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Are you looking to find some new games you can play at a discounted rate? Or, perhaps you've paid for a downloadable game that you no longer play and would like to make some money selling your game key to someone else. Kinguin was developed to help its users do exactly these things.

With Kinguin, you can buy, sell, or trade used game keys for reduced rates. If you're interested in learning more about Kinguin and how it works, read through our review below. We'll share the information you need to decide whether you want to use Kinguin to buy, sell, or trade game codes.



  • You can use Kinguin to buy, sell, or trade game keys.
  • They offer keys for many different gaming platforms.
  • You'll be able to find the keys you need for just about any game or genre.
  • Software keys are also available for purchase.
  • If you purchase Krowns, the digital currency offered by Kinguin, you'll receive a 10% discount on your purchases.
  • Adding the buyer protection feature will make it easier for you to return a game key that does not work or that you changed your mind about.
  • Merchants can make money selling their game keys through Kinguin.
  • Kinguin offers opportunities for merchants to attract new customers to purchase their games.

What Is Kinguin?

Kinguin is an online marketplace that was created in 2013 to connect individuals looking to buy, sell, or trade digital game keys. With Kinguin, you can also buy, sell, or trade some in-game items. Their platform makes it possible for buyers to find the game keys they are interested in and connects them with sellers who can provide the keys to them.


Supported Platforms

You'll be able to find or sell game keys on Kinguin for numerous gaming platforms and systems. There are 16 total platforms that are supported by Kinguin. Some of the supported platforms include:

  • Steam.
  • Xbox One.
  • Xbox 360.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • Nintendo.
  • Android.
  • Free2Play.

Clicking on the name of the platform you're interested in will load a list of available game keys and other product offerings. You can select the options you are interested in or search for something specific to make a purchase.

Game Genres Offered

Kinguin offers game keys for just about any genre or game you'll be looking for. There are 34 game genres for you to choose from. These include:

  • Action.
  • Adventure.
  • Strategy.
  • Open World.
  • Hidden Object.
  • Life Simulation.
  • Anime.
  • Casual.
  • MMO.
  • Music/Soundtrack.
  • Puzzle.
  • Racing.
  • Simulation.
  • Sport
  • Fighting.
  • Third-Person Shooter.

After you select the genre you're interested in, Kinguin will display the list of game keys that are available for that genre. You can scroll through the list or search for the name of a specific game you are looking for.


The list of games will display the price for downloading each game key. If you're interested in purchasing a game key, click on the price and add it to your cart.

If multiple merchants are offering the same game key, you can view the ratings of each merchant to help you make a decision about which one you'd like to purchase the key from.

There is a heart icon on each game's page that you can click on iff you are not ready to make a purchase right away or are still narrowing down your options. Clicking on this will add the game key to your wish list, so you'll be able to easily find it later.

Software Keys

In addition to using Kinguin to buy, sell, or trade game keys, it can also be used to buy, sell, or trade software keys. Using Kinguin will help you receive the key you need to unlock a specific software for a reduced price.


There are hundreds of software keys available through Kinguin. Some of the more popular options include Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Microsoft Office, Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection, and Norton Security.

Kinguin Krowns

Kinguin Krowns are the virtual currency you can use to pay for purchases on Kinguin. You may also be able to use your Krowns in other online stores that accept purchases through CoinPayments.


If you buy Krowns and use them to pay for your Kinguin purchases, you will receive a 10% discount. Krown customers also enjoy access to special services.

Before purchasing Krowns, you will need to make sure you have a digital wallet. Kinguin recommends MyEtherWallet, but you can choose other options as log as they are ERC20-compatible.

One you have a wallet, you can purchase one of the Krown bundles offered by Kinguin. Bundles of 100, 500, or 1,000 Krowns are available.

Kinguin's Buyer Protection Feature

When you make a purchase through Kinguin, it is generally a good idea to add on their buyer protection feature. When you add on the buyer protection feature, you'll be protected against game keys that don't work or other technical issues.


Adding on buyer protection to your purchase also guarantees extended assistance. This will make it easier for you to return a purchase that you changed your mind about.

Selling on Kinguin

If you have game keys you'd like to sell, you can apply to be a merchant with Kinguin. Once you're approved to be a merchant, you'll be able to list your game keys for sale. You get to set the price you're looking to receive for each key.


Kinguin offers more than 10,000 product templates to help you set the right image and description to go along with each key. This simplifies the process of listing your keys for sale. In addition to selling your game keys, you can also offer game-specific products through Kinguin.

Since Kinguin is accessed by users around the world and is available in 21 languages, hundreds of thousands of people will have the option to purchase your game keys.


As a seller, if you encounter any problems with customer or potential customers, Kinguin will take care of customer relations for you. Thanks to the advanced technology Kinguin offers, there are very low rates of fraud to worry about.

If you have a lot of different game keys to sell, you can also use Kinguin to create your own game store. You can use the tools offered by Kinguin to share your page and connect with new customers through Facebook and other social media platforms.

If you only have a few game keys to sell, you can also consider the C2C, of customer to customer, feature. This feature allows you to sell up to five game codes at the same time.

Kinguin for Business

Kinguin also offers opportunities for their merchants to increase their sales. You can purchase special packages that will help customers on Kinguin find the products you offer and encourage them to make a purchase through you.


One of the different ways you can boost your business is to purchase a push notification where Kinguin will share your product and link to all of their customers. You can also pay to be highlighted in one of their marketing campaigns, add one of your products to their weekly newsletter, or offer an upsell option to customers who are finalizing their offer and are about to check out.

Kinguin also offers solutions to help merchants improve their reputation on the site. You can send reminders to customers who purchased from you to rate their purchase or work with customers to improve your ratings.

If you sell a lot of products and game keys through Kinguin, you can also consider the Kinguin Account option. Paying for this service will put one of the Kinguin staff members in charge of managing your sales and improving your customer relations.


  • You can purchase the game keys you want at reduced prices.
  • If you have a game key you no longer need, you can sell it to others to make some money.
  • You should be able to find a game key for just about any game you're looking for.


  • Kinguin does not verify that the codes that are sold or traded through their site will work.

Final Verdict

Kinguin's online marketplace can help connect you to individuals offering the game keys you want for a reduced price. Or, if you're looking to sell game keys you no longer need, you'll be able to make a nice profit by doing so through Kinguin. What are you waiting for? Visit their website to learn more about how their services work.


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