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Very few people actually enjoy going to the grocery store every week. And, for many, their ability to shop is limited due to work hours, health problems, transportation issues, or other factors. Finding a reliable grocery delivery service can help you make sure you get the groceries you need without needing to step foot in a grocery store.

However, there are more and more companies that are offering grocery delivery services now, so selecting the best one can be a challenge. We have done the work for you and selected the five best grocery delivery services. After reading through our reviews, you should be set to start 'shopping' for your groceries and sit back and wait for them to be delivered.

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Amazon Fresh



Peapod is an excellent option to consider if you're looking for a high-quality and reliable grocery delivery service. Peapod hires professional drivers and staff who will hand-select the items in your order for you. This is different from many other grocery delivery services who rely on individuals who may not be as experienced with shopping for or delivering groceries.

Peapod partners with local grocery stores to offer you a wide selection of products. You'll be able to order just about anything with Peapod that you'd be able to buy in a grocery store. This includes fresh produce, meats and seafood, paper good, ready-to-cook foods, prepared foods, store brands, national brands, organic products, and alcoholic beverages.


When you visit Peapod's website to compile your order, you'll quickly notice that it is intuitive and easy to use. You'll be able to choose from different options for shopping depending on your preferences. For example, you may choose to shop by viewing products each in section of the store (like the frozen section or dairy section), by browsing through the weekly specials, or by using the search bar to find a specific product you are looking for.

When you have finished selecting the items you want to order, you can check out and select a delivery or pickup window. If you choose to have your groceries delivered, you can rest assured that they will arrive fresh and in good condition. The delivery trucks used by Peapod are climate controlled to make sure meats, frozen items, and fresh produce don't spoil.

Peapod regularly offers new specials and deals to help you save money on your grocery order. They also offer specials for new customers or for referring a friend. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your order, contact Peapod; they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will help resolve any issues you may have.


  • Your groceries will be delivered by a professional driver in a climate-controlled truck.
  • Finding and ordering the products you want is simple.
  • They frequently offer specials for new customers or for recommending Peapod to your friends or family.


  • You'll pay higher service fees for small orders.

Instacart is another well-known grocery delivery service for you to consider. Depending on where you live, you'll be able to select from a variety of local retailers to have groceries delivered from some of your favorite stores. Instacart may also offer delivery from wholesale clubs, pharmacies, and even pet stores, depending on availability in your area.

After you create your account, just select the store where you'd like to shop. You can either search for the items you'd like to purchase, or you can shop by store department. After you have placed an order with Instacart, you'll also be able to select items from your previous orders to save you time.


With Instacart, you will frequently be able to have your groceries delivered on the same day that you place the order. This can help make sure that you're not waiting for your products for too long and prevent you from having to place orders well in advance to receive what you need.

You'll find special opportunities to save money on your orders when you use Instacart. The specials they offer vary, but you may be able to receive free delivery by purchasing a set amount from a certain brand.

Once you've finalized your orders, you can select a delivery date and window for your products to be delivered. If you need to make changes to your order or add new items, you'll be able to do so until your shopper begins shopping for your order. Then, you can place your order and wait for it to arrive.


  • You can order groceries as well as products from pet stores, pharmacies, and wholesale clubs.
  • Most of the time, you'll be able to receive your groceries on the same day you place your order.
  • You can modify your order up until the time a shopper starts picking your items.


  • They do not offer the same specials you'll find at your local store, so you may end up paying a little more for items that would otherwise be on sale if you went shopping on your own.

Fresh Direct delivers fresh and wholesome foods directly to your door. They have created a very short supply chain to ensure that foods travel minimal distances before arriving at your home. This model helps provide business to local farmers and fishermen while ensuring that you always receive a quality product at a reasonable price.

You can order a wide variety of food options when you use FreshDirect. When you visit their website to place your order, you can shop through the various categories, which include prepared foods, fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, dairy, deli and cheese, bakery and pastry, party platters, grocery, and frozen. Hovering over each menu option will display the different foods that are available to order.


There are also sections of the website where you can find gluten-free, organic, kosher, or other specialty items. The top of the site has a search bar if you know what you're looking for and want to find it more quickly.

To help you save money on your orders, you can visit the "Fresh Deals," "Coupons," or "Sale" pages. Here you'll find special discounts or coupons you can apply to your order.

There are apps you can download for iPad, iPhones, and Android devices. These apps will allow you to order your groceries and schedule delivery from wherever is most convenient for you.


  • The groceries you receive typically travel shorter distances to get to you.
  • They offer deals and coupons to help you save money on your orders.
  • You can download one of the mobile apps to make it easier to order when and where it is most convenient for you.


  • Depending on your location, you may not have as many delivery window options to choose from.

Shipt is another great grocery delivery service for you to consider. Shipt offers delivery from grocery stores, warehouse clubs, pharmacies, pet stores, office supply stores and more. With the wide assortment of options to choose from, you'll be able to cover all of your grocery needs when you use Shipt.

After you create an account on their website, you will be able to select from the stores in your area where delivery is available. Then, simply add the items you want to order to your cart.


You can search for items you know you want, or you can browse through the different aisles at the store and select what you need to purchase.

Once you've finished compiling your order and have finalized it, one of Shipt's shoppers will begin selecting your order. The shopper will keep you updated about their progress towards selecting your products and let you know of any substitutions that may need to be made. You can also chat with the shopper and let them know if there are any items you forgot to add to your order.

Once the shopper has completed your order, they will deliver your groceries to your door during the window you selected. Depending on availability, you may even be able to receive your order within one hour of placing it.


  • You may be able to receive your groceries in as little as one hour after placing your order.
  • There is a chat feature that will allow you to communicate with the shopper as they are selecting your items.
  • In addition to grocery stores, you can place orders through warehouse clubs, office stores, pet stores, and more.


  • Prices for many food items are higher than what you'll pay in the grocery store.
Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh can help you get quality groceries delivered right to your door. If you are in one of the areas where delivery is available, just visit the website and select the groceries you want to purchase. They offer a number of ways to find what you're looking for, including clicking on different product categories or entering keywords into the search bar.

After you have completed your order, you can check out and select the delivery date and time that works best for your schedule. You will be able to choose a two-hour delivery window.

Amazon Fresh

You can choose to receive either doorstep delivery (where the items you order will be left on your porch) or attended delivery (where you will need to be home to receive your order).

The items you order from Amazon Fresh are shipped from Amazon warehouses. But you'll still be able to order nearly everything that you could find at your local grocery store.

If you have Amazon Prime, Amazon Fresh is free to use. However, you'll still need to pay a delivery fee if you order less than $50 worth of groceries.


  • You'll be able to edit your order after you place it.
  • The service is free for Amazon Prime members.
  • You can choose to receive attended delivery or doorstep delivery.


  • Delivery isn't available in as many cities as some of the other options.

Buying Guide

Grocery delivery services can be a true lifesaver. They can make it so much easier to get fresh groceries without having to deal the with the time-consuming hassle of going to the grocery store. Before selecting a delivery service to use, be sure to compare the different options and think about what each has to offer.

First, you will want to select a service that will provide a user-friendly online ordering experience. You don't want to waste tons of time trying to put your grocery order together due to a disorganized website or confusing features that don't really work.

Another thing to consider is whether each service that you're considering allows customers to purchase items at the sales prices offered by grocery stores. Some services don't allow this, but they do offer their own specials. Try to find a service that won't charge you significantly more for the same groceries as you'd pay by going to the store yourself.

While thinking about money, you should also look at the delivery and/or service fees that are charged by each company. With a grocery delivery service, you are going to be paying a fee, but you want to make sure that what you pay is reasonable. When looking at fees, keep in mind that you'll likely want to provide a tip for the shopper/delivery person as well.

You should also look for information about the delivery of groceries with each service. Will your groceries be kept in a climate-controlled vehicle on their way to you? Will the driver leave your groceries at the door, or will they be able to bring them into your home if you want them to?

Finally, it is also important to find information about each company's customer service. When someone else is selecting groceries for you, it is possible that something will not be what you were looking for.

Top Pick

You may receive a bruised or mushy piece of product, an expired product, or just the wrong product all together. Finding a company with excellent customer service that will make sure you are not charged for products that don't meet your expectations is important.

Peapod is our favorite grocery delivery service. The service and quality you'll receive with them is outstanding and sure to turn you into a repeat customer.


One of the main things that sets Peapod apart from many other grocery delivery services is the fact that they use professional drivers and staff who select your items and deliver them to your home in a climate-controlled truck. This feature can make you feel confident that you'll only receive quality items that will arrive in good condition.

Peapod has designed their website to make shopping for your groceries easy. You can shop by food categories, searching for the specific items you want, looking through the weekly specials, or through selecting items that you have previously purchased.

Since Peapod partners with local stores, they are able to offer you many of the in-store discounts that you'd receive. This is not true of all grocery delivery services which may not allow you to take advantage of the sale prices offered by grocery stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Grocery Delivery Service Charge?

Grocery delivery service fees will vary based on the service you select and the amount of your order. Fees are typically somewhere between $5 and $10. Keep in mind that you also may want to add a tip for the driver, which will add a little more to your total.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Grocery Delivery Service?

There are many benefits you're likely to enjoy if you choose to sign up for a grocery delivery service. First, you'll have more time to spend doing other activities since you won't need to set aside an hour or more every week to shop for your groceries. Shopping for your groceries online can also reduce the impulse buys you make when you're at the grocery store, which could even end up off-setting the amount you'll be charged for a delivery service.

Do You Get the Sales Price When You Use a Grocery Delivery Service?

The answer to this question will depend on the specific service you choose. Some do offer you the sales prices and weekly specials offered by the store, while others do not. However, most grocery delivery services offer some promotions that can help you save money on specific items on your overall bill.

Final Verdict

With Peapod's excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee, there really is no reason not to give them a try. Visit their website and start compiling your first grocery order and save that annoying trek to the store!


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