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Have you been procrastinating on a house cleanup because you don't know where to put the junk? Junk removal companies were created to help mitigate this. These services will remove the junk from your home so you don't have to find a place to dispose of it yourself.

The way each service operates varies. Some will let you rent Dumpsters or boxes for your junk. Others may have cleaning services to eliminate junk in your home for you.

I've taken a look at three of the top junk removal companies in the US and the services they offer so you can decide which is best for your next home improvement project.

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1-800-GOT-JUNK is a junk removal company that works throughout the United States. They have a customer support line available to call 24/7. Services are also available in some portions of Canada and Australia.

One thing making this company so popular is the number of different services they offer. Residential services are available for those who want to remove junk around their home. Moving services are available if you're downsizing before you move from one place to another. You can also purchase renovation services to avoid dumpster rental during a home renovation.


If you don't need to get rid of your junk permanently, but you do need to store it somewhere, you can make use of the storage services. Commercial junk removal is offered to business owners and commercial building owners who need to get rid of junk in the workplace. There are even services to help clear debris after a disaster like a tornado, flood, hurricane, or fire.

You can schedule the junk removal team to arrive at whatever point is the most convenient for you. One excellent aspect is that you don't have to gather the junk into boxes or a dumpster yourself. The movers can handle everything for you as long as you direct them where to go.

That makes this an ideal service for the elderly, people with disabilities, and people who simply aren't up to hauling all of their junk around themselves. If you're a person who lives alone and has a lot of old furniture that needs two or more people to lift, you might appreciate this option.


The service also disposes of unwanted junk in responsible ways. Items that can be donated are, and items that can be recycled are sent to the appropriate recycling plant.

The company will dispose of nearly any kind of junk. That includes construction waste, furniture, scrap metals, garbage, tires, yard waste, electronics, glass, and other large pieces of equipment.

The service is very straightforward and easy to use. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Schedule an onsite estimate by using the online form or calling the customer service number.
  • You'll get a call 15 to 30 minutes before the team arrives so you know to expect them.
  • Upon arrival, you'll show the team what you want removed, and you'll be given an estimate of the total cost.
  • With your approval, the team will remove your junk and then tidy the remaining area.


  • The company provides many different residential and commercial junk removal services, and they recycle or donate items wherever possible.
  • They serve many locations throughout the United States along with some areas of Canada and Australia.
  • You can schedule the junk removal for whatever time is most convenient for you, and then just point at the junk in question to have the team remove it when they arrive.


  • You won't have an exact estimate for the cost of your project until you have the team onsite to evaluate it.

LoadUp is a junk removal company that's present in more than 170 cities throughout the United States. The service has worked for more than 100,000 customers and removed over 200,000 items from various locations.

The company offers in-home pickup, curbside pickup, property cleanout, and business services. You can also rent dumpsters from the company if you want to take on your junk removal project yourself.


You can get an estimate of your cost online. When you use the in-home removal service, you can schedule the team arrival online or through the phone. You'll be given a GPS tracking link that lets you know when they're on their way and exactly when they arrive.

Since you get your price estimate online, the pricing structure tends to be transparent and doesn't have the additional fees you might find with other companies. In addition, curbside pickup is available for discounted prices. This saves you money and means you don't have to be home when the team arrives.

Payment is made when you book. The pricing is determined by item. That means that this service works best if you have just a few concrete items that you want removed, rather than a large amount of miscellaneous junk.

The types of junk removed include many types of furniture, appliances, electronics, and other bulky items. The service exists to get rid of larger items, rather than to take away trash bags filled with small items.


Multiple business services are also available for business owners who want to take care of their junk. You can set up an ongoing partnership with the company to continue getting rid of the waste that piles up. Multiple industry-specific tailored solutions are available.

Some of the specific industries that the company services include:

  • Moving companies.
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses.
  • E-commerce businesses.
  • Healthcare providers.
  • Government and public institutions.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Food and beverage providers.
  • Retail storefronts.
  • Event venues.
  • Property managers.
  • Construction and demolition services.
  • Transportation and logistics.
  • Agricultural industries.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Conventions and trade shows.
  • Automobile and vehicle businesses.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Warehouses and offices.

All drivers and members of the pickup teams have passed a background check. The company also has a strong insurance policy to make sure that you're totally covered throughout the pickup process. Payment is done through a secure checkout process online.

After you've had your junk removed, you'll get a chance to rate the process and offer feedback. The company takes customer feedback seriously and acts on it to ensure an ideal customer service experience.


  • You're given an online estimate based on the items you need removed, and you pay when you book your appointment rather than waiting for an onsite estimate.
  • Business solutions are available for many different industries, so if you're a professional with junk removal or cleanup needs, there's likely a service that will suit you.
  • Since payment is done online, you can have curbside pickup done for a discounted price without even needing to be home when the team arrives.


  • Pricing is quoted by the item, so this service is better for removing one or two large items than getting rid of roomfuls of junk.
Waste Management

Waste Management is well-known as the largest garbage removal company in the United States. Many cities and towns have partnerships with the company that allow for residential trash pickup on certain days of the week. This keeps people from needing to drive their trash to the dump themselves.

In addition to standard residential garbage and recycling pickup, the company offers:

  • Scheduled bulky trash pickup.
  • Temporary home dumpsters for home improvement projects.
  • Bagster bags for junk removal that doesn't warrant a full dumpster.
  • On-demand yard waste pickup for your annual yard improvement projects.
Waste Management

The company's usual pickup services can handle most items. But if you have bulky items like appliances, electronics, and furniture, you can schedule a pickup to have a specialized team come take care of it.

A temporary home dumpster is an ideal choice if you're doing a home renovation or getting rid of a ton of junk at once. You can fill it with furniture, broken-down pieces of plaster and wood, glass, and trash. If you want to DIY the project by moving your junk into the dumpster yourself, this option can save you tons.

When you don't need an entire home dumpster, that's when the Bagster bags come in. These can be filled with a solid amount of junk including garbage bags and broken-down furniture. But they aren't as large or unyielding as a dumpster. This option is often favored by people cleaning out one room with a lot of small items that need to be tossed.

Waste Management

The company offers some ongoing yard waste pickup offerings if you have compost, organic clippings, or other yard-related items. If you don't generate a lot of yard waste but do undergo the occasional annual landscaping or leaf-raking project, you can schedule a one-time yard waste removal.

The biggest caveat with this company is that you need to gather up your junk yourself and set it somewhere that it can be easily hauled away. However, if you don't mind that, then the solutions offered tend to be inexpensive.

If you live in a rural area where there's no city Waste Management contract, you can even set up an individual account to have your trash removed. You'll just have to pay for it out of pocket rather than having your city taxes cover it.


  • Multiple recycling and sustainability initiatives are part of the company including recycling pickup, organic recycling, and safe disposal of household hazardous waste materials.
  • You can get multiple solutions for DIY junk removal projects including scheduled bulk item pickup, temporary dumpster rental, and Bagster bags for smaller projects.
  • For people with larger DIY projects, this is one of the most inexpensive available options.


  • You'll have to gather up your junk yourself, which means this might not be the best solution for people who can't handle their junk on their own.

Top Pick

All three of these services have distinct advantages and disadvantages. The right one for you depends largely on what kind of project you're dealing with.

For the most convenient, hassle-free junk removal options, the best option by far is 1-800-GOT-JUNK. The company's solutions are tailored to both small and large junk removal projects. Not only will the team remove your junk, but they'll take it directly out of your home so you don't need to lift a finger.


This service will remove basically any junk. That includes large objects like furniture and even hot tubs. It also includes small items and bags of trash. Anything is fair game. You'll be given an estimate on the total cost when the team arrives.

If you only have one or two large items that you need removed, LoadUp gives you transparent online pricing. You can have the team remove the items from your home, or you can set the items on the curb and get curbside pickup at a discounted price.

Waste Management is best for DIY projects. If you want to get rid of your junk yourself, you can rent a dumpster or bag. Once you fill it with junk, the company will easily cart it away. This is often the most inexpensive option for larger cleanup projects that can't be handled through a large-item removal service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

It depends on the service and the amount of labor involved. If you're having people clean your house and haul massive amounts of junk, you can expect to pay more than if you've filled a dumpster yourself for pickup.

In-house junk removal is more expensive than curbside junk removal. Some services give an onsite estimate of the cost, while others offer online estimates based on the exact items you need hauled.


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