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Are you looking for a solution to keep water out of your basement? Perhaps your existing sump pump has started failing, and it is time for a new one. Whatever your reasons for looking for a new sump pump, you've come to the right place.

In the article below, we've reviewed five of the top options when you're on the hunt for a new sump pump. We'll share the features and benefits of each option to help you decide which product is right for your space.

Top 5: Sump Pumps Review

Recommendation #2


The Liberty Pumps 287 1/2-Horsepower Sump Pump comes with a powerful, high-output ½-horsepower motor. This product is designed to be used in sump pits that are at least 10 inches in diameter. It has a maximum head of 37 feet, so it will be able to pump water up from most basements. This option is also able to pump up to 67 gallons per minute, allowing it to easily handle large amounts of water.

The motor in this product is hermetically sealed within a durable cast iron housing. The motor can safely be submerged in water, so you won't need to worry about it getting damaged. Thermal overload protection will prevent the motor from overheating.

Other features of this option include the stainless-steel removable screen on the bottom, the lubricated upper and lower bearings, and the stainless-steel rotor shaft. The unit also includes a quick-disconnect 10-foot power cord. This feature is designed to make it quick and easy to replace the power cord.


  • It has a maximum head of 37 feet.
  • This model can pump up to 67 gallons of water each minute.
  • The motor is hermetically sealed and submersible.


  • This is the most expensive option on our list.

Another quality submersible sump pump to consider is the Zoeller M53 Might-Mate Sump Pump. This is a 1/3-horsepower option that will help prevent your basement from flooding. It is an automatic option that has an integral float-activated switch.

The housing of this product is made using a durable, long-lasting cast iron material. Additionally, the motor and switch case are also made from cast iron. The pump has a plastic vortex impeller.

This pump's motor is oil-filled and comes with thermal overload protection. The pump includes a 1.5-inch discharge and is able to pass solids up to .5 inches wide.

This option can pump up to 43 gallons per water each minute.


  • This option features a durable cast iron motor, housing, and switch case.
  • The motor offers thermal overload protection.
  • It can pass solids up to .5 inches wide.


  • Other options can pump more gallons per minute.

You're sure to be satisfied if you choose the purchase the WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Sump Pump. This model is designed to be durable and last for many years to come. It has a fully submersible cast iron pump base and stainless-steel motor housing. The vertical float switch has been tested to last up to one million cycles.

Each hour, this pump delivers a flow rate of up to 5,490 gallons of water. With a 10-foot discharge lift, the flow rate is still high at around 4,600 gallons.

This model has a top suction design. This design helps reduce close and eliminates air lock. You will not need a weep hole with this design.

You won't need to worry about hearing this product when it is working. It is designed to operate very quietly.

This pump is also designed to be quick and easy to install. If you know what you're doing (or if you're paying a professional), it should only take about 15 minutes to install. It is assembled in The United States using both domestic and foreign parts.


  • This is a powerful 3/4-horsepower option to consider.
  • Depending on the discharge height, the flow rate may be as high as 5,490 gallons per hour.
  • It operates very quietly, so it won't disturb you.


  • Your sump basin will need to have a diameter of at least 11 inches for you to use this model.

The WAYNE CDU790 1/3 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Steel Sump Pump is another quality option you'll want to consider. This model has been tested up to one-million cycles, so you can feel comfortable that it is built to last.

This is a durable pump; it has a cast iron housing that is designed to hold up well and last for a long time. The pump also includes a quality oil-filed motor that will also continue to work for many years to come.

It includes a mechanical float switch that is designed to ensure the pump operates reliably. This switch also helps make it easier to install the sump pump. You will need a basin with a diameter of at least 11 inches to install this option.

The top of the pump features a suction strainer to filter out debris and prevent the pump from getting clogged. Since the housing is made from cast iron, you won't need to worry about corrosion or leaks when you choose this option. Additionally, no weep holes are required with this product.

This is a 1/3-horsepower unit. It is capable of pumping up to 4,600 gallons every hour, depending on the discharge height. With a 10-foot discharge height, it will pump up to 3,060 gallons per hour, and with a 20-foot discharge height it will pump up to 1,200 gallons per hour.


  • This product can pump up to 4,600 gallons of water each hour.
  • The mechanical float switch helps this product to operate reliably.
  • The cast iron housing prevents leaks and corrosion.


  • The gallons pumped per hour decreases pretty significantly has the discharge height increases.

A final option for you to consider is the Superior Pump Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump. This option has 1/3-horsepower while allows it to pump up to 2,760 gallons of water every hour. It can be used in depths up to 25 feet.

This is also a durable option that is made from cast iron. The motor housing is one-piece to effectively seal the motor in and prevent it from getting damaged by water or debris.

A few other features offered by this product are the O-ring motor seals, solid copper windings, and split capacitator. It also has a 10-foot cord to help you easily find the right spot to plug it in.

The vertical float switch on this model automatically triggers the pump to turn on when there is water and turns it off when there is no water to pump out.


  • This product features a one-piece cast iron motor housing to prevent water from getting into the motor.
  • You can use this product in basements up to 25 feet deep.
  • The vertical float switch automatically turns the unit on when there is water.


  • Other options are able to pump more gallons of water in an hour.

Buying Guide

If your basement is prone to flooding or moisture, you'll want to purchase a sump pump. The money you invest in a quality sump pump can save you tons down the road by preventing a costly flood. Before selecting a sump pump to purchase, you will want to compare the features and specifications of each model and consider what you'll need for your space.

First, you will want to decide whether you want a submersible pump or a pedestal pump. Assuming you have the space for it, a submersible pump is typically the best way to go. This option is more air tight to reduce moisture from being released in your space and has a lid to reduce noise and keep debris out.

Next, you should look at the materials used to make the core of the sump pump. Choose a product with a cast iron core over one with a plastic core as it will be more durable and help the pump last longer.

You may also want to find a product that has an alarm. The alarm can alert you if the water reaches a specific level, allowing you to act quickly and prevent a leak.

Another important design feature to look for is a no-screen intake design along with an impellor able to handles objects to with a diameter of up to half and inch. This will help reduce the chance that your sump pump will clog and fail.

Finally, consider the cost of the different options. While you should pay attention to the price of each model, don't let this be the only factor you use to make your decision. Choosing a quality product may cost a little more now, but it can save you from dealing with thousands of dollars' worth of damages in the future if the cheaper pump fails and your basement floods.

Top Pick

We selected the Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump as our top pick. This option offers a powerful ½-horsepower motor that will work to prevent any water from accumulating in your space. It can pump up to 67 gallons of water each minute and has a maximum head of 37 feet. These two features work together to help the pump keep water out of your basement and sent it up and away from your home.

This pump also features a hermetically sealed motor. The motor is housed in a durable cast iron area. It also has thermal overload protection to make sure the motor does not overheat.

Another feature you'll like is the quick-disconnect 10-foot power cord. In the event the power cord needs to be replaced, you'll be able to do so very easily. This model also has lubricated upper and lower bearings, a stainless-steel rotor shaft, and a stainless-steel removable screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

Sump pumps work to pump water out of a pit and keep it away from the basement/crawlspace where it was installed. Water flows into the sump pump and then gets discharged through a pipe that runs away from a house. Without a sump pump, many basements would flood with water.

How Many Years Do Sump Pumps Last?

The average lifespan of a sump pump is around 10 years. However, different factors including how frequently the pump is used can impact its lifespan.

Can I Install a Sump Pump Myself?

Unless you have a lot of plumping knowledge and carpentry skill, you will probably want to hire a professional to install your sump pump. Generally, sump pumps are also installed with a drain tile system to increase the effectives of the pump and keep water out of your basement. Installing both of these components will be very time-consuming and require a lot of technical work and knowledge, so it is probably best left to a professional who will be able to ensure that everything is properly installed.

Final Verdict

The Liberty Pumps 287 1/2-Horsepower Sump Pump will help keep your basement dry and protected. Place your order today so you can get your new sump pump installed soon!


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