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There’s nothing quite as mesmerizing as mosaic tile in the kitchen or the bathroom. No matter how modern your tile is, you always look at mosaic alternatives as timeless alternatives. This was also my case.

I went on a holiday with my family and we tried working out where the tile we saw on our Marrakech trip can be purchases back home. Our medina looked fantastic. After a few quick web searches, I found Mosaic tile and it impressed me with its selection of products and styles to suit my home.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

Ordering was easy and I found a professional to remodel my kitchen. Today, when the mosaic is both on the wall and on the floor, I’ve managed to recreate that special holiday oriental vibe in my home. Mosaic Tile’s Look Book helped a lot. I was inspired by their suggestions.

Mosaic Tile Features

  • All mosaic tile can be purchased online.
  • Application includes interior and interior use.
  • The company sells floor tile, wall tile, and pool tile.
  • Patterns vary from Arabesque to Subway.
  • Finish varies from crackle and frosted to translucent.
  • Materials include ceramics, glass, marble, and metal.
  • Both classic and modern tile is in stock.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Company Review

Mosaic Tile Outlet has been in business for over 20 years. In the meantime, the company expanded its traded tile to multiple indoor and outdoor styles. Today, the company prides itself as one of the leaders in this segment on the market. To celebrate their role, Mosaic Tile Outlet always maintains a free shipping policy.

Exterior Floor Tile

Exterior floor tile is now added to the company’s product portfolio. It is characterized by added ruggedness needed to face the elements. Either out in the rain or out in the sun, the tile resists for years.

Designs are similar to what the company trades in their interior floor tile. You can match your own outdoor space with your indoor space.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

After remodeling my kitchen, I’m now planning an outdoor barbeque area. On the ground, I want to lay mosaic tile similar to the one in my kitchen to maintain visual symmetry.

I’ve used tile called Floral Sage Green. I think it embodies my preferences. With its sage green, black, white and matte finish, it is very attractive inside the house and everybody is complimenting me on the choice.

Exterior Wall

Those who want to create unique spaces outside their home have the option of using exterior wall mosaic tile. For me, this is not an option at the moment. However, if one day I’ll decide to add this type of tile on one of my home’s walls, it’s going to be black grey porcelain.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

I find these types of porcelain tile pieces to be the most inspiring. At the moment, they’re even on sale at Mosaic Tile Outlet and I might reconsider my position according to how my barbeque area ends up.

Exterior Countertops

Without requiring maintenance, exterior countertop tile is going to be my first choice for my barbeque space. I already have my eyes on a floral design even if my wife loves Mediterranean tile she saw at Mosaic Tile Outlet.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

This is going to be a small project with a small budget for me. I only plan to cover a small cement table to create an area to lay my food while preparing delicious barbeque grills.

Interior Floor

When I ordered my interior floor tile I wasn’t expecting as many designs to choose from. But today, there are even more. Since I was looking for a special vibe and aesthetic of the kitchen, I’ve chosen floral tile I laid in groups of 4.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

The final results are impressive. Even more, if I decide I want to change the look, I can simply take the tile out and re-arrange it without having to purchase new tile. This is the advantage of colored floral tile as opposed to plain-colored tile.

Interior Wall

Now that I’ve seen the options I can have in my kitchen, I know that combining interior wall tile was not a bad idea. I combined hexagonal tile with floral and linear subway-style. The idea came to me browsing Mosaic Tile Outlet’s look book.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

The final result on the wall is impressive. At some level, it elevates the overall look of my kitchen. Of course, I needed to add top-quality furniture in as well. However, I’m now also interested in puzzle-like tile I see the company stocks. It looks interesting and different from everything I’ve seen so far.

Interior Fireplaces

Arabesque gray is the name of the tile I want to cover my fireplace with. It’s simply too good not to use it. Sure, the tile is smaller than many modern alternatives and the project is going to take one or 2 days more. But I think it’s worth it.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review

I also think there needs to be some sort of theme inside any house for the tile. Mine remains arabesque-inspired and I’m happy to find all types of tile at Mosaic Tile Outlet.

Interior Showers

While I like arabesque tile in general, I don’t think it works for the shower. On the official company website, there’s a newly published type of tile called teardrop. It has a translucent look and I think it suits the shower area well. It’s a bit more expensive than traditional tile but in line with other translucent alternatives’ prices.


Prices vary from case to case. My kitchen tile was $1.99 per piece. The same price is seen on my outdoor barbeque project. However, translucent tile is more expensive. As a result, my selected teardrop translucent shower tile cost $18.99 per square foot. I’m already saving up to add this fantastic tile to my bathroom.

Mosaic Tile Outlet Review


All orders on are shipped free of charge. If you place an order in the morning, it leaves the warehouse the same day, at 3PM. This means you can expect the delivery between 1 and 3 days in the East Coast. It takes 1 to 4 days for Midwest deliveries to arrive. In the West, deliveries arrive between 3 and 5 days after placing an order.


  • The company stocks oriental style tile.
  • There are thousands of designs to choose from.
  • Many discounts through the year.


  • Returning the fragile tile can be a hassle.

Final Verdict

With my clear views on how I want my home to look, Mosaic Tile Outlet is going to be where I buy my tile. It’s going to have a lot of oriental inspiration. In a way, I’m glad I postponed my outdoors project as the tile I want is now on discount at the retailer.

However, the tile is not expensive given its quality. Even the ceramics’ tile is very sturdy. But there’s hope if you’re not like me and you don’t know how you want your home to look. Mosaic Tile Outlet publishes an interesting look book.

However, there’s an easier way to get inspiration for your tile projects. Just check Mosaic Tile Outlet’s Instagram profile. The company publishes the final results of their tile in their customer’s homes. You benefit from a better perspective with this method of shopping than simply looking at plain tile slabs.


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