WP Engine Review

WP Engine is a great service to consider if you are looking for a WordPress hosting company. WP Engine will provide you with reliable hosting and quick load times for your WordPress sites. They aim to help businesses succeed by building game-changing websites and apps.

To help you decide whether WP Engine is the best hosting company for your WordPress, read through our review below. We've compiled information on the various services and features WP Engine has to offer.

WP Engine Review

The WP Engine Platform

WP Engine designed their platform to provide you with all the tools you'll need to host your WordPress website. When creating their platform, they focused on the areas of agility, performance, intelligence and integration to provide you with solutions for all of your hosting-related needs.

WP Engine Review

With the WP Engine Platform, you'll be able to design and build attractive and functional WordPress sites. They offer 36 different themes that are all designed to be mobile-responsive. You'll also enjoy a staging area that will allow you to test changes to your website before pushing them to go live.

WP Engine conducts backups of your site and materials every day to protect you from losing any of your data. They will also take care of installing updates for you; any minor updates will be tested by the team at WP Engine to ensure compatibility before they are recommended to you.

WP Engine Review

If your site is currently hosted by another hosting company, you'll be able to use the auto-migration plugin to move it to WP Engine's servers quickly and easily. If you're planning to set up a website for a client and transfer ownership down the road, WP Engine has made this process simple and straightforward.

WP Engine also employs a variety of safety and security features to protect your website and data. You'll receive free SSL certificates for every page on your website from Let's Encrypt. WP Engine also works to detect and block any suspicious or threatening behavior.

WP Engine Review

If you're concerned about someone else gaining access to your account, you can set up multi-factor authentication. This means you would need to enter a special code that gets sent to your smart phone in addition to your password every time you want to log in.

You'll be able to install a variety of WordPress plugins to help you build your perfect website; there are more than 40,000 options available for you to choose. If you every encounter any technical issues using WP Engine, you'll be able to reach someone on their team over chat at any time, day or night.

Small and Medium Business Solutions

If you run your own business and are looking to help it grow, WP Engine has a lot to offer. You'll be able to design and create optimized, attractive web pages without needing to hire a web designer. The web pages you create with WP Engine will be able to help you increase your monthly sales and revenue.

WP Engine Review

WP Engine has partnership with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. These partnerships will help your site load quickly and allow you to easily scale your site to meet your growing needs.

With WP Engine, you'll also receive a variety of security services. All of the plans include free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, a global CDN, and EverCache caching technology. Plus, since WP Engine takes care of WordPress updates for you, you won't need to worry about whether a particular update will work with your site.

WP Engine Review

WP Engine also offers support for its users. If you have any questions or run into any issues, you can start a live chat with one of the members of the support team. The average wait time for receiving support is less than three minutes.

When you first sign up with WP Engine, you'll receive additional support in the form of tips, guides, and assessments.

There are four different plan options offered by WP Engine for small and medium businesses. They primarily differ based on the number of sites you'll be able to host, the number of visits your site will be allowed each month, and the amount of bandwidth you'll receive. The Startup Plan allows you to set up one website, provides 50GB bandwidth, and will support up to 25,000 visitors each month.

WP Engine Review

If you need a bit more than what is offered in the Startup Plan, consider the Growth Plan. With this plan you'll be able to set up five sites. You'll also receive 200 GB bandwidth and will be able to receive 100,000 visitors each month.

The Scale Plan will provide you even more that the Startup Plan or Growth Plan. With this plan, you can set up 15 sites, welcome 400,000 visitors to your site each month, and you'll receive 400GB bandwidth.

WP Engine also offers custom plans that are best suited for larger websites. These plans will provide you with a dedicated environment, managed onboarding, and higher performance. If you are interested in creating a custom plan, you can contact someone on WP Engine's sales team.

Agency Solutions

WP Engine Review

If you run an agency and develop websites for your clients, WP Engine offers a variety of services that can help you keep your current clients satisfied and attract new clients. You and your team of developers can take advantage of the tools offered by WP Engine to help you build your sites quickly and get them up and running in no time.

Since WP Engine provides security features, such as Let's Encrypt SSL and EverCache, you'll be free to worry about the other items on your list. They will also handle installing WordPress patches and updates for you. This will take yet another item off of your to-do list, freeing you up to take care of business-related items.

WP Engine Review

WP Engine has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. These partnerships will ensure that your clients' sites load quickly, are scalable, and run smoothly. These features will keep your clients satisfied, helping you increase your retention rates and attract new clients.

To support agencies that utilize WP Engine, they have created a partnership program. If you sign up for their partnership program, you'll receive access to the Partner Portal and will be able to enjoy the advanced developer tools. You'll also receive a free staging account and a co-branded landing page.

Enterprise Solutions

WP Engine Review

For large, high-performing companies, WP Engine's Enterprise Solutions are designed to help your business continue to flourish. WP Engine offers a variety of features that are meant to help you online teams increase their productivity. Some of these features include Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, Git Integration, and SSH Gateway.

WP Engine will also work to ensure that your website is secure and protected. All of their Enterprise Solutions include EverCache, a global CDN, and Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. WP Engine will also take care of managing and installing any patches or updates to WordPress for you. This will help to remove a task from your plate, while also ensuring that updates are compatible and installed correctly.

WP Engine Review

Visitors to your site will love the speed with which your pages load and the security offered by your site. These features are made possible due to WP Engine's partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

If you are interested in learning more about which Enterprise Solution is right for you, contact one of the sales experts from WP Engine. Their Enterprise Plans are all customized to meet the specific needs of each client.


  • WP Engine offers plans designed to support small business, agencies, and enterprise companies.
  • You can choose from 36 themes to help you design a website that will be optimized for use on mobile devices.
  • You can chat with a sales representative to develop a custom plan to meet the specific needs of your company.


  • If you choose the Startup Plan, your website will be capped at receiving 25,000 visits each month.

Final Verdict

Whether you are just starting a new business or you run a multi-million-dollar company, WP Engine can provide you with reliable WordPress hosting services. To learn more about the services provided by WP Engine, visit their website.


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