iPage Vs Godaddy Comparison

Why does finding a hosting company have to be so complicated? There are so many on the market, and for those new to the internet game, it can be hard to know where to turn. What features matter most, and what should you expect to pay?

Two popular choices today are iPage and GoDaddy. Both of these services have multiple available hosting plans and tools to meet a person's different needs. They also have features that are optimized for different people.

I've taken a look at some of the most important aspects of how these services operate so you can decide which is the most convenient for you.

Overview of iPage and Godaddy

Shared Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited storage on some plans.
  • Unlimited email on some plans.
  • Multiple domain hosting on some plans.
  • 30 day refund period.
  • Dedicated hosting plans available.

Unique iPage Features

  • Unlimited storage on all plans.
  • Unlimited email on all plans.
  • Multiple domain hosting on all plans.
  • iPage Control Panel hosting interface.
  • Sitelock security suite.
  • US toll free phone number.
  • Listing at Yellowpages.com.
  • Multiple advertising credits.
  • Easy website builder.
  • Phone, live chat, and email support available.

Unique Godaddy Features

  • cPanel hosting interface.
  • Automatic conversion to mobile on upper plans.
  • Website accelerator with ultimate plan.
  • Malware scanner with ultimate plan.
  • SSL certificate with ultimate plan.
  • Choice of Linux or Windows OS.
  • Domain name registration services.

Available Plans


iPage vs Godaddy

iPage's minimum monthly prices are:

  • $1.99 for shared hosting.
  • $3.75 for WordPress hosting.
  • $19.99 for VPS hosting.
  • $119.99 for dedicated hosting.

Each of the different types of hosting has several tiers with different features, customization levels, and support for high traffic levels. If your business and online traffic increase, you can upgrade to another plan.


iPage vs Godaddy

The minimum monthly prices for GoDaddy plans are:

  • $2.99 for shared hosting.
  • $4.99 for WordPress hosting.
  • $19.99 for VPS hosting.
  • $89.99 for dedicated hosting.

Winner: Godaddy

Godaddy has the cheapest available dedicated hosting and VPS hosting plans. However, that does tend to get pricier when you add more features and higher traffic needs into the mix. iPage may have the most flexible pricing for scalability.

Hosting Features


iPage has two main data centers, both of which are located in Boston, Massachusetts. This can improve performance and reliability for users in the United States. All hard data is connected to generators in case of power issues.

iPage vs Godaddy

The unlimited storage is helpful since that means you don't need to worry about the data files that make up your website. The majority of other hosting companies impose strict data limits on both the storage space and the number of files.

Unlimited bandwidth also means that you can have unlimited website traffic. Meanwhile, you also get unlimited email accounts attached to your domain, and each email can use 500 MB of total storage space. You can even set up email autoresponders to send emails to people when they join a subscriber list.

All hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate, which is a must-have for safe website browsing. You have to pay for the cost of your domain, but then you're given unlimited domain space and subdomains.

iPage vs Godaddy

The plans also all come with a free website builder. This intuitive feature can be used even if you don't have any coding expertise. You just drag your uploaded files into the interface. Hundreds of templates are available through iPage's resources. You can create up to six pages.

For e-commerce websites, every iPage website comes with a free online store. You can one-click install multiple shopping cart options, and the website is automatically integrated with Paypal. Plugins and applications can be used for additional store customization.


Every Godaddy plan includes a one-click installation option for more than 125 free applications, including Joomla and WordPress. It also only takes one click to purchase additional website resources like RAM and CPU. Linux plans include 1 GB of database storage. The cPanel interface is very easy to use and will be familiar to those with prior web experience.

iPage vs Godaddy

The available Website Backup tool automatically backs up data every day. If you need to restore it after a data loss, all it takes is one click.

With a base Linux plan, you get:

  • Free domain registration.
  • One hosted website.
  • 100 GB of storage space.
  • One operating system with 512 MB of memory.
  • 50 FTP users.
  • 10 x 1 GB MySQL databases.
  • 25 subdomains.
  • SSH access.
  • Site statistics.
  • File manager with up to 250,000 site files.
  • Python and Perl support.
  • Virus, spam, and fraud protection.
  • Auto responder capabilities.

These features are more optimized for people with a web development background. If you do have a technical background, you'll appreciate the amount of flexibility to create custom code and organizational structures. But the features may not be helpful for those who don't know how to use them.

Winner: iPage

iPage is the winner since every plan has more unlimited meters than you get with Godaddy. In addition, you have extra support features and an intuitive website builder. For those who want the customization and coding tools that come with a web development background, though, Godaddy is a better bet.

Customer Support


iPage has multiple customer support networks available 24/7. There's a phone number you can call to get in touch with both sales and support staff. That means it's easy to deal with any payment issues, upgrade needs, or technical problems.

iPage vs Godaddy

There's also online chat available 24/7. For more complicated problems, you can submit a help ticket by filling out an online form. Any contact forms are responded to in the same order they're received.


Godaddy has a US customer support team available to answer calls 24/7. There are also global support numbers that you can call if you're an international customer.

iPage vs Godaddy

There are also multiple email addresses available for inquiries about basically anything you can think of, from advertising to events to media to technical issues.

Winner: iPage

iPage has comprehensive support for people in the US. You can call the customer support line and engage in live chat 24/7. In addition, you can send emails to the support team. The system is a little easier to navigate than the other service's. On the other hand, for international customers, the international support options through GoDaddy are helpful.

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Pros and Cons of iPage


  • This service comes with unlimited email, data, storage, and hosting for multiple domains on all plans.
  • The control panel is user-friendly, the website builder is geared toward beginners, and there's available support through multiple venues if you get stuck.
  • You get multiple advertising credits through Bing Sponsored Search, Google Adwords, and Facebook Advertising.


  • The service may lack some of the convenience features that the competition boasts, and there are a lot of upsells throughout the purchase process.

Pros and Cons of Godaddy


  • All yearly plans come with a free domain name, whereas with the other service, domain name registration costs $15.
  • There are multiple hosting plans for both Windows and Linux operating systems, although there aren't any Mac-based systems.
  • The service provides ideal resource scaling and backup features that only take one click to use.


  • The live chat support is limited, and you also have to upgrade to the top plan to get security measures that are standard with many other hosting services.

Final Thoughts: Which is Better?

Both of these hosting services are popular choices with a wide range of available options.

iPage is best equipped for people who are new to website hosting. Not only does it have multiple unlimited features for all plans, it also comes with an intuitive website builder and streamlined interface. The 24/7 available customer support also helps with both technical issues and the learning curve.

GoDaddy works best for people with some website experience and technical background. It comes with plans that can work with either Windows or Linux, making it ideal for programmers. You'll also need to have some basic security knowledge to secure the site. Available WordPress Pro plans let tech experts customize their websites more thoroughly.


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