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After decades of working at the desk, I was starting to lose hope of ever being able to sit up straight. No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to have the hunched back posture at the computer. It even seemed tiring to stand with a straight back for more than an hour.

Exercising helped, of course. But an hour at the gym compared to 8 sittings wasn’t helping my case. After some research, I found Backjoy’s products to offer an interesting solution. Now, after a few months of using it, here’s my opinion.


I chose SitSmart Core Lux which is the high-end product for improved posture. I liked its cushioning and the whole concept. What attracted me to the SitSmart Core Lux was its versatility. I could place it on any chair either at the office or at home to sit up straighter and improve my posture.

Backjoy Features

  • Products include SitSmart Core Lux and SitSmart Posture Core.
  • Other more affordable options include thinner cushioning products.
  • Also makes lumbar support pads and trigger point massager.
  • The manufacturer also sells soothing creams.
  • Posture seats can be purchased online and at various retailers.
  • It takes 2 to 7 days to receive the posture seats after placing an order on
  • All products are shipped for free.
  • There’s a medical advisory board behind the design of the posture seats.

Ergonomic Design

The entire concept of the Backjoy seats is based on ergonomics. It is the type of seat that corrects the inadequate posture you rely on with other seats. At the office, my seat is not uncomfortable. However, it doesn’t improve my posture at all.


I’ve struggled with proper posture for years. When I found the chair which helped my back, it had no armrests. Needless to say, my shoulders hurt after only 2 hours of sitting. But Backjoy seats are placed on top of your regular chair, in the car or even directly on the floor promoting a new type of sitting.

Soft Cushioning Support

SitSmart Core Lux comes with minimum cushioning. It’s not as cushioned as a regular seat, but it doesn’t have to be. The soft cushion is then covered in velvet-like materials which makes it pleasant. Since there are a few holes in the seat, ventilation is also good as it doesn’t allow me to sweat while sitting for hours.


Anti-Slip Areas

The added anti-slip areas are why I chose the SitSmart Core Lux in comparison to other similar products. 4 areas added to the velvety cover act as anti-slip surfaces. You are practically fixed in place before you can slip off the seat. Given its rounded shape, I can see it happening more often than not without the anti-slip insertions.

Sculpted Design with Added Flexion

When I ordered my Backjoy seat, I was expecting it to be very rigid. However, it’s much more flexible than expected. It flexes with my body and this feels particularly helpful when moving around. The flexion reduces the pressure on the low back and a fixed rigid alternative would have been hard to sit on for hours.


Built-In Finger Grips

After sitting for a few weeks, I finally realized how to do it properly. At first, I wasn’t sure as to where to place my back and my glutes on the seat. Whenever I made adjustments, I simply felt I wasn’t using it correctly.

Then I e-mailed Backjoy. They told me it’s natural to re-adjust the seat as often as needed. They added finger-grips in front of the seat precisely for this reason. Since it tilts the pelvis forward, the seat also moves the pressure from the lower back and it allows you to sit upright properly. But you need these small adjustments when sitting every day.

Prices and Payment Methods

I paid $69.99 for the SitSmart Core Lux. I was debating it with a colleague over the $49.99 SitSmart Posture Core. However, these are the 2 top options made for those who sit 30-40 hours per week.

SitSmart Core Lux

Simpler and more affordable seats are available at Backjoy. For example, the SitSmart Releaf seat is now sold at $29.99. While it doesn’t have the same velvety-cover my seat has, its principles are the same as are the benefits of the posture.


There’s a free shipping policy on Backjoy’s website. I’m not sure how this works when the seats are purchases from other retailers. But I know also offers free returns.


In normal circumstances without any delays, it takes anywhere between 2 and 7 days to receive your Backjoy posture seat. Shipping to Canada is made by UPS and they may take up to 30 days to complete.

However, all of your online ordering fears can be minimized with order tracking. When you make a purchase, you need to sing up for a customer’s account on You’ll be able to return here to check the status of your order.

When Not to Use Backjoy Posture Seats?

I think there are many causes of poor posture. For me, it was the lack of attention needed to correct my posture on my own through the day. However, age is one of the determining factors as core muscles weaken.


High heels, pregnancy, and desk jobs have their say in the correctness of your posture. But I also believe not everybody should use Backjoy posture seats. For example, if you have a pre-existing back problem, you should discuss the potential purchase with your doctor.

In most situations, the Backjoy seat can’t further negatively impact your posture. But if you have issues such as scoliosis, you would need a custom sitting solution and in this case, your doctor is the only professional who can make a proper assessment of how a seat should look for your problem.

Backjoy Botanicals

Backjoy expanded its range of products. Those experiencing back pain may benefit from certain creams specifically made to alleviate back pain. There’s an Emu cream with menthol extract I want to order for myself.

Soothing Cream with Emu Oil and Menthol by BackJoy Botanicals

This cream can be applied to any area of the body for pain relief. Its Botanical name is inspired from some of its natural ingredients. From what I can tell, the name comes from the essential oils in the cream.

If the cream works for my low back discomfort, I’ll also consider the Perfect Fit Lumbar Support. This is a new Backjoy product. It installs on the backrest of your chair and it aims to further reduce the pressure on the lower back by supporting your lumbar area. It’s also available at $29.99, just as the most affordable posture seat.

Backjoy Promo Codes

We will keep the latest and most up to date Backjoy coupon codes & discounts listed below!

Final Verdict

Backjoy made some of the most comfortable and durable posture seats. All of the seats from the manufacturer are covered by a 2-year warranty. But judging by my seat, I think they can last even longer.

If you’re tired of back problems and constantly fighting bad posture, you can head to to find a product suitable for your budget. If you want a seat that looks good at the office, the SitSmart Core Lux comes with a distinct finish compared to the Posture Core seat.


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