, I suggested that she should do it for other people. She was kind of hesitant at first. So I told her to check out Brandcrowd and give it a try. She went right to work and whipped up a couple of logos for an industry that she was familiar with. In a matter of time, her logos were selling like mad. She knew what customers in her industry were looking for when it came to brand identity.

Business Card Maker

Did you think Brandcrowd only focused on logos? Think again. One great thing about having a business is leveraging your business card. Another one of my business pals will create flyers and staple a business card to each of them so people who were interested in his services would contact him using the information displayed. 


You have no idea how many times people have called him to say “I found your number on the business card” I found. If you are looking to exchange contact information or get creative with your marketing, designing the best business card is what you need to do.


  • Plenty of pre-made designs.
  • Free logo designer.
  • Logo maker is easy to navigate.
  • Great for those who are creators.
  • Sellers get 60% commission on each logo they sell.


  • Customer service options seem to be limited.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a logo or love to create them from scratch, Brandcrowd might be your go-to option. Whether you make one for your self or for others, I highly recommend this site for anyone who is in the market for a logo so they can build their business or brand from the ground up. A good logo will definitely reflect on your business. So choose your logo wisely or create one that will best describe your brand.


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