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Do you need to verify information that was provided to you by another individual? Are you looking to confirm that someone you are thinking about hiring or trusting with an important task does not have a criminal record? To help you determine whether an individual has a criminal record, there are various criminal record search services you can use.

Since there are many different search services to consider, we have reviewed the five best options for you. After reading through our reviews, you should be able to decide which criminal record search service you want to use.

Best 5: Criminal Record Search Services Review

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Criminal Pages


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Background Report 360


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9.1 will allow you to search through a database of court records to see if anything shows up for a given person. The records in the database include records from various court cases. You'll be able to view information about related to the defendants, plaintiffs, and attorneys for each case.

Searching through court records using can help you learn more information about a person. You'll be able to determine if they have been brought up on charges and how various court cases turned out. You'll also be able to view public information, such as any aliases, addresses, and their date of birth. offers various tips for searching through court records and determining where to begin your search. These tips can simplify the process of finding the information you're looking for.

When you want to look for information on a person, just enter their name and state in the search result on the website. You will then be brought to a page that lists out different individuals and their case information. If you see the right person you are searching for, you can choose to purchase the full report.

You can choose to purchase a single report, or if you will need to look up information on multiple people, also offers a plan that includes unlimited searching for one month.

When you pay for a full report, you'll be able to view information on the charges brought against an individual, sentencing and conviction details, any charges or fines, and more. offers free expert assistance if you need help using the site and looking for information on a particular individual.


  • You can search for a person's name before paying to see if any records are available.
  • The information you obtain through your search can help you in making decisions regarding an individual.
  • The team at can provide you with assistance with using the site and finding the records you need.


  • Some people who have used this site have shared that the information found in some of the records in inaccurate.
Criminal Pages

With Criminal Pages, you'll have access to more than one billion criminal records. You can find information related to arrests, convictions, warrants, police records, sex offenses, felonies, and more. The information in the database contains federal, state, and county records, so you should be able to get a comprehensive understanding of the person you are researching.

Criminal Pages

When you search for a person's name on the website, it will show you a list of people who match the information you entered. You will be able to see their age, locations, and relatives to help you ensure you select the correct person. If you see the person, you are looking for, you can click on "open report" in order to pay for the report you want to view.

You can choose to pay for one report, or if you would like to look up information on multiple individuals, you can choose one of Criminal Pages' Unlimited Plan. With the Unlimited Plan, you can run as many reports as you wish.

Criminal Pages

After conducting a search and paying for your report, you will be able to obtain the report right away. The person you are researching will not find out that you are looking into their criminal history.

Before making a search, you can verify the coverage areas for different states. You can click on the state where you want to search, and confirm which types of records you'll have access to.


  • If you choose the Unlimited Plan, you'll be able to conduct as many searches as you want.
  • Once you've paid for your search, you'll receive the report right away.
  • The search preview shows you some of the identifying information for the people who match your search to help you identify the correct person.


  • Depending on the state you are searching in, you may not have access to all the records.

With InfoTracer, you will be able to look into the backgrounds of the people you want to research. In addition to providing your information about an individual's criminal record, your search will also provide information about their marriage history, their social accounts, photographs, and more.

To help you find the right person, you will also be able to choose from different search options. You can search using a person's name, email address, phone number, address, license plate, or username.


With InfoTracer, you'll be able to search from more than two billion records. This can help you ensure that you find what you are looking for. The information on the records you'll see is also up to date, so you can be confident that you're viewing the more recent information on the person.

When you visit their site, simply type in the name or other information you have on the person you are looking for. Then, the website will show you the name and information of people who match your search criteria. You can filter your search results by age or location to help you more quickly find the person you are searching for.

If click on "open report," you'll be able to view an overview of the number of items contained in the report. If you decide you want to purchase the report, you can do so. When you purchase a report, you'll also receive a seven-day unlimited look up pass that will allow you to perform more searches.


  • Purchasing a report is less expensive than it is on other sites.
  • You can search using information other than a person's name.
  • Before purchasing a report, you'll be able to view an overview of it.


  • There is not a mobile app available.
Background Report 360

Obtaining a background report from Background Report 360 can provide you with a lot of valuable information about an individual. They compile the important information about the individual you search for to present it to you in one organized report.

Your search results will bring up information related to personal records, criminal history, court records, and property records. You'll be able to view arrests, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, convictions and more to help you make an informed decision about a particular individual.

Background Report 360

To request a background report, simply visit their website and search for the person you are looking for. You will see a list of people who match your search criteria, and you will be able to select which person is the one you searched for. Then, just click on "open report" to request the full report.

You will be taken to a page where you are shown an overview of the type of information that was uncovered in the report you ran. If you want to view the full report, you will be able to purchase it. When you purchase a report, it will also include a seven-day unlimited look up pass, so you will be able to complete more searches on the site.


  • Information from multiple sources is compiled into one report.
  • When you purchase a report, you'll also receive seven days of unlimited searching.
  • Searching and requesting a report is simple.


  • Some of the information returned in search result may not pertain to the individual you are looking for. will allow you to search through more than 650 million records to find information on the person you are searching for. You can use this website to look up information on an employee, a potential employee, or another individual in your life that you want to learn more about. You can also use it to search for yourself, so you'll be able to view the information that others will be able to access about your past.

With, searching for an individual is simple. After completing your search, you'll be able to view information related to any arrests or convictions, bankruptcies, property records, driving records, marriages, divorces, and more.

Depending on the information you are looking for, offers different search options. You can verify your information through the criminal database, using a direct courthouse search, or through role specific reports (such as driving records or credit reports). These different options can help you ensure you get the most detailed and accurate information that is available to you.

After searching for a person's name, if you decide you want to purchase the full report for them, you'll be able to do so easily. After entering your payment information, you'll be able to gain access to the report and learn what you have been wanting to find out.


  • The reports generated will include information about arrests, convictions, judgments, bankruptcies, and more.
  • Running a search on an individual is easy.
  • If you see the person you are searching for, you can click to purchase the full report.


  • Some users have expressed concerns with the speed in which the reports are generated and the customer service provided by the company.

Buying Guide

A criminal record search service can help you find information about individuals in your life. It can help you make decisions regarding these individuals and whether you want to continue to interact with them. Before choosing a criminal record search service, you will want to take some time to compare your options and consider what you want to get out of the service you choose to use.

First, review the information that will be included in the records you receive. You want to make sure that you receive enough information to make the time and cost worth your while.

Comparing the cost of the different search service options is also important. You want to make sure that you are not overpaying for the services you are receiving.

Of course, you will also want to compare what is included with each plan. Will you only be purchasing one court record, or will you be able to perform an unlimited number of searches over a certain amount of time.

Finally, you may also want to look for a service that offers customer support. Having access to customer service can help you in navigating the site and ensuring that you can find the information you are looking for.

Top Pick

Out of the five criminal record search services we review, is our top pick. Using this website is quick and easy; you can just search for the person you are looking to learn more about. After searching for their name, you'll be able to see an overview of the different records that match their name.

If you see records that match the person you are looking for, you'll be able to purchase them, allowing you to read the full report. They also offer different plan options, so if you want to perform multiple searches, you'll be able to do so at a discounted rate.

Since offers customer support and assistance, if you are having trouble navigating the site or need other support, you'll be able to find someone who can help you.

We think you will find the information you find through useful. Visit their website to start your search today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Companies Look for in Background Checks?

When a company runs a background check during their hiring process, they are looking for information about an individual's past that may impact their decision to hire them. They typically look for information on their identity, previous employers, any criminal records, their driving history, and information about the education they received.

Can I Run a Background Check on Myself?

Yes, if you want to see the information that will be shared with other who perform a background check, you can run one on yourself. Use one of the online services to run a background check on yourself.

Does Your Criminal Record Clear After 7 Years?

No, if you have been convicted of a crime, it will likely remain on your criminal record. However, if it has been more than 7 years since you were released from prison, your arrests may not show up on a background check.


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